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Paris Hilton


in Nightclub Diss Track

7/5/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More resistance in the anti-DJ Paris Hilton movement ... and this time, the attack comes with a beat.

TMZ has learned ... DJ Jane Bang -- a popular NY electronic music DJ -- has released a new Paris Hilton diss track ... in which she rips the heiress as a "fake DJ" who "can't mix for s**t."

Hilton's been under fire ever since she appeared at a gig in San Paulo, Brazil and announced she and DJ Afrojack would be releasing an electronic music album together.

Jane Bang is now adding to the hate with a track titled, "Put Your Hands Up for the DJs" ... which contains the lyric aimed squarely at Hilton:

 "B**ch you ain't no DJ ... You a fake DJ ... You didn't mix that track ... You f**kin iTunes'd that!"

Your move, P.



No Avatar


Another hater looking to get her name in the news...oh and look it worked. now this nobody is on TMZ.

785 days ago


Ha. DJ's thinking they're talented. Now that's funny!

785 days ago

Flying Blind    

How to get a poser DJ to shut up and leave. "Hand them a guitar, keyboard or drum sticks." their gone ..........

785 days ago


Gotta love the ghetto talk!

785 days ago


As usual, classy rap lyrics you have there! Do any of these people have high school diplomas?????

785 days ago


I would take Paris over all DJ's I have ever seen and then all piled together. DJ's I have seen are hard to hear and mumble, while Paris speaks clearly with every pore on her body.

785 days ago

Philip Fairchild    

Being a DJ i'm not out to get famous off of other peoples work. I take songs that I enjoy that other Producers or I have made and put my spin on it. I know other may not understand why Real DJ's do what they do but don't hate something because you don't know the context of what its supposed to be enjoyed.

785 days ago


LOL, "iTunes'd", they are both idiots.....

785 days ago


Paris doesn't even look good with a D--K in her mouth. Now again she is out of her league!

785 days ago


Yeah, Paris the heiress to the mega Hilton Hotel Fortune cant do anything but "try" to be a D.J.! Theres class for ya!!! LOL She cant even make a good sex tape because she has no emotion. Girl is one sorry sack of sh*t. Love it!!! LMFAO

785 days ago

Mr pro Dj    

I do not know why I am saying this but here is goes

we the dj/artists are highly musically trained, and highly technically trained,

we play keyboards, bass, drums, guitar live, we can create classical scores which we incorporate into our drum beats, we are also very highly skilled engineers who know about frequency, waves, dynamics, no one does it for us, we have to do it all ourselves,

we then take our music, put it up for the masses to download as no one buys music everyone is streaming or stealing it, so why not give it away ???

we then book shows, play our latest music live, turning up and down eq's bringing up effects, and a light show is syncronized to our music all live, which provides the ultimate high live, in some cases yes parts or all of our show are pre recorded but we still created something from nothing,

think of us like Picasso painting a visual, audio masterpiece live at every show,

we are also athletic, it is hard to keep going at 300mph for 2 hours straight, which is why some of us have been known to pass out at one of our shows on occasion

785 days ago

Mr pro Dj    

oh and we do make our own music, we copyright it, register it with the royalty agencies, we get paid when our music plays on the radio,

and on occasion we have pro writers and pro singers sing on our songs, sometimes the pro singer will show up at our shows and sing live,

785 days ago


Props to the old school, when DJ'ing involved more than plugging in a laptop and dancing around on stage at a club. All these new "DJ's" suck.

785 days ago


Paris is a harmless sweetheart, amazing how threatened people feel by her :D

785 days ago


Tsk... tsk. I believe it's São Paulo, Brazil. Right? Yeah, me too.

785 days ago
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