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PISSED Over Lauryn Hill

Diss at BET Awards

7/2/2012 7:35 AM PDT UPDATED: 7/2/2012 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1:00 PM PT -- Mindless Behavior
just apologized for the diss, tweeting, "We meant no disrespect to our girl Lauryn Hill last night, it was a bad joke. We're big fans and hope you're not mad!"

Beyonce wasn't laughing when a boy band DISSED Lauryn Hill at last night's BET Awards ... in fact, Bey was so upset, she changed her acceptance speech (on the fly) to HONOR the former Fugee.

So let's start with The Diss -- Comedian Mike Epps and the group Mindless Behavior were co-presenting the award for Best R&B Artist when Mike jokingly tried to sing.

One of the members of the group quipped, "You sing BAD ... like Lauryn Hill's tax accountant bad."

The diss drew gasps from the crowd ... and pissed off Beyonce, who ultimately WON the award that was being presented.  

But TMZ has learned ... B was so upset, she scrapped the speech she had prepared and defended Lauryn's honor instead ... saying, "I want to thank all the talented R&B women that came before me like Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blige."

When B walked off stage, there was a woman waiting for her -- possibly a BET handler -- and B began to vent about the insult, saying the Lauryn Hill diss was "disrespectful" and "not cool."

The woman complimented Beyonce for adding Lauryn Hill's name to her acceptance speech ... to which Beyonce replied, "I just felt [the diss] was wrong."

We called Beyonce's rep for comment -- so far, no word back.


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Black folks eat their own

811 days ago


My god, these people have gotten uppity.

811 days ago


Mindless Behavior? More like Mindless Music

811 days ago


why be pissed Lauren Hill put herself in that position.....if the bitch Beyonce was pissed..then why dont she offer to pay em...big difference there!

811 days ago


They were saying the accountant not Lauren. It was a joke about someone who doesnt sing for a livving( the accountant) NOT Lauren Hill. People are so dumb

811 days ago


Funny how Beyonce laughs so hard when Jay Z and Kayne diss Taylor Swift on stage makiing fun of that situation, then she gets up there on stage and is pissed someone else made fun of someone she likes (is she serious?) double standard, or what

811 days ago


Beyonce gets pissed because someone disses a singer she "likes" but when her husband and Kayne get up on that same stage and diss what happened to Taylor Swift - Beyonce rolls in laughter , so double standard- I did like her but she is hanging with the wrong crowd now they all make me sick

811 days ago


I guess I'm just too simple, seems to me that NOBODY dissed LH, her accountant now that's a different story. they could have said any number of rap/hip hop artists accountants. seems like none of them can pay taxes.

811 days ago


Nearly trhat whole event was disrespectful ans a diss to the history of black music in america, and the many talented performers throughout.

811 days ago


How come there are so many comments regarding race here, I thought this was 2012. I didn't know some people's mind still function like they are in 1960... . That would explain all the ignorant comments toward "black people". It's rather ridiculous, you wonder why everyone doesn't get along in this filthy world. Somethings will never change, I guess..

811 days ago


Why doesn't B throw her a few hundred grand and help her out?

811 days ago


Mrs. B had no problem putting people out at the hospital where her baby was born! But that was okay cause the other parents and patients didn't matter. However its not okay to diss Lauryn Hill and I agree with that but Mrs. B is not the person to speak up after all the people she put out at the hospital!

811 days ago


Who's Lauryn Hill?

811 days ago


this crap always happens when beyonce is up for an award. its a shame because even though it isn't about her - it takes away from her moment. as always, she handled herself w class. i think that its time hollywood got a good ol' fashioned clean out. i'm tired of hearing stupid sh!t like this, from ungrateful little fecies with legs.

811 days ago


Beyonce also showed a similar degree of class when Taylor Swift won an award for her video that year and Kanye West jumped onto the stage and said Beyonce's video was better. When Beyonce later won an award in another category that same evening, she invited Taylor Swift back onstage so she could finish her acceptance speech and thank her fans, which speech Kanye had interrupted. I'm impressed.

811 days ago
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