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Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

Divorce NOT

Over Scientology

7/5/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes
may say her decision to divorce Tom Cruise is over Scientology, but it's NOT ... so say sources directly connected to Tom.

Our sources tell us ... they believe Katie and her team are leaking false stories to the media by maintaining she was trying to save Suri from the grips of Scientology, and that's why she left Tom.

As one well-connected Tom source put it, "She [Katie] was totally committed to Scientology. She had enthusiasm for it and would voluntarily and gladly participate in it when Tom was off shooting movies."

The source adds, "This is not a fight over religion. It's being used as a way to hurt Tom."

And on the subject of hurting Tom, as we first reported, sources connected with the actor tell us Katie's people have made it difficult for him to speak with Suri by phone, but he's talked to her every day. He has no immediate plans to see his daughter because he's leaving today or tomorrow to shoot his new movie in the Rockies.

Tom's lawyers have not filed any docs in court -- yet -- to establish his custodial rights. If that happens, we're told they will file in New York, although it's pretty clear they will ask to have the case sent to California.

And, as for what Tom's people say the divorce is really about ... they won't say yet, but tell us it's coming.


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This is really very simple; there is only one rule in Hollywood. The one with the Gold Rules and that is TOM. He is putting out the stories he is behind all of this. He couldn't care less that Katie left, that was all arranged ages ago. She has her contract/prenup and off she and Suri will go. Everything else is spin and PR nonsense. Tom probably had the divorce coincide with his 50th birthday party to show how Katie kept him from Suri on his birthday and isn't she a monster and have the public going back and forth. It's all bullish*t, don't go to his movies and he won't be the 75 million dollar man and will be the box office poison he should be.

750 days ago

Wow ...    

How in the world does Tom's people know anything, if he was blindsided and hasn't talked to Katie?? Spin control. Oh the twists and turns.

As for reporting on the K family and Lindsay- I'd rather hear about Katie any day!

750 days ago


Oh please TMZ - are you really going to do this? Do you know anything about Scientology and how they operate? They get their members to reveal their deepest, darkest thoughts which are recorded and used against anyone who tries to leave the cult. That's EXACTLY what's starting to happen here.

750 days ago


This is nothing but pure Scientology damage control.

No way he won't be spinnig this against Katie. She will be the bad guy and poor Tom. How big bad Katie is keeping his daughter from him blah, blah, blah.

Scientology having nothing to do with any of this....Is the Brooklyn Bridge still for sale?

750 days ago


It's over Tom's costar in his new movie. Pics were released of Tom and the costar holding hands, laughing, w/o the cameras on. Katie filed soon after. Go to media, that's where I saw the pictures.

750 days ago



Most people don't go to see his movies, I don't think he makes his money off his movies anymore. He makes it off his wacked out "religion"...aka, tax sheltered Ponzi scheme.

Please did you see how much Mission Impossible 4 made, I don't care about his private life, he makes great movies and that is a fact.

750 days ago


TMZ, looks like you have some $cions working for you.

750 days ago


Have 'they' gotten to you, TMZ? This sounds so much like S-ology claptrap, it's laughable.

750 days ago


And we should believe a "source connected to Tom" exactly why??

750 days ago


Pretty sure it's because one of them wanted another baby and the other didn't. Not sure which way round it was.

750 days ago


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750 days ago


No more "Cruise control" for Katie! She's going back to manual transmission.......go girl!! :)

750 days ago


"Divorce NOT over Scientology" LOL, yeah, right. So Katie distances herself from all people scientology, hires a new entourage, none of which are connected to the cult, and now Tom's group is trying to spin that the divorce has nothing to with Scientology and Katie loved it. No one is going to drink the kool-aid and believe that. I'm really looking forward to hearing Katie officially state that she has distanced herself from Scientology. I wonder how the cult is going to spin on that.

750 days ago


I'm going to give Tom Cruise a little free advise; go away, make your little movies, collect your pay check and quietly live your creepy little life. Stop with the PR spins and stories, NO ONE IS BUYING IT ANYMORE, the 1988 Tom Cruise we gave a sh*t about, never existed, we know that now. 2012 Thomas Cruise gives me the creeps. Shall we change his name, like he did to "Kate." Tom; Shut up and make your money, give it to the cult, burn it for all I care. You are a sad, lonely little man and until you embrace your true self, whatever that may be, you will continue to be the judgmental crazy nut job you are.

750 days ago


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750 days ago
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