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Jessie J

Accused of Jacking

'Domino' ... from a Man!

6/27/2012 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

British pop star Jessie J is a "Domino" thief ... so says the singer of a California band ... who claims Jessie's smash hit is simply a ripoff of one of his songs.

Jessie is being sued by Will Loomis from the band "Loomis & The Lust" ... whose music has been featured on MTV's Iggy and the Spike TV show "Blue Mountain State."

In the docs, Loomis claims Jessie's 2011 hit "Domino" incorporates huge chunks of his 2008 song "Bright Red Chords."

Loomis claims he never gave Jessie permission to jack his song ... and is now suing for damages. So far, no comment from Jessie J's camp. 

Fun Fact: Jessie J has sold more than 11 million singles and 2.5 million albums to date ... Loomis & The Lust have a very nice Myspace page.


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Such intelligent, well thought out writing by the TMZ staff. Certainly, JESSE J, must be innocent if she's sold over 11 mill, and 2.5 mill albums. How can someone so special, so talented, so huge with Fame and worth a fortune EVER jack someone else's works. Oh that's right, because Loomis and the Lust only have a nice myspace page.
I honestly think I'm going to go brain dead with anymore of this writing. If it wasn't for the funny, interesting and engaging posters and their comments I would've let LOOOOOOOOONG ago.

847 days ago


These guys dont have a case. I hear the parts they are talking about, but they are totally different in context and cant be taken as a rip off. A poor struggling band, is just going to be more broke after taking a million dollar seller to court.

847 days ago


Actually, I think both of these acts need to make a check payable to The Temptations, and on the Memo line right, "usage of The Way You Do the Things You Do"...

847 days ago


I say merely coincidence.

847 days ago


Such an obvious rip off!
I hope they will take it infront of a Judge.

847 days ago


Seriously? those are two different songs. Dont sound the same dont have the same words so how the hell is she getting sued? Doesnt make any sense, i hate people who have to sue to get rich...make your own money

847 days ago


Similar but not identical, phrasing and melody has been done by dozens of bands over the years, but can see where Loomis can make a case, somewhat.
Never heard Jessie J before, she's got a good voice, not thin or weak, nice and strong, and she looks cool in that body suit...reminds me of Lady Miss Ker back in the old Deee-Lite video for Groove is in the Heart

847 days ago

It's pretty spot on.

847 days ago


In all honesty I don't blame Jessie, she is only the musical (if you can call it music) vessel, I lean more to the musical corporations who are the real minds behind music jacking, the audio engineers are the ones who lift samples from real, hardworking artists, and the Jews behind the contracts find the sweetest looking jail baits they can find to peddle the garbage today's society considers music. Ain't that right Harvey?

847 days ago


I think it's fascinating how in only 8 comments, half of them say they can hear the obvious rip off while the other half say the songs are nothing alike. Proof that 50% of human beings are idiots. Guess which 50?

847 days ago

Yeti Lee    

I can totally hear how similar they sound, but don't know if it was intentional. There are only a limited number of chord progressions, on a plus for Loomis And The Lust now people are finding out who you are and to be honest I think there song is the much better song. In fact I just checked itunes and bought a few of their songs, so there are a couple bucks for you fellas!

847 days ago


I play guitar and that doesn't even sound like the same chords so they will lose. To be a rip of the chords have to be exact. Just look at Vanilla Ice Ice baby, he changed one little part and he couldnt be sued by Queen. Also its not like any ones heard of Loomis anyway so I hardly doubt it was intentional.

847 days ago


How about Bruce Springsteen sues them both for ripping off "fire"

847 days ago

you know it    

Honestly, I enjoyed the boy band song much better than JJ. It was much easier on the ears and the video had a nice message with more entertainment, somewhat. JJ video was only her changing into several outfits and pouting throughout. Boring. Too hard on the ears too.

847 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

She's already guilty of ripping off Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj's style.

847 days ago
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