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Chris Brown vs. Drake

Brawl Victims Sue Club --

We're BADLY Injured

7/2/2012 3:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0615_soho_chris_brown_drake_tmzTwo women who claim they were injured in the Chris Brown vs. Drake brawl have sued the nightclub ... insisting it wouldn't have happened if the club hadn't been over-serving people who were already trashed.

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ ... Lucy Pavlovsky and Nadia Beddini claim they each suffered permanent injuries in the bottle-smashing fight inside W.i.P nightclub in NYC on June 14.

Both women claim they suffered damage to their face, head, neck, body and extremities.

TMZ obtained photos of Lucy, taken the day after the brawl -- which show lacerations to her arm that required stitches.

In the suit, both women point the finger at the people who ran the club ... claiming the bottle-throwers were "sold and consumed alcohol in excessive amounts" ... even after they appeared wasted.

In the suit, filed in state court in New York by attorney Javier Solano, the women also claim the club failed to properly train its bouncers to handle a violent situation.

The women are also suing the bottle-throwers -- but since their identities are still unknown, they've listed the culprits as John Does 1 through 5.

The women are suing for unspecified damages.

Neither Chris Brown nor Drake are personally named in the suit.

A rep for the club tells TMZ, "We work hard to provide a safe environment. If an accident or injury occurs we try to respond appropriately. We will review the claims in this lawsuit and address them in court."


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I think we should all get some money out of this for the irritation of reading about this clown beef.

807 days ago


Aside from the club these people should sue the a$$es of Drake and Brown. The club should also sue the a$$es of Drake and Brown to pay off the others. The blame should not be burdened by the club alone, the actual a-holes should also be held responsible.

807 days ago


Yeah, because suing the black guys who attacked you is racism...

807 days ago


Hilarious, Man I been stbbed in my chest. Sliced and diced like a ****ing black and decker. Lets reach out and make money for some bul****. These people should use these scars to talk about the incedint like it was a peice of history, not to act like bitches. Yeah go down in history as bitches with xtisches you stupid assses. For christs sake, what is wrong with people.

807 days ago


Well Drake and Chris, your antics caused an already shady outfit to belly-up. You wouldn't dared have had your party in a legitimate club because there were too many lowlifes, uneducated, convicts with outstanding warrants to chance running into the cops... plus it was cheap. Yep, the club bears responsibly to provide adequate security. They knew the hood, rappers and other misc. s*** were coming, which can only spell fights, guns, drugs, prostitution and the rest. and they did nothing to insure the safety of their patrons. Sue their ass.

807 days ago


Good. I hope they collect a bundle and that eventually the punk asses that caused it are included in the suits - especially the repulsive Chrissy Brown. People have a right to expect to have a reasonably safe environment in these type of dumps. The club is closed so obviously they had a lot of things wrong. If the people that sue collect big, maybe that will give these jackasses a clue on what trouble making ****roaches NOT to allow in. Go after these ahole "stars," club people!!

807 days ago


It sad to see that these two women were injured, but hey, your girls like that rap music sense, that part of the rap environment, what you experience was the real life style of rap environment, not so song that played on the radio all day, so either have to change your environment or just keep on taking the licks that come with that environment.

807 days ago

smr5 in Texas they have a very valid argument. Which is why when you have to obtain a TABC lic here you have to made to understand when to cut ppl off. When you don't or you allow MONEY to enter your establishment and have carte blanche.. then hey.. you get what the lawsuit you created deserves.

807 days ago


Aubrey and Meek are hoes, hating that their success is almost over. Plus only ******* from Canada throw bottles.

806 days ago

Howdy Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii    

Did no one notice this ****s has more leg hair than Monique. Gross

806 days ago


Won't they have to prove that people were overserved? That may not be so easy if they weren't given alcohol tests right away. The fight may have just started because those involved were jerks and not drunk.

806 days ago


Sounds like a new TV show. When Pimp's and Ho's Attack.

805 days ago


That's what they get for going to a ghey concert *thumbs up*

803 days ago


jesus christ.
why is the club being sued? shouldn't drake and brown be brought in for questioning? maybe they didn't actually contribute by throwing ****, but they were with the groups of people who did, so they might have an idea as to who is responsible, and the story seems to be that those two at the very least helped instigate the fight. why are they getting off for this? it's ****ing bull**** i tell you, ****ing bull****.

799 days ago


Chris Brown is a one man train wreck. Every day it seems like he is being a violent bully. From beating his dog of a girl friend, stealing cell phones by force, then driving away like the coward he is. Night Club brawls and the fight with some other clown in L.A. . . Also, Faking community service records. This guy is a Piece Of Sh.T and should be taken off the streets and locked away like the wild out of control on rabies dog he is. BTW, not sure what he sees in that ugly women he beat so bad you could hardly recognize in the released photo everyone has seen. Chris Brown grow up man, then one day you might get that respect you claim you deserve. But really, all you deserve is a one way ticket to a nice cozy jail cell you seem to be working hard to get to. I have to wonder how many unreported incidence he has been involved in. Chris Brown, your music sucks. Oh, Chris Brown... how did you get those stretch marks around your mouth anyways ?

578 days ago
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