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Savannah Guthrie

To Take Ann Curry's Chair


6/28/2012 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Curry
's chair isn't even cold yet ... but "Today" producers have already lined up a new ass to fill it for tomorrow's show ... and it belongs to Savannah Guthrie -- the woman who will replace Curry.

NBC sources tell us, Savannah will be anchoring with Matt Lauer Friday ... and it's "likely" they will formally announce the big switch during the show.

We're told the reason it's likely is because Matt is on vacation all next week for the holiday -- and the network wants to announce his new co-host while he's still around ... to show a united front.

TMZ broke the story ... Ann would be getting the chop after Matt made it clear he didn't want to work with her anymore. The declining ratings at "Today" didn't help.

After Ann's emotional exit announcement on Thursday's show, sources say she was in no mood to talk ... and kept quiet by herself in the studio until it was time to leave.

During exit negotiations, Ann had previously demanded the remaining $20 million of her co-hosting contract -- but NBC didn't want to pay her that kinda cash. It's unclear what kind of payout Ann will get, but our sources say NBC offered $10 mil.


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how lame    

They're tryin to trick viewers with a Meredith lookalike.

826 days ago

Wicked September    

The "entertainment" industry boggles my mind. The undeserving sleaziest of sleaze are always rewarded while people with integrity, such as Ann Curry are discarded. It's sickening and I hope viewers change networks to show their disapproval. Ann Curry is sincere and people relate to that. Matt Lauer is a douche bag and yet that cheesiness is overlooked by the exec's at NBC. Also, I'm sure Ms. Curry has a non-compete clause and won't even be able to be picked up by another network which is most unfortunate. I would love to see her go forward and carry her fan base with her..

826 days ago

how lame    

She definitely won't be aging like Ann. Asians don't raisin.

826 days ago


The real question is if in fact there is a 3 year old boy from Matt and Natalie's romp in a hotel room, then why havent there been divorces? Lauer bribery money? NBC bribery money? Why Savannah and not Natalie, who has much more Today airtime? if this wasnt true then why the rumor Matt's wife forbade the Natalie promotion? If you want to report a real story, report that!

826 days ago


I don't like her. Us viewers can be very critical at this hour of the morning. Her lips are too thin, and her voice is too high. Plus, she doesn't have any news credentials. I think Savannah is just a temporary fix until someone else comes along. And Matt had better watch his back. Sorry Ann.

826 days ago


Guthrie pass Matt's "test?" This balding, boring arsehole is irrelevant. Why is he making so much money? His interviews are condescending and lack research. Meredith Viera knew when to cut bait. Hope Ann gets a great deal. She's too classy to thumb her nose or stoop to insults. One day and probably sooner than later, she will get the last laugh.

826 days ago


They didn't wait at all - her horse face was sitting on the couch right after the commercial break. HUGE mistake. She should get an upper lip before she "officially" starts.

826 days ago


What a horrible mistake putting Savannah in that chair. She is not smart enough to carry it off & hopefully Matt will be shown the door when he returns. We can only hope the Suits read all of the emails regarding this situation.

826 days ago

Drache Von Rostock    

Vast improvement over Curry. From the moment she arrived you knew she was going to replace Ann.

826 days ago


Savanna the One Lip Guthrie, Blah

826 days ago


I'm not going to watch GMA anymore!!! Ego manias aka Matt ... Why take out Annn the one mature and respectful one.

826 days ago


GMA all the way!

826 days ago


What Lousy Cowards NBC is, Anne Curry is a wonderful person & a "Class Act"....What happened to Anne is The Today Show, & NBC's Loss!

826 days ago

have a nice day    

Ann Curry was the only reason I watched the TODAY show. She's a beautiful, compassionate, caring, REAL person - A REAL CLASS ACT! NBC's ratings have just gone down the toilet! TODAY has now become THE TITANIC, and Ann is lucky to have gotten off before it sets sail with the arrogant Matt - THE SNOB - Lauer yelling "I'm king of the world" on the bow of the ship as it sails towards it's now fateful demise! God bless you Ann Curry! GOODBYE TODAY, HELLO GMA TOMORROW!

826 days ago


After the way NBC and Matt Lauer treated Ann, even people who didn't like her will be on her side. Savannah is doomed because of the really dirty way she is getting the job. Savannah seems like she is always out of step with what is going on. I won't be watching and I hope others turn to GMA.

826 days ago
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