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Katie Holmes

I Don't Want Scientology Interrogating Suri

7/4/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes
desperately wanted to save Suri from a form of interrogation practiced by the Church of Scientology that she was steadfastly against ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Katie tell TMZ, back in 2005 she had witnessed Tom's other kids participating in a Scientology ritual she found to be troubling ... and feared Tom would drag Suri through the same process.

Ex-Scientologists call the process "sec checking."  Here's the way it works.  The subject holds electrode handles on a device called an e-meter and is then asked a series of personal questions that help the Church locate "areas of spiritual distress."

Some ex-Scientologists claim the questions include:

-- What has somebody told you not to tell?
-- Have you ever decided you did not like some member of your family?
-- Have you ever bullied a smaller child?
-- Have you ever lied to a teacher?
-- Have you ever done something you were very much ashamed of?
-- Have you ever refused to obey an order from someone you should obey?
-- Have you ever gotten yourself dirty on purpose?

During the process, a person called an "auditor" collects e-meter readings.

Several ex-Scientologists have come out against "sec checking," claiming it's a mild form of psychological terrorism designed, in part, to get children to report on their parents.

We're told Katie would have none of it and it is one of the reasons she broke from the Church and ultimately Tom.


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For some reason i'm willing to bet that this lady is gonna start crying on the witness stand for "PITY"!!!!!!!

838 days ago


Katie, I am ecstatic you pulled this plug.. how can people believe in this crap???

838 days ago


I just hope the 'Squirrel busters productions" show up at TMZ for spewing the truth about them. Look what happend any nobody know where is wife is...

838 days ago


Kattie you did the noble thing to put your kid first. I bet Tom looks in the mirror more than you. He can just kick rocks. Please don't look back they don't change when you leave them. You are a good person based on what I heard and see. I'm sure Tom is probably going to miss you. Shame on him to have his children worship false gods, that's some hot mess. He is so into him self.

838 days ago

Richard Donaldson    

If you and your prospective mate disagree on religion, find another prospect. No one forced you to marry this space nugget, Katie.

838 days ago


Hi - who makes Katie's blue and white stipped dress?

838 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....this will be a tabloid frenzy for some time too come...all will work out...Tom has no choice but too ensure tickets be bought too his films....pretty simple...Suri will have time with her dad and probably mom will get what she wants too ensure child doesn't get caught up in that " religion" always wins..and HE has more too lose on that end...suri being tot-o-gist versus daddy keeping public buying tickets...= suri safe!

838 days ago


People always do really stupid things but if the problem is the church he should consider leaving it because the family always comes first, moreover religion is in our heart is not in a church, i think must be something else because leave your family alone for a church is sad sad.

838 days ago


How bought making tomorrow a no story about tom or katie day. Its just the same stuff over and over anyway. Katie goes out, katie goes in, katie eats ice cream, katie laughs..... It's really getting boring.

838 days ago


I can't tell you who but back in the day, 2 people I know stuck into the CoS and spent weeks there investigating. What was found that many following give up their possessions such as cars. A person I'm talking about scored a Volvo from a moron who wanted to just. Now keep in mind this happened long before the actual cruise thing. Salt and sugar was not allowed but here was the kicker. The HKIC (Head Kic in Charge) would walk around in a captain's hat and uniform. All of the lower kids wore uniforms. The HKIC was bossing around the adults and he was no more than 8 years old. Inside the building on Sunset was known as a ship. I say all this to say, what Katie is feeling is true and I'm glad to see that she's free from this ish!

838 days ago

R. Cortez    

I think the FBI should keep a very close watch on this clown-show called Scientology. They have been investigated in countries all over the world. While the US gives considers them a legitimate religion, Canada, France, Germany and the UK do not. If you need to believe in something, how about believing in yourself ?

838 days ago


$cientology is apparently a horribly manipulative cult and Katie is wise for not subjecting her child to this type of abuse.

838 days ago


I Don't Want Scientology Interrogating Suri

838 days ago


Anyone who falls for this cr@p, has a desperate need to hide from who they really are, SCARY.

838 days ago


All Scientologists should die and burn in HELL... oh wait, that's already being taking care of:)All of you Scientologists should start enjoying your short pathetic lives, while GOD allows you to do so. FEEL THE BURN!!!

837 days ago
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