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Ron Howard

'Happy Days' Cast Will

Triumph in Royalties Battle

7/3/2012 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ron Howard thinks his former "Happy Days" co-stars will prevail in their major legal battle with CBS over unpaid merchandising royalties, telling TMZ, he's confident "they'll get what they deserve."

Here's the back story ... a group of Ron's former "HD" castmates sued CBS -- claiming they're owed royalties from the use of their images in merch like DVD packages -- and the case was green lit to go to trial this month.

If the "Happy Days" stars get what they want ... CBS could have to shell out MEGA BUCKS.

TMZ spoke to Ron in Beverly Hills Monday ... the Oscar winner tells us he has no stake in the lawsuit, but still weighed in on the matter, saying in a positive way, "I think they'll get what they deserve."

So ... a big, fat check?


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Fat Mike    

So no-one got paid for my Potsie lunchbox? Not fair.

842 days ago


Opie is saying they deserve nothing.

Especially because he is filthy rich now.

842 days ago


I hope they win, then Joanie can get out of her trailer.

842 days ago


greedy little $#!ts....none of them need the money and the contracts they signed back then should hold up....the lawyers are the only one who will get rich

842 days ago


I hope the cast get their bucks from CBS. They deserve it.

842 days ago


I don't see why people think this guy is so talented,He's no different than the HD cast he just got the breaks.

842 days ago


This doesn't help Arnold very much.

841 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Hopefully they get the dough so Erin Moran can get out of her present bad situation...

841 days ago


They deserve it, as do any and all actors who starred in movies and/or on television who don't get a dime for all the things that came after. No one knew about syndication, the future of television, video and DVD, and certainly no one saw the Internet coming.
No one, that is, except for the media lawyers, who took great care to use legalese in the contracts to stick it to the actors.

841 days ago


TV actors aren't the only ones that screwed out of their royalties. Mary Gaffney who played Mrs. Harris, the next door neighbor to Richard Deyfuss in "Close Encounters" never received her royalty for that part. She tried for many years and could never get them. They spelled her name wrong in the credits as Mary Gafrey and that may play a role in it. Mary is 89 years old and her house was partly destroyed bu a hurricane a few years back. So I tried to help her get her unpaid royalties and was sent a letter from Sony, who now owns Columbia Pictures, that it was past time limitations and nothing could be done. She and I never did find out why she never received the royalties due her. The money due her plus interest over the would have added up to a tidy sum. And it would have helped her get back on her feet. My thoughts were, pay the woman the money due her, but Sony refused. And they know an 80+ year old woman isn't going to fight a big corp like Sony. Sad story but true. I just wonder what Steven Spielberg would think about this, because he is one of the good guys.

841 days ago


They got so screwed on that deal. I hope the studio does the right thing. Those kids brought a lot of money, and they deserve their take. Ron may not need it, but some of the others like Erin Moran, Anson Williams, and Donnie Most probably do.

841 days ago


Good Luck Ron.....RIP ANDY

841 days ago

Gertrude Flabbersham    

"They will get what they deserve." WTF is that supposed to mean? Could RH be anymore smug?

841 days ago


I got mine says Opie..

841 days ago


Wasn't HD's, L&S and M&M all ABC shows?


841 days ago

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