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'Pick the Immigrant' Game

Cameron Diaz Doesn't

Make the Cut

6/28/2012 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sorry Cameron Diaz ... you're NOT the next contestant in Rep. Luis Gutierrez's hot new game show, "Pick the Immigrant."

The Congressman was out in D.C. moments ago ... when we tried to get him to play a bonus round of the game he brought to the House floor yesterday ... you know, where he shows you two people and you try to guess which one is a foreigner. It's modeled after Arizona's controversial "Show Me Your Papers" law.

Gutierrez featured Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Round 1 yesterday ... in an effort to prove you can't judge U.S. citizenship based on physical appearance.

But when Gutierrez was asked to "Pick the Immigrant" between Cameron Diaz and Drake ... he refused to play ... warning, "It's a very dangerous game."

He added, "This is why you should never try ... because Americans look and sound [different], are tall, are short, are every color and every ethnic group. Don't try to judge people."

Game over?


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_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

The fact of the matter is he can name all those immigrant stars but the truth is when was the last time they've been to Arizona?

846 days ago


This Imigration law could cause more headachs for Arizona than help with a problem? All immigrants who are non do***ented will move out of Arizona no new imigrants will want to come to Arizona. All the industries that want the migrant worker to work for there company to do jobs that the average american worker will not do and thinks it is beneath them will quit and move somewhere else.

846 days ago


so what does he want us to do just open the border because you can escalate any argument any way you want illegal is illegal

846 days ago


Just a suggestion.

Since LEO's ask questions like "Have you ever been arrested?" or "Are you currently on probation or parole?" to everyone, why not just ask EVERYONE who has contact with police "Are you a legal resident of the US?" or "Are you legally in the US?". No more of these stupid political games.

If everyone is asked the same question then there is no "profiling" and Arizona's headache is, if not over, then somewhat subdued

846 days ago


Obviously the guy asking him the question didn't get the point of what the Congressman was doing on the House floor.

846 days ago


Here's a game, Rep. Gutierrez: PICK THE FAYGELE — 'cos every time you open your mouth and speak I think I expect to see some dude's chode. You sound gayer than a sweet-smelling jock strap!! Embrace it, homie (homie-o?).

846 days ago


What about pick the dumbass? Gutierrez looks exactly like one. That would be an easy game.

846 days ago


Does he even know how stupid he is? Yes, AMERICANS look and sound very different. Take a trip to Mexico and tell me how different the people there are. Bottom line, if they’re legal they shouldn’t have a problem proving it. If not then who the hell cares.

846 days ago


Translation: "Don't enforce the immigration laws and protect our borders. Better yet, don't even try to arrest criminals in the USA, because you might get the wrong person or be accused of being a racist picking on the minorities."

846 days ago


illegal immigrants are a problem within this country.

846 days ago


Once again, TMZ is misrepresenting the Arizona law, which specifically FORBIDS racial profiling. Just because this Congressman FROM ILLINOIS decides to call people racists for expecting people to be Americans or legal immigrants does not make the law something it's not. The Arizona law only allows law enforcement to check on citizenship if someone they've stopped for a crime doesn't have do***ents (like a driver's license) that would prove their citizenship. I'm getting really tired of TMZ's misrepresentations and outright lies about politics. You need to stick to stories about Kardashians and leave the politics to people who know what they're talking about.

846 days ago


I Agree, when was the last time he came to Az and had Jan Brewer show him where the coyotes leave their own people stranded ??? This last week they found a pregnant woman with her husband. They left them there because the man became ill. Have him come out here and see the trash that is left behind, the women and children raped and the hostages left in houses while they try to get more money out of their families. It's all a big "GAME " and joke to him right !!!!!

846 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

This guy is enemy number one of All Americans who want illegal aliens chucked back over the border and sent back overseas from whence they came, he's an old Chicago Bama crony and has the goods on Obama's real story and his mo behaviour back in Chicago at Man's Country (Go Google Down Low Barry at Man Country HillBuzz) so Obama promised him if he delivered the illegal alien votes he'd deliver OShamnesty. Freaking criminals. Guiterez may as well be a Latino spy as he doesn't do anything for Americans, all he does is shill for the Illegals in congress, he's like a lobbyist for the third world s*** and his 'district' has more Latinos in it than TJ... that's no freakin lie, I know, it's a crack den for third worlder's the west side of CHEEECAGO MANG!!!!!~ Freakin invasion enabled by O and all these Mexicans are taking the jobs that African Americans and poor whites and teens would be filling, now these teens can't get jobs and many don't even work all the way through college they haven't had a job!!! Yea, it's a victimless crime as long as Americans are the ones being Barneyholed inside out.... freaking criminal dem cabal.

846 days ago


That's absurd! It's not so much a look as it is a behavior. If you see a scantily clad women approaching cars at night at an intersection it is a safe bet that she is probably a prostitute. To say "You can't make that assumption about a person" is ridiculous.

846 days ago


I'm Japanese, born in America, I have no problem proving that. I have to all the time. When I needed a new license after leaving mine at a hotel when I was out of town, they needed my birth certificate or do***ents stating I was here legally. When I wanted a passport, I needed my SS# and Birth Certificate. Every job I've ever had since I was a teen, I needed either my Birth Certificate, SS# or proof that I can work in America, AS DOES EVERY PERSON WHO LIVES IN THE US, naturally born citizens, immigrants or otherwise. You are constantly asked to prove who you are. Why should this be a problem if you have nothing to hide?

846 days ago
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