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Tom Cruise

Katie is Using Suri as a Weapon

7/5/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have cut off all contact with each other, and her people are making it difficult for Tom to have contact with his daughter ... sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Although Tom now has "absolutely no contact with Katie," his people are negotiating/bickering with Katie's people over when and how Tom can talk to Suri. We're told Tom does speak with his daughter by phone at least once a day, but sources connected with Tom say it hasn't been easy. 

We're told when Tom's on the phone with Suri, there is one place he has not gone ... he has NOT discussed the breakup of his marriage with his daughter.

As for when Tom will attempt to see Suri ... sources say it's not going to happen for awhile. We're told Tom was in L.A. for the 4th but he's leaving before the weekend to shoot his new movie in the Rockies.

Our sources say things are "really bitter now" between Tom and Katie. He feels betrayed by her and thinks she is using Suri as a weapon.

And you don't need sources to know one thing -- if he's blocked from seeing Suri, his lawyers will make a beeline for court.


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Fat Mike    

No Tom, she'll be using your crazy "religion" against you as her weapon.

839 days ago

Fat Mike    

Now you know how Nicole felt.

839 days ago


this is going to be one ugly custody battle with a 6 year old as a casuilty of this war.

839 days ago


She's a female, what else would she do in a divorce.

839 days ago

Bitch please    

Really TMZ, Tom or his people actually said thats what shes doing, please. I didnt realize he confided in TMZ about his personal marital issues. I see whos side you're on.

839 days ago

Bitch please    

Oh and nice fake creepy picture of Suri with her arm. Whoever does the graphics & photo shop over there needs to get fired.

839 days ago


It's good to have Harvey on my side, cos no one else is.

839 days ago


It seems like katie better hope that NY handles the custody or she will be screwed and it seem like katie is going to fall short convincing a court that she and tom lived in new York for 1 year and they both registered to vote in New York and suri has been enrolled and attending school in NewYork. Katie might have a up hill climb,but if she gets to the top she will have a great chance to get what she wants,

839 days ago


Tommy girl is MAD! This is exactly the move he would have made if he thought of it first, so let him squirm. His family is imploding, but he goes from making a movie in Iceland to making a move in the Rockies with, what, 3 days off between?

That shows where his priorities are. I'll give him points for being a hard worker, but not a loving, concerned parent.

Yes, the studio could have postponed filming for an emergency. Family imploding = emergency.

839 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

It appears from the stories posted so far on TMZ about Tom & Katie that Harvey is going to be helping Tom's PR team in the divorce. And I bet Tom pays really well for stories about him that are positive. Harvey, don't sell out for Tom's dirty CO$ money!

839 days ago


I can't believe I am about to write this, but I think I am on Tom's side on this whole divorce thing.

839 days ago


Wow she cute off contact between father and daughter. Can you imagine what would happen if a male take his daughter and cut contact with her mother? The police would be beating down Tom's door.

Unless see can prove he abused her Katie has no right to do this. Divorcing doesn't give you the right to do this.

839 days ago


Let the games begin huh?

The weapon in the divorce is Scientology. Thankfully there are a few bastions on the on the net not cowed by them.

You know what would be cool? if Anonymous released all their CoS docs and a million places on the internet. You know, the ones that have all the so called copy written material in them.

Do you know how impossible it would for them whackjobs to clean that all up?

Better yet, put the docs on PirateBay ....

839 days ago


I would like to hear from Kelly Preston to get her view on scientology. It seems that she has kids in that religion and she does not appear to have a problem with the religion so i would really like to get her opinion before i can judge a religion i am not part of.

839 days ago


Shut up Tom, you are using your cult as a weapon against Katie and Suri, so you have no room to point an accusatory finger. You have used your cult as a weapon for years against them to control them.

So stick it where the sun does not rise. You created your own cir***stances and Katie has every right to protect her daughter and secure that she is safe from your cult and their control tactics. If she feels Suri is at risk of the cult and you trying to push the cult or Sea Org on to Suri like you did your other two kids, then she has a legal right to try to protect her from that emotional traumatic experience and keep her safe from you and from your cult.

Team Katie and Suri
Tom and his cult can kick rocks, see how he does not like to squirm or be controlled, yet for years he made Katie squirm and controlled her and Suri.

839 days ago
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