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PISSED Over Lauryn Hill

Diss at BET Awards

7/2/2012 7:35 AM PDT UPDATED: 7/2/2012 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1:00 PM PT -- Mindless Behavior
just apologized for the diss, tweeting, "We meant no disrespect to our girl Lauryn Hill last night, it was a bad joke. We're big fans and hope you're not mad!"

Beyonce wasn't laughing when a boy band DISSED Lauryn Hill at last night's BET Awards ... in fact, Bey was so upset, she changed her acceptance speech (on the fly) to HONOR the former Fugee.

So let's start with The Diss -- Comedian Mike Epps and the group Mindless Behavior were co-presenting the award for Best R&B Artist when Mike jokingly tried to sing.

One of the members of the group quipped, "You sing BAD ... like Lauryn Hill's tax accountant bad."

The diss drew gasps from the crowd ... and pissed off Beyonce, who ultimately WON the award that was being presented.  

But TMZ has learned ... B was so upset, she scrapped the speech she had prepared and defended Lauryn's honor instead ... saying, "I want to thank all the talented R&B women that came before me like Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blige."

When B walked off stage, there was a woman waiting for her -- possibly a BET handler -- and B began to vent about the insult, saying the Lauryn Hill diss was "disrespectful" and "not cool."

The woman complimented Beyonce for adding Lauryn Hill's name to her acceptance speech ... to which Beyonce replied, "I just felt [the diss] was wrong."

We called Beyonce's rep for comment -- so far, no word back.


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Bitch please    

Beyonce STFU! You didnt get upset when KKKanye butted his ugly a$$ when he interrupted Taylor Swifts speech hoeee. You have no relevence anymore. You hang out with KKK. Go buy some humor. Why is she all uptight after having the devils child now.

852 days ago


Beyonce mentors are Drug Addicts, Tax evaders, and charity frauds, and how Piss is KIM K going to be that she was not thanked in Beyonce speech.

852 days ago


Lauryn Hill brought it upon herself. This was not an accounting issue, she admitted to PURPOSELY not paying taxes. Beyonce is a moron.

852 days ago


Just another sign of oversensitive black people. They dissed the accountant, not Hill. Beyonce heard and interpreted wrong. Her bad.

852 days ago


Big deal, it's not a diss...Hill admitted to cheating the IRS out of taxxes and not filing.

Get over yourself Beyonce

852 days ago


Get over yourself B; the world is not about you.. I am not shocked she stuck up for LH, I think they are both racist.... Her husband sure spends alot of time with a racist, usually birds flock together..

852 days ago


When are we going to have the White Entertainment Award show?

852 days ago


its ok to diss Taylor Swift in front of a bigger audience .

852 days ago


"Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blige." Talented?... Talentedddd? Is she ****ing kidding? If that's what paved the way for singers ... cough cough like's no wonder she and the likes of that other skank twit RiRi think they actually HAVE talent? LOL Laurin Hill bleats like a billy goat, she DOESN"T sing.

852 days ago


TMZ LOVE TO EXAGGERATE!! Bey just felt it was distasteful like most of us at home watch, even i was like "that's not even funny, whoever wrote that needs a new job". I doubt she was "pissed", at most she was uncomfortable with it.

852 days ago


We were not aware Bey is talented. lol!
Bey never finished 10 grade.
Bey do not have a high school diploma.

LH is one angry nasty crazy woman, ask her neighbors, in South Orange, NJ.

852 days ago


Seems like a harmless joke to me, but I'm not black.

852 days ago


I think the kids were right. For years and i mean years, Lauryn hills version of "killing me softly" has always struck a nerve with me. That song is so depressing, i have broken things when hearing that stupid ****ing song. Iv come just short o putting a gun in my mouth. My head blows up when that song comes on because it sucks. It monumentaly sucks. I cant say enough how much I hate that song. Worst song ever recorded.

852 days ago


they're black..... who cares?

852 days ago


bey u sign your taxes to better make sure they are done right also

852 days ago
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