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Katie Holmes

Has East Coast Advantage

In Custody War with Tom

6/29/2012 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes had a VERY good reason for filing for divorce from Tom Cruise in New York ... because unlike California ... NY is a state that doesn't like giving waring parents joint power to make decisions for their kid.

As TMZ first reported, Katie filed the papers in New York ... and we know she's gunning for sole legal custody of 6-year-old Suri primarily because she doesn't want Tom to drag their daughter into the Church of Scientology.

Despite the fact Tom and Katie filed their marriage certificate in California, Katie went all the way to the East Coast to file the divorce docs because she knows she has a MUCH better chance of getting sole legal custody there ...  New York family law judges typically don't like giving two parents who don't get along the power to make child-rearing decisions because they believe the kids will suffer from endless conflicts.

But ... our sources say Tom may mount a fight to bring the case to California ... which favors joint legal custody.

Stay tuned.


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I think that Katie truly was in love with Tom like all of us were/are. She got caught up and before she knew it, she was married, living out her fantasy. However, I do think that Tom had ulterior motives. He has a responsibility, as a top guy in the church of Scientology to have a mate that is 100% involved and supporting Scientology. That is why Tom seeks out gullible, young, adoring fans as a wife. Do any of you remember when he sought out Joss Stone (BK, i.e., "Before Katie") and invited her to his house and she and her mom replied. . .NO THANK YOU. Katie drank the Kool-Aid and is now regretting it. Tom is a top recruiter for Scientology. Thank God Katie finally woke up and is looking after the welfare of Suri. With that said, I'm still and always will be a Tom Cruise fan. That is because I can separate his religion from his career. He is a phenomenal actor! He is gorgeous! I hope he just lets Katie go and shares 50/50 custody of Suri. Don't involve her in Catholicism OR Scientology. For real people. . .is one of those religions better than the other?!

853 days ago


Katie, and ladies everywhere. Once you have a kid with a man, he will give you one of two options- be a deadbeat and not in the kid's life, leaving you with a tough road ahead probably. OR be an active part of that child's life, which means yours too, FOREVER.

Marry and date who you want, procreate very very carefully!

853 days ago


Tom and Katie were married in Italy. So therefore where does it matter where either one of them file for divorce. I believe that the only thing that comes into play is the pre-nup. if you were married in Massachusetts you would have to be divorced here.

Let's face it tom Cruise is a three time loser. He is a controlling person who wants his woman to do what he wants him to do. When was the last time we have seen Katie in a movie role or a t.v. role, he is controlling and he needs to stop thinking that everybody needs to find scientology.

853 days ago


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853 days ago


...So now here we go with the female pity party/woman's victimization customary default fallback position.

How is it that I knew, my neighbors knew, the autistic seven-year-old who lives across the street knew--- hell, even my German Shepherd knew what this b#tch was getting into before she became hitched to Tom Cruise, yet the b#tch in question remained clueless???

Which brings to mind another burning question; If women continue to claim to be so smart and independent why do they also continue to make such imbecilic and dependent decisions???....Artofwar

853 days ago


I'm not understanding why she had a wedding in the church if she didn't want her daughter raised in it. Guess those mind control jokes may have had some truths in them.

853 days ago


Whoever ends up with the kid, I hope they get her a haircut.

853 days ago


I think his fans will go against him if he tries the same crap he did to Nicole he was able to keep the kids because of Scientology and they were brain washed for years but not little Suri...Kathie does not go along with some of those treatments...and she is a Catholic she never thought for one moment he would be so crazy...she wins this round..I am praying for her..

853 days ago


Everyone who thinks Scientology is insane needs to read this

853 days ago


I don't know which one of them is the best choice for custody. He's up to his ears in "church" stuff and always has been, And she's been the Stepford Wife from day one. And her idea of mothering so far seems to resemble playing with a doll instead of raising a child. The kid's going to be hell on wheels as a teen! But if Katie did blindside Cruise, it's good enough for him - he enjoyed doing it to Kidman, now it's his turn.

(And tmz, it's "warring" not waring. At least one of your slackers could have held out at least through 8th grade.)

853 days ago


I think she will get sole custody because Tom will be scared she will talk. I fully believe Chris Klein is Suri's father. They look alike and the timing of her dating and pregnancy with Tom doesn't add up. Add to that the fake looking belly she was sporting at the end, the hiding of suri for months and her photos being kept hidden so peope didn't see she was a few months older than they claimed. Toms first wife Mimi Rogers insists he's sterile. He divorced Nicole because she got pregnant and he knew it wasn't his. Then she lost the baby. Hopefully Katie didn't sign a non-disclosure agreement preventing her from talking like Nicole must have. I think he saw a pregnant young girl recently split win her fiancé and saw his next beard. Maybe they shared an agent and his guy was on the lookout for his next up and coming actress to take under his wing. He probably promised to marty her, support her baby and build her career. Jeez, tbe guy bought her a new car after one date becUse she drove a VW. Its not like she had a ton of money. Now she's finally tired of living in hotels and not being part of a real family. Good luck to her.

853 days ago


Tomis just weird and I dont hink either one of them are very good parents . katie did the right thing by getting out of the ocult!!

853 days ago


$cientology is a crock of sh*t and we have to give Katie kudos for recognizing that and not wanting to subject her child to any more of that crapola. The contract is up - now put on your Nikes and run Katie!

853 days ago


JUST HAD TO SAY TOO as I am sure many have said in different words....uh the bible does say, Dont be unequally yoked, and DUH, she knew coming into the marriage they believed differently. CAN PEOPLE have a brain when marrying already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

853 days ago


Katie is such a pretty woman and she seems so warmhearted and caring. But looking at her bodylanguage she radiates insecurity. She is there just to please others. (Tom). Becoming a mother changes you and now her prime duty is to protect her daughter, which will give her more strength than ever. I believe she has planned this divorce for a LONG time, making sure she has all the ducks in a row. She needs to become a lioness to fight for her child - and she will. Go Katie!

853 days ago
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