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Ann Curry

The Final Cut

Is In the Works

6/27/2012 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the case of Ann Curry and the "Today" show -- the writing is not only on the wall, it's in the editing room, because we've learned producers are already preparing Ann's farewell montage ... network sources tell TMZ.

Our sources -- and they are impeccable -- tell us they are determined to cut a deal with Ann by week's end.  We're told the deal is not closed yet -- as we reported, Ann wants her contract paid off in full to the tune of $20 million.  She also wants to leave the network.  NBC offered her a measly $10 mil and a diminished role in the news department.  We're told there has been "some movement," but the parties haven't struck a deal ... yet.

We're told NBC wants Savannah Guthrie -- Ann's replacement -- firmly in place before the Olympics so they can showcase her next to Matt Lauer.

One more thing ... There are reports "Today" news anchor, Natalie Morales, wants to leave the network because she's pissed off that she's now been passed over twice for the co-anchor job.  We're told -- by people who absolutely know -- that story is "total baloney."  We're told Natalie "loves her job and she's completely happy with what she's doing."

Maybe Natalie figured it out -- co-hosting "Today" is high risk.


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I'm done watching "Today" show. Don't like Matt, can't stand Guthrie. Ann is too smart & showed Matt for how dumb & self absorbed he is. Today Show is going down.

846 days ago


Natalie Morales would be a good choice, they have quite a few segments on gardening and landscaping.

846 days ago


Today show is going down fast. Mattt Lauer is an a$$ who thinks he's all that. Ann Curry is smart & has manners and Matt looks dumb next to her. Gunthrie is dumb fluff who is perfect match for Lauer.

846 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

"baloney"? It's spelled bologna, ya turds.

846 days ago


If Matt doesn't like Natalie Morales, then she will be next to go. Natalie should leave. Managing a show by who Matt likes or doesn't like is poor management. Matt is too old and self absorbed. Time for all new faces on the "Today Show". Ann is more professional and intelligent than all of them.

846 days ago


if i were her id tell them to not give me a montage i mean really they are pushing her out.but will do a montage making it seem like they cared for her and what she did at the station.if they really cared they wouldnt be squeezing her matt gets paid all that money to push his liberal agenda what a joke

846 days ago


Feel bad for Anne, but way to go GMA!!!!

846 days ago


I heard they will be replacing her with either Chaz Bono or Gary Busey.

846 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Attempts at trying to revive this show eh?.... I suspect the show will peak during the upcoming summer Olympics. Then, it's all downhill from there.

846 days ago


Liberal idiots.

TMZ, make a change in your website and add a notification system. Let the morons know when someone replies to their ignorant comment. Idiots can comment in 3.....2.....juan....GOOO

846 days ago


Does anyone still like Lauer? He's a pompous diva. I hate the way nbc treated Curry. I like her. I also like Morales. NBC, give Ann the $20M.

846 days ago


Does anyone stil like Lau

846 days ago


Thank goodness she is going to leave the network!!!
Matt and Al should run the "entire program" for 3 hours. Too bad the people that make the "decisions"
don't read these comments!!!!
I will watch to see Ann exit the graceful way I know she will have plenty of people follow you Ann which ever network you go to!!!!

846 days ago


I actually think Natalie Morales would be a better co-host than Savannah.

But after the Palin stunt a few months back, we've left Today Show for GMA. Never ever going back after Palin. It was a complete insult to Today's loyal viewers. (who we used to be).

846 days ago


F.U. NBC! I'll make it a point NOT to flip to that channel....only because I don't like they treat their people. Why is Ann getting the blame for the ratings and not Matt??? I pretty much switched to ABC when Merideth got her spot. Nothing personal, but......

846 days ago
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