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Tom & Katie


7/5/2012 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0705_tom_katie_Splash2Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes barely looked each other in the eyes on what we're told was their final meal together as a couple.

The photo was snapped on June 16th in Reykjavik, Iceland, where Tom was shooting his new movie. Katie filed for divorce in New York less than two weeks later on June 28th.

TMZ broke the story ... Tom and Katie were sleeping apart in the weeks leading up to the divorce filing. And according to her divorce docs, Katie insists her marriage had been "irretrievably broken" for at least 6 months before that.

As we reported, Tom was "blindsided" by Katie's decision to divorce -- but as you can see in the pic ... the writing was on the wall.


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Tom was NEVER blindsided. If so, he's a very stupid husband. Tom is using the blindside excuse to get public sympathy and save face.

838 days ago


By Roger Friedman: Showbiz 411
An email has just gone out from Jonathan Wolfe, one of Katie Holmes’s attorneys. He writes: “The reports about an emergent filing last Friday are incorrect. Other than her action for divorce, the only pending application filed by Ms. Holmes remains her request for an anonymous caption.” Apparently,, a tabloid site, claimed a scoop that Holmes had secured a July 17th court date in New York for emergency custody. But it’s not true, like so many of the tabloid stories about Cruise and Holmes over the last week or so.

In more news on this subject: TMZ has chosen sides. They’ve gone with the Tom Cruise spin. Just today, they’ve taken an aggressive pro-Cruise position, claiming that Katie is using Suri as a weapon in the divorce. They’ve also decided that the divorce is not about Scientology, after all, and that Katie was very happy with the so called religion.

This is hilarious beyond description. But is is also why Holmes chose to file in New York, and got New York lawyers. I just hope these non-Hollywood lawyers are really prepared for what Cruise and his team are capable of in the spin-and-win department. They’ve already co-opted TMZ, which is major. They have already locked down Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood. Next up will be the syndicated TV shows. Watch the spin. It’s going to get ugly.

838 days ago


Tom was probably trying to get public sympathy when he said he was "blindsided." From all accounts, this marriage was over long ago.

838 days ago


youve jumped the shark TMZ....officially. Im done with this mess called "a gossip site" anyway. This site is nothing but a Hollywood machine for stars PR reps come to give "inside quotes". FAKE.

838 days ago


I'm over this whole thing !

838 days ago


Did people really think this marriage was gonna last ??

838 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

Their looking at a iceladic menu and not much of it is in english.

838 days ago


During an interview shortly after Tom left Nicole it was brought up that Nicole felt blindsided by the breakup and Tom responded, and I'm paraphrasing, "that no one in a marriage is really blindsided by a breakup/divorce." He's just full of contradictions isnt he. But then again, being a liar is part of the program. Team Katie!

838 days ago


She has always had her own suite of rooms, so it's safe to assume the sleeping arrangements are nothing new.

838 days ago


She didn't bother to fix herself up for the outing. Maybe a passive-aggressive cry for help.

838 days ago


I didn't realize the marriage contract was for a minimum of 5 years. That's about right.... upgrade to a newer model every five or so years.

Remember HE abruptly dumped Nicole Kidman just a few days before the 10-year mark in their marriage. She would have gotten SIGNIFICANTLY more money by passing that mark. It was all very ruthless and calculating, and I just read yesterday that Nicole was so devastated by the cruel way it was handled, she assumed a sobbing fetal position on the floor.

There's a reason "Karma's a bitch" was coined.

The good news is that the TMZ poll shows 95% of readers are against Scientology for Suri.

838 days ago


This place feels like Salem Massachusetts in 1692.

What do people have against the Church of Scientology? Specifically, what has it ever done to you to make you campaign against it, if you do?

838 days ago


They don't look particularly miserable in this picture, they look like they're reading a menu. Come on TMZ. There is a Kardashian out there getting ready to do something really stupid to get your attention. Nobody wants that!

838 days ago


You just know that all Toms Scientology-freak friends will be spinning this and that story about Katie and making it look like something is wrong with her for wanting to leave Tom. But we all know whats going on and I am so happy for Katie that she was incredibly smart planning and carrying out her decision to leave Tom. Sure she has planned this for months! You dont really think Tom would have stood for this or allowed this to happen had he known she planned to split. He could have stopped her (and I dont even want to think about how). Good for her and she is a mom protecting her daughter from the freak-show called scientology. What I would give to be a fly on the wall when Tom talks about Katie divorcing him to his pals and cronies. I bet hes PISSED!!! And I'm loving it.
I will never forget the tape I saw of Tom at a Scientology meeting a few years ago. He said while standing on stage . . . . "To LRH" L. Ron Hubbard who founded Scientology. Then Tom saluted his picture the way they used to salute Hitler. I could have died. This guy is NUTS!

838 days ago


He is such a liar, pretending to act like a victim when she filed a divorce. He knew the relationship was broken. What a weasel, he even puts on his acting cap for the media.

Katie, find a manly man next time, this guy is a wimp, probably why he is all caught up in this power trip of his cult, "little man syndrome"

838 days ago
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