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Teddy Ruxpin Creator

I've Got a Serious

Beef with 'Ted'

6/30/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The guy who created Teddy Ruxpin isn't exactly flattered that his creation got a shout-out in Seth MacFarlane's new movie "Ted" ... in fact, he wishes the movie had NEVER been made at all.

You remember Teddy ... that iconic talking stuffed animal from the '80s who preached love, friendship and other things of the heartwarming sort. He was adorable.

So when Teddy's creator Ken Forsse saw the commercials for "Ted" -- a teddy bear who drinks, smokes, fights and tries to bang floozies -- he felt it was an affront to the entire stuffed animal community. 

Ken tells TMZ ... he believes a teddy bear is a wholesome kids product which shouldn't be portrayed in a negative light.

"I wish they hadn't done [the film]" ... Ken adds.

The feeling is probably mutual -- 'cause in the movie, Ted lays a beatdown on Mark Wahlberg after the actor says he would've rather had a Teddy Ruxpin doll.

Fightin' words.


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I agree. The American culture is already a virtual sewer. Adults can see this movie for the cheap sensationalism that it is, but children are impressionable. Even if children only see the advertising, they will forever lose their teddy bear innocence.

844 days ago


You know what messes with a kids head more. Finally getting a Teddy Ruxpin and it doesn't work. And then getting another and that one doesn't work either. My mom got me 4 of those darn things and only one worked. And it only worked for about a day. So he can SSSSSHHHHHH

Ugh... I guess I'm still a little angry, lol

844 days ago


This is news? Really?

844 days ago


Get over it Ken Forsee - it is just a movie. Kids have no idea the difference - just the adults. It will not affect your product, so relax. There is no moral conclusion here.

844 days ago


Bridget is right. Concentrate on quality of your product, not movies.

844 days ago

Fat Mike    

Rubbish. This guy is loving it. He's like Cher - hasn't been relevant since the 80s

844 days ago

Morticia Cowghoul    

I always thought Ruxpin was a super creep. Sounded like someone who was in a cult to me.

844 days ago


No cause for concern more people will see the trailer than the movie it will be in the 3 for a dollar bin at wal-mart after its brief run.

844 days ago


Children shouldn't be watching this anyway

844 days ago


The older Teddy Ruxpin bears were more fun -- get inside the back, and replace the cassette with your own. We had a lot of fun with that.

844 days ago


earth to jerkwad: it's a MOVIE. be glad for the shout out. if it wasn't for TMZ, no one would have heard of you. what was your name again?

844 days ago


A agree with Sally that Ken Forsse needs to get over it, and get a life.Like little kids are even going to see this raunchy R-rated movie.

844 days ago


That guy should be happy, it's reintroducing his brand to a new generation. I have never heard of them prior to seeing the movie and I'm sure a lot of other people haven't also.

843 days ago


Are you kidding? This guy must have REALLY wanted his name in the media... "he felt it was an affront to the entire stuffed animal community"? Besides the "plushy fetishist" I wasn't aware that there was a "stuffed animal community". This is by far the lamest ploy for attention that I've ever seen. LOL. Oh.. and I can't wait to see this movie because it looks funny. Stupid and way out there, but funny.

843 days ago


Please, it can only help the sale of his product. Do kids even want teddy bears any more unless they have a 10 inch digital touch screen and wi-fi?

843 days ago
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