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Alec Baldwin


on Another Photog

6/29/2012 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

062912_alec_baldwin_splash_launchAlec Baldwin
got physical with ANOTHER photog in New York City moments ago ... verbally blasting the guy in the middle of the street, squeezing his arm and ordering him to scram.

It's unclear what touched off the aggressive confrontation ... but we do know the paps have been following Alec all over the place since the infamous shoving incident at the court house last week.

It seems Alec finally had enough ...  

This time, Alec -- clutching a pink stuffed animal -- approached one of the photogs who was hanging out in front of his apartment building and lashed out, "I want you to shut the f**k up ... leave my neighbor alone ... get outta here."

At one point, at the beginning of the confrontation, It sounds like Alec says to the photog, "I know you got raped by a priest or something."

Then, in an effort to assert his dominance, Alec got right in the pap's face ... and in a menacing tone said, "You little girl."

The pap tried to explain himself, but Alec wasn't having it ... and walked back into his building.

Even though he might have been baited, the confrontation may not have been the smartest move for Alec ... since the NYPD is still investigating the actor for assault over the court incident.

8:39 AM PT -- A source connected with Alec Baldwin tells TMZ ... the photog had confrontations with other residents in the building before the incident with Alec.

The source also says ... when one resident asked the photog to stop "harassing everyone," the photog told the person, "f**k you."


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I guess Alec didn't get the memo that paps come with the "fame" territory? Besides that Alec is pretty much top of the heap pap fodder since he has such explosive episodes around them. I don't understand how child rape comes into play, maybe one of the paps can address that with Alec next time. Maybe they can ask him how his young daughter overcame her "pig" status too? He's a POS.

789 days ago


In this case, this guy seems to be a jerk, but otherwise I've never seen Baldwin go after a photog who was bigger than he was. If you are TRULY in the right, the size of the guy shouldn't matter.

789 days ago


Ditch the diet, Alec. You're funnier, fat. And less violent.

789 days ago


If someone is harassing or threatening you, you call the police. You don't manhandle them.

789 days ago


then get out of the buisness you over paid piece of sheetz.

789 days ago


Baldwin is just feeding into it with these confrontations. He's just giving them what they're looking for. Not very smart.

789 days ago


i can't blame him...if I was constantly stalked and harassed i would hit them too....get a real job

789 days ago


Good for him! Why should all of his neighbors have to deal with this every day! Do your job but leave me alone!

789 days ago

She's baaaack    

Alec is a hot paparazzi commodity right now. If he was truly concerned about his neighbors he'd vacate until the next "star" messes up and the paps go after her or him. He's the one bringing the paps to the door. And hey, did you see the neighbor with the little dog? Right at the end of the vid she looks like she's stepping out to send a big "F YOU" to the paps. So you have Alec picking on a guy the size of a 12 year old, and then when it is all over the lady grows some balls and shouts an obscenity. Why would you want either of them as neighbors?

789 days ago


Good Job Alec......Most of these photoHOGS need a good a$$ kicking.....If I were Alec and had money to burn I would have a security guy JUST to "take care" of the paparazzi and then have a sack of money and throw at the "problem" on there way to the clinic. I would love to see a site that is devoted to pics of photoHOGS being "taken care of". Keep it up Alec!!!!!!!!!!!

789 days ago


Man, that photographer folded like paper mache. I see why he called him a little girl.

789 days ago


100% justified...100% acceptable on all levels...

You stalk a dude...dude might stalk you in the face.

789 days ago


I don't like Alec but that weasel a hole needs a good pounding

789 days ago


can't stand alex. he has always been a jerk. however, that photog is a spineless wimp. he got bullied by old man baldwin and probably got his lunch money taken by nerds in high school.

789 days ago


Alec, I get you're fed up, but if this particular pap is harassing you and your neighbours, you ALL should file police complaints. I'm sure, taken as a whole, there will be a restraning order forthcoming for him to stay a certain distance away.

789 days ago
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