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Katie Holmes

Laughs Off Divorce

7/4/2012 9:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0704_suri_cruise_katie_holmes_splash_launchKatie Holmes is officially happy -- at least that's the way it appeared in NYC yesterday, when the actress dropped by an ice cream parlor with her daughter Suri ... and finally had a good laugh.

It's the first time Katie's smiled that big since she filed for divorce last week. In fact, it's the first time we've seen her smile that big in a while.

Of course, Katie and Suri weren't alone -- they stopped by the East Village ice cream shop with some friends. Oh yeah, and 4 hulking bodyguards.

Talk about flavor of the month.


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Katie Holmes 'Biggest Nightmare' in Scientology History, Say Experts

..."With Katie, it's like she’s taking a leaf from L. Ron Hubbard's own playbook," says Marc Headley, an ex-Scientologist who fled the church with the help of police in 2005 after years spent working closely with Cruise and his close friend, Scientology's powerful and feared chairman, David Miscavige. "Hubbard always said: Attack, don’t defend."

Holmes appears more aggressive and fearless than those who have taken steps to distance themselves from the church or have "blown" -- Scientology parlance for leaving the church -- according to onetime key members of the church who have left, many after years of soul searching, and endured what they claim was often harassment, intimidation and being cut off from their families.

But some of Holmes’ apparent courage could stem from the fact that many of the high-ranking Scientologists who ran interference for Cruise during his marriage to Kidman and often discouraged or intimidated mainstream media from reporting on Scientology have left the church. A number of them are now actively working against Miscavige and Cruise by spilling church secrets to the very reporters they once threatened.

Even Jenna Miscavige Hill, David Miscavige's niece, who left the church in 2005, issued a statement Tuesday in support of Holmes and any concern she has over her daughter's involvement in the church.

read more here:

804 days ago


Anybody ever seen a picture of the child laughing? Even if she gets sole custody, Tom will have visitation, and can take Suri wherever he wants to, to the Scientology center, for questioning, whatever, during his visitation, unless a judge orders him not to, and to do that, the judge will have to rule Scientology harmful to the child. We mostly agree that it is, but the law hasn't ruled it so yet. Katie will never be free of crazy Tom and his rulers.

804 days ago


I think Katie is going to get the last laugh in this divorce. She won't have to watch her spoiled rotten kid get involved with the cult. The kid doesn't stand a chance either way. She is one spoiled rotten kid!

804 days ago


For once I agree with the intense focus and discussion of Holmes/Cruise divorce and scientology situation. Katie is going to need every weapon available to her to fight the very wealthy and powerful Cruise and the scientology band of lawyers. Their big thing is to sue, sue, sue anyway. By keeping this in the papers, Internet, media, and talking about scientology's impact on kids and families and people, it will only help Katie's cause to keep Suri out of their hands. I can't see how it could hurt her case at all.

804 days ago


Tom Cruise's best bet is to marry a young girl who is already indoctrinated into scientology. Then he can donate any of their offspring to the cult, probably without objection.

804 days ago


In my humble opinion Suri looks kinda sad eating ice cream and Katie looks creepy.... Hold on there... stop and think. If Katie was REALLY concerned about her daughter...
she would have left Tom WAY before she completed her 5 year pre-nup, which allegedly gives her 10 to 20 mil $$$.
I've seen reports that she is going to get 15 to 20 mil... and almost no reports to the contrary.
She could have at least saved Suri 6 months ago. ALSO, she was trying to establish
her NY residency TWO years ago... allegedly to help protect Suri from Tom in a divorce custody battle.

Pre nup or no pre nup AND NY residency or not, if you really truly feel that your child
is in harm's way... you act on it IMMEDIATELY and get her out
of harm's way... EVEN if it means you are not going to get 10 to 20 mil $$$
as part of the 5 year pre nup agreement and have to court battle it
out in California. You don't wait to complete the pre nup... AND you don't wait
to get a NY residency. You act to protect your child immediately, and not wait TWO years.

You and I do NOT know the relationship between Tom and HIS daughter Suri. Personally, anytime
I have seen him speak on TV, about his daughter, he just
gushes over her.... you can see it on his face... and it's NOT acting.

The dude is a hard worker, puts food on the table, keeps a roof over them,
and at least loves his daughter as much... if not more
than his soon to be ex Katie. Like I said, she could have
left TOM way earlier... she has money from her "if you can call it acting" jobs,
just not near as much as Tom's big juicy bank roll that she has gotten addicted to.

Safety NOT MONEY should have been Katie's concern about Suri.
She waited until she completed pre-nup and for the NY residency to kick in ...$$$ to file for a divorce.
Like I said, that sounds more like someone concerned about
a big pre-nup and BIG BIG child support payout, rather than someone truly concerned about her child.

It sounds like a money grubbing scam to me. Greed knows no bounds.
She is gonna want a BIG huge child support payout.... just in case
she doesn't get any from the pre nup.

She has her own money AND her father is an attorney, and she could have
left Tom way earlier to protect her child. She was 28 when she got married,
NOT an inexperienced 18 year old.

Also, sounds like Katies Public Relations person is just trying to
manipulate the media to give her an edge in court by using Scientology as the scapegoat.
Depending how far you look into organized religion... they can all be
kinda of creepy.

Guys can be bad with relationships/family... but so can women. There are more than
enough stories out there where women murder their children.
If I was was the father, I would be damned if I would let anyone take my child from me.
It should be a shared custody... period.

Fade to black.... roll credits....

P.S. Katie should use some of her money to take acting lessons.
P.S. P.S. ...I loved Tom as that "Les" character in Tropic Thunder.
It took me about 15 minutes to realize it was Tom Cruise.
He CAN act AND has comedic timing. --LOL--

804 days ago


Katie was smart. The whole 5 years she's been skimming money off of her credit cards and putting it all away so she has more than enough to take care of the lawyers and fight ahead. She ain't no dummy! She bidded her time and now she's coming out with both guns drawn!

804 days ago


CMON TMZ get on with it and find out what Toms BFF David of Scientology did with his wife!!!

She disappeared the year TomKat got married - this is a huge story is your head buried?

Maybe Travolta knows !!!

ha aha ha

He aint talkin - but someone will!

804 days ago


This is going to really suck for that insane cult of Scientology - the leader and now two of their most high profile members are outed as - - creeps and that David guy.... what did he do with his wife, Shelly?

Send her to a 6 year indoctrination program?

She cooked yet?

804 days ago


Only person in Hollywood crazier than Sheen...

Is Tom Cruise! Who is he gonna hire for wife next?

804 days ago


She doesn't look to shaken up over this. lol

804 days ago


her laugh is priceless!hahahha

804 days ago


I really wish they wouldn't take candid (sneaky) photos of Suri. She's a child and it's just not right. Photograph Katie all you want, but leave the kid alone. Vultures!

804 days ago


I feel for her. Our daughters were born the same day, and I dated my ex for six weeks and we hit preggers 6 months later in between his and my deployment. Sadly, my ex and I too only lasted 5 years. Sometimes when your in love then babies, your brains go on the back burner.

804 days ago


Welcome back Joey.Dawson and crew have missed you

804 days ago
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