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Tom & Katie


7/5/2012 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0705_tom_katie_Splash2Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes barely looked each other in the eyes on what we're told was their final meal together as a couple.

The photo was snapped on June 16th in Reykjavik, Iceland, where Tom was shooting his new movie. Katie filed for divorce in New York less than two weeks later on June 28th.

TMZ broke the story ... Tom and Katie were sleeping apart in the weeks leading up to the divorce filing. And according to her divorce docs, Katie insists her marriage had been "irretrievably broken" for at least 6 months before that.

As we reported, Tom was "blindsided" by Katie's decision to divorce -- but as you can see in the pic ... the writing was on the wall.


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OK think about it everyone, Katie gets sucked into the cult by Tom. She sees things she doesn't like and doesn't want anything to do with it. BUT she knows that if a member becomes an SP (Supressive Person) then her family must shut her out and act like she doesn't excist. Tom would have taken Suri and turned her against her mother and she would not have been able to see Suri. This is one of their rules. People who have broken those rules have been punished. They also send you a very large bill called the Free loader bill after they labeled you an SP and kicked you out. They also destroy you personally and professionally. So she had to plan this carefully so that the cult wouldn't get wind of her plan to leave Tom. So for all the people who say why did she stay so long in Scientology if she didn't like it and except it. That's why! To outsmart the alien, all seeing, all stalking and following Scientology Cult.

840 days ago


Katie Holmes and her daughter is much safer from Cruise/Scientology... Sceintology/Cruise. In New York City. Kings County.

840 days ago


david miscavige niece is giving an interview saying that katie is doing the right thing - said she was sent to at compound at 2 years old - only saw her parents once a year - only had school once a week by unqualified teachers - that she was in a labor camp..........

840 days ago


Well, she looks great now. Happy, healthy, and finally able to wear heels and stand up straight.

Her neck and back have got to be KILLING her!!

840 days ago


From Mark Rathbun's (ex-top official) blog:

.... that is not to say there is nothing to fear. Katie can count upon the following happening:

a. Tom Cruise and his Scientology handlers attempting to indoctrinate Suri to accept Scientology Inc policies with a slant toward fearing that Katie is a Suppressive Person (roughly equivalent to a sociopath).

They can be counted upon to do so at every opportunity so as to alloy Suri’s affinity for her mother and redirect her loyalties toward Cruise and his best man Miscavige.

If you want to understand the complete mechanics that are likely to be employed, they are covered in an in-depth fashion in my recently released book What Is Wrong With Scientology?

b. Should Katie overtly criticize Tom and Scientology, Tom Cruise and Miscavige can be counted upon to use Tom’s lines of communication in Hollywood to attempt to covertly visit harm upon future career opportunities for Katie. Given the level of public education over the past several years of Scientology’s hateful propaganda campaigns, and given the clear public sentiment in Katie’s favor, I believe such efforts would miserably backfire on the perpetrators; and likely create the opposite result.

840 days ago


Cruise cares nothing about his daugher. She is nothing more than a 6 year old 'recruite' into the Scientology Cult.

840 days ago

how many lesbos and man haters are on this post? lol

840 days ago


Tom Cruise for gods sake. She is your little 6 year old daughter not a Scientology recruite.

840 days ago

needs help    

Just like John Travolta, I bet Tom's skeleton's are about to come out of his closet... Katie probably found out they were an item and the s*** is about to hit the fan (or someone else with Tom... Will??). Next, Kelly will be marching off on John. Cute daddy videos can't hide your "skeletons", gimme a break. Only Nichole and the other ex know the real reasons Katie bolted. Good for you K, it's about time! Listen to your parents and your friends advice, run! Save SURI! xoxoxoxox God bless, keep your strength for the fight cuz he is gonna make it dirty.

840 days ago

Why does everyone hate this religion so much? I havent really seen anything that bad from the religion...nothing worse than Christians, Baptists, Catholics or any other religion.....are you guys all just narrow minded people?

840 days ago


From the way he's sitting, it looks like he's on his Blackberry, or whatever. When I saw them at dinner in 2008 at the Polo Lounge, he was on his cell phone during the entire meal. She was probably used to THAT by now.

840 days ago


Uhhh!! They're reading a menu!! Duh..

840 days ago


Hey TMZ, we are going with Kathie here. We smell a rat and this time, Tom is not going to have his way. He uses and reuses his wife but Kathie is a smart young lady and she is not going to have. Time for her to shine, she is still on time.

840 days ago


Katie Homes finially had enough. Their little 6 year old daughter just so happens to be 6 years old. Primetime age for Scientology crap.

840 days ago


Hey TMZ.. try digesting this. Look at the photo... these two men aren't best friends.. they are lovers. Look at them, see how they gaze into each other's eyes on Tom's wedding day??? Where is the wife of this best friend. Read what BF's daughter says about Scientology. It is sinister and it is real.

840 days ago
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