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Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

Divorce NOT

Over Scientology

7/5/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes
may say her decision to divorce Tom Cruise is over Scientology, but it's NOT ... so say sources directly connected to Tom.

Our sources tell us ... they believe Katie and her team are leaking false stories to the media by maintaining she was trying to save Suri from the grips of Scientology, and that's why she left Tom.

As one well-connected Tom source put it, "She [Katie] was totally committed to Scientology. She had enthusiasm for it and would voluntarily and gladly participate in it when Tom was off shooting movies."

The source adds, "This is not a fight over religion. It's being used as a way to hurt Tom."

And on the subject of hurting Tom, as we first reported, sources connected with the actor tell us Katie's people have made it difficult for him to speak with Suri by phone, but he's talked to her every day. He has no immediate plans to see his daughter because he's leaving today or tomorrow to shoot his new movie in the Rockies.

Tom's lawyers have not filed any docs in court -- yet -- to establish his custodial rights. If that happens, we're told they will file in New York, although it's pretty clear they will ask to have the case sent to California.

And, as for what Tom's people say the divorce is really about ... they won't say yet, but tell us it's coming.


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Tom's people will let us know just as soon as they can dream it up!

806 days ago


If she's so anti-Scientology, why did she marry him to begin with? They seemed pretty happy to me, until just recently. Can't imagine that Tom's Scientology came as a shock in just the last six months.

806 days ago


So she only just learned that he's a Scientologist? She spent five years married to him: how is this now a surprise?

806 days ago

Mr. Groovy    

Katie doesn't want to tell everyone that Tom's weiner is even shorter than he is. (Munchkin)

806 days ago


Of course Tom Cruise' people are going to say the divorce has nothing to do with scientology, and that the real reason for the divorce will be out soon. I can't wait for this one, I'm sure the church is working on something great to say, no doubt it will have poor Katie Holms painted as a bad wife, bad mother, bad church member and that she suffers from mental problems. I feel so sorry her and that beautiful little girl, I'm glad she finally got out, I just hope it goes well for her.

806 days ago


religion wasn't the only thing. She was tired of being the beard of the family. Tom, Tom, come out wherever you are!

806 days ago

Lily Daisy    

I am betting that it IS Scientology that is at the root of their problems, that and Tom's omnipotent attitude that no doubt fuels his control freak relationships, otherwise, Katie woudn't be so afraid of him that she had to blindside him with divorce papers. My heart and best wishes go to her and her little girl.

806 days ago

Kardashian Ass    

Just go for a massage and relax, TC.

806 days ago


What a joke... Sources close to Tom say that the split is not due to Scientology! The entire world knows that mostly ALL sources close to Tom are Scientologists! What else would they say? This entire article is a bit of a joke. Written clearly by a person who is obviously on 'Team Tom'. Shame on you TMZ your entire article is based on what "Sources close to Tom" have told you. Very sloppy and bias journalism!

806 days ago


i'dont understand...

806 days ago

joe gillis    

Cult Of $atanology is haemorrhaging $$$$ big time over this story. Being aware that leakage of Tom's pre clear files online by Anonymous is also imminent David Miscarriage has gone into meltdown over the amount of farther lost sales revenue this will cause.

806 days ago


Team Tom-Tom is tired of Katie.She is very very boring according to sources close to Tom.
Team Tom.He earned his money he knows what he wants and he is a good actor !Bye Katie

806 days ago


Only in America do these shameful girls uses children as a weapon to hurt another human. Want to divorce and move on go ahead but why use childrens? Julius Ervings daughter, Jazmin is doing the same right now. Surprise divorce and then wanting full custody when a child needs both parents... Oops! pardon me! it's the money ain't it? Hold your head up Tom! In divorce, women no matter what always losses

806 days ago


"so say sources directly connected to Tom."
That's all I needed to read to know this was going to be utter bull$h1t.
This is so hackneyed a response it's not even funny. *I* could write denials for the CoS, at this point.
Yawn...nobody likes you guys any more, Tommy & Davey, and they're recoiling from your cult now that information is more widely available to them.

806 days ago

It's Dave    

I see the CofS is officially spinning the story now.

806 days ago
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