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Ann Curry

Negotiating Exit From NBC

Savannah Guthrie A Lock

6/26/2012 6:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Curry
and NBC are negotiating her exit from "Today" and the hang-up is money ...  sources connected with the network tell TMZ.

Our sources say Savannah Guthrie has already made her deal with the network to succeed Ann as co-anchor of "Today," but the snag is the amount of money Ann will get.

As we first reported, Ann gets $10 million a year. She is one year into a 3-year contract, and from what we're hearing NBC does not want to pay her $20 million for the balance of the contract.

Sources tell us Ann wants the full $20 mil and her exit papers. NBC wants to pay her $10 mil and give her a foreign correspondent job. And therein lies the hang-up. 

The network could pay her the $20 mil and then prohibit her from working anywhere else for 2 years.  But we're told they don't want to shell out that kind of dough, so Ann's lawyer and NBC are haggling.

NBC wants to make the switch quickly ... certainly before the Olympics so they can showcase Savannah. We're hearing the goal is to make the announcement late this week or early next.


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I like Ann but she doesn't have the right personality for anchoring that show. I personally think Savannah is an even worse choice. Why they think she's the next great ratings grabber is beyond me, she comes across OK in news segments but she looks dorky when off-script.

786 days ago


You had a deal. Pay her you cheap bastards.

786 days ago


If it were me I'd fight for the 20 Million and accept not being able to work for two years, then I'd work for the competition and help them kick NBC's bootay in ratings........

786 days ago


Ann Curry is the best and most professional woman on Today. When Natalie and Savannah are on, it is so irritating to watch that I switch the channel as they both are constantly interrupting and talking over anyone they interview. Neither hold a candle to Ann Curry.

786 days ago


Savannah Guthrie has no top is hard for me to look at her talk...she looks like a small town reporter. Why are they going after her?? I'm sure there are some gorgeous women that can fill that chair except her. I like Ann Curry, but she must have done some REALLY bad to get this boot

786 days ago


Get your 20M. Period. NBC has effed this up BIG TIME and even with Savannah coming in does not LOOK GOOD AT ALL.

786 days ago


Don't back down Ann, they owe you that for putting up with their bull**** for 15 years! They need to get rid of that ugly dinosaur Matt Laur. I will not watch the Today show again!!!

786 days ago


No wonder the economy is colapsing. The powers that be are throwing around money like drunken sailors. Instead of working with the money they've already spent. Maybe instead of firing Ann, keep her and pay more taxes. Narcisist., Ann deserved a supportive shot at co-anchor. NBC lured Merideth from the View, Merideth quit. The hole thing looked kinda sleasy. She should have been co-anchor when Katy left. Ann is given a nano second to fit in with Matt. FYI. Ann stop touching Matt. He does not like being touched. The ratings are not down beause of Ann. The ratings are down because the suits are a bunch of losers. If they fill the need to move someody how about that overfead, lying, insulting, dissmisive weatherman? It would do my heart good to see him have to look for a job. George and his team rocked it out on Holloween. I've been a fan ever since. ABC is changing and right now? relavent. NBC too fickal. life is moving faster than television . My undivided attention is valuble. Don't blame Ann. Ann, "sweetie" Cut your hair? You looked great with short hair. Stand up straight. Dress less like barbra walters and more like Fergie.. Ann you are Beatiful and talent. Make them love you.

786 days ago


BAN the Today show!!! They think they are so great, let's show them. Lauer & Gutthrie will suck together.....

786 days ago


I am so GLAD Ann is going! Every day I would tune in at 7 am and if Ann was there, good bye I started changing the channel (when she was on assignment' I would was that simple. Love Samantha, another Katie C! I cannot and will not watch Anne. Something about her voice, mannerisms and overall affect on me. And tell the new host not to say "HEY" for Good Morning or Hello. (Ann had said Hey too too too much, not a word for someone over 21).

786 days ago

BB not bb    

NBC is trying to play dirty. There is a contract where she gets the twenty million no matter what. They want to change her job description, but that is not in the contract. Maybe if they let her be a local reporter then she will comprimise. Why would she want to be a foreign correspondent when she has a family and could get killed with all of those Islamic takeover riots all over the world?

She is right to get a lawyer. If they want her out, they need to pay up. They probably think she is nice and will go along with things. Maybe she is insulted now that she left for not making chemistry with Matt Lauer. That is very insulting to say that.

786 days ago


Tom Brokaw's departure was the beginning of the end for today. Bryant Gumbel's sealed the deal. Since then Today was on it's way down. Producers are right: Ann Curry's personality is not a good fit. But, if her contract is guaranteed for $20 million, she should get every cent. Anything less and she's selling out. The crew they're putting together now will definitely put Today in 3rd eventually (CBS' morning show is best). But that's not their fault, it's the fault of producers. Ever since the production staff changed, the whole format got worse. They're getting rid of Ann, but keeping Kathy Lee and Hoda?!?!? That says it all.

786 days ago


I can't stand Savannah. She's very fake and pretentious. Sad to see Ann leave. Now the show is a joke with unprofessionals!

786 days ago


TYPICAL NBC. OVERPAY the MAN!! and try to screw the WOMAN who has a valid contract. There are more problems with The Today Show than Ann. She is just the scapegoat here and Matt demanded they fire her.

786 days ago


Wow, Savannah Guthrie must have some serious skills in the oral sex department to get the co-anchor spot on the Today Show without paying her dues and working her way up to it. I guess she's getting to the top by getting on her knees. Ann had to wait 14 years before being named anchor. Natalie has been there for 7-10 years. Hoda Kotb, my personal choice, has been there for a long time too. Savannah has been there almost no time and they are putting her in the anchor's chair? She must give good head and knew who to give it to.

786 days ago
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