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Katie Holmes

May Have SCREWED Tom

By Filing in NYC

6/30/2012 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes
' master plan to file for divorce in New York may have created HUGE tax problems for Tom Cruise ... sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... Katie filed divorce docs in NYC, in large part because she wants sole legal custody of Suri and New York courts are way more likely to grant Katie sole legal custody and control over child-rearing decisions than California courts.

But here's the problem ... sources connected with the couple tell us ... Tom has been trying to do everything legally within his power to avoid strong ties to New York City because the tax rates are ridiculously high ... and he does not want any appearance that he or Katie have been living there.

But here's the thing ... TMZ has obtained documents which show Tom deeded their NYC apartment to Katie last August and our sources say it was done specifically for tax purposes. Point of fact ... the deed lists a transfer to a trust, but TMZ has confirmed it's a trust established for the benefit of Katie.

Sources say Katie is using the apartment to establish residency in New York for the purpose of the divorce -- something we're told can screw Tom tax-wise.

It's pretty clear ... Tom is not gonna let Katie dictate New York as the venue for the divorce. He clearly thinks Cal-i-for-ni-a's the place he outta be.


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Flying Blind    

Soon after news broke about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' plans to divorce, fans noted a weird coincidence. All of Cruise's three marriages broke up when his wife at the time was 33, and ended when she was 34.

790 days ago


Nope, Katie Holmes was actually smart! Good she made this move before 12.21.2012 because Tom may have starting Suri down the kool-aid lines. Another good thing is the payday she was promised for this arrangement. You moron women suckered into going to California, take note.

790 days ago


"Sources" are TMZ desperately trying to come up with an angle to the story. A trust is established for the sole purpose of being a tax shield. There is no way you move a divorce to another state on a piece of property held in a trust. Especially if you are a rich man with rich man lawyers.

790 days ago


So where does Oprah side on this divorce?

790 days ago

Jo Anna Hoffmann    

I don't understand why everyone thinks it would be a big deal that she filed in New York - I thought Tom Cruise is a democrat - and likes to pay his fair share of taxes on his income - RIGHT?

790 days ago


"New York City because the tax rates are ridiculously high" Even the Cali liberals at TMZ say how insane NYC taxes are. That's funny.

790 days ago


Katie knew he was way deep into Scientology when she married him. She should have stopped and thought about how she wanted to raise a child with him BEFORE she had a child with him. Seems everyone knew he was off his rocker except for her. If you don't want to raise your child to be a Scientologist, don't marry one!

790 days ago


ok Lovies, lets move on to a new story, someone break this TomKat news with something different Please :)

790 days ago


I think if Tom wants any fans left he better not try to pull with Katie what he did with Nichole. Katie should be the one raising Suri, Tom is never home anyway. Tom lost a lot of fans after taking the kids away from Nichole.

790 days ago


Katie Holmes to Tom Cruise "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"

790 days ago


Here's where this may backfire for Katie...
If NY is similar to Calif, one year is the minimum to establish residency. Since the deed is what is thought she is going by, it has not been a year. The other thing is, where is she registered to vote? My understanding is, their legal residency to vote has been either California or Colorado.
Also, even thought NY has recently changed from an 'at fault' to a 'no fault' divorce law, they are still not a divorce friendly state.
If the divorce was filed in NY, it will be interesting to see if it holds.

790 days ago


The real reason for the divorce was Julianne Hough--talented and working with Tom Cruise. Tom never made Katie a bigger star than she was because her talent and acting abilities were only so-so. Dawson Creek, I know little else, and I can't think of any work of hers noteworthy at all. Interesting that Tom said that she plopped a script in front of him not long ago as a surprise. I think there may have been jealousy, professional and otherwise. Tom has enjoyed enormous success the last several months. Tom also has worked with talented and beautiful women like Hough. Perhaps Katie was insecure or just had enough of second fiddle. If it was religion- shame on Katie- she knew Tom was devout Scientology. I really don't think this the reason- she wouldn't have married him and stayed with him if this was the real factor for divorce. Tom has had huge success and Katie has only gotten attention as his wife-- and not for being talented. It's sad when a parent treats another parent like this and files in a "gotcha" way.

I think Tom outta ask Hough out- and Hough outta drop Seacrest. Tom and Hough would be a real power couple of talent and spunk.

Nicole Kidman really loved Tom-- now I bet Tom could tell. She was talented and patient and really in love with Mr. Cruise. I never felt the TomKat- felt very fake and overdone. She was creepy and everywhere they were they left drool on the ground. I thought Nicole classy and real. Nicole stood on her own too as far as talent. Can Katie carry a movie on her own? Not sure. I think she is very nice, but unfortunately she listened to her father, a lawyer, about all of this. She should just share custody unless Tom is a danger to the children- and we know this isn't the case. Kids do best with both parents. So what that Tom doesn't want his kid to waste time in school. School is over rated- a waste of time- and many children do better and learn in alternative fashions.

Well Tom-- hate to say this but what you did to Nicole has come around. We still like you-- but what were you thinking? She was a stand-up lady, actress and wife . . . and wouldn't/didn't treat you like this.

790 days ago

Linda Mirch    

Will Katie rob Joshua from Diane now? Old love is sweet revenge.

790 days ago


Katie was well aware that Tom was into Scientology. I don't understand why she would now be trying to deny him access to their child on that basis. Although I don't agree with his choices in terms of religion, I am stunned that she is now going for sole custody. He is clearly devoted to the child. Why on earth did she have a child with him and marry him if she was not on board with Scientology?

790 days ago

Linda Mirch    

Will Katie steal back her old love Joshua from Diane now that she and Tom are done fore?

790 days ago
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