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Tom Cruise

Katie is Using Suri as a Weapon

7/5/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have cut off all contact with each other, and her people are making it difficult for Tom to have contact with his daughter ... sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Although Tom now has "absolutely no contact with Katie," his people are negotiating/bickering with Katie's people over when and how Tom can talk to Suri. We're told Tom does speak with his daughter by phone at least once a day, but sources connected with Tom say it hasn't been easy. 

We're told when Tom's on the phone with Suri, there is one place he has not gone ... he has NOT discussed the breakup of his marriage with his daughter.

As for when Tom will attempt to see Suri ... sources say it's not going to happen for awhile. We're told Tom was in L.A. for the 4th but he's leaving before the weekend to shoot his new movie in the Rockies.

Our sources say things are "really bitter now" between Tom and Katie. He feels betrayed by her and thinks she is using Suri as a weapon.

And you don't need sources to know one thing -- if he's blocked from seeing Suri, his lawyers will make a beeline for court.


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Are you TMZ people just totally insane. Why do you keep posting this crap. Tom's attorney was just on and Tom has been speaking with his daughter at least a few times per day...and, the nonsense you last reported about Katie filing for emergency relief and making public her custody battle is complete BS.

OMG, you people are ridiculous! I hope TMZ gets sued for their BS!

840 days ago

curious george    

Wow! It is amazing how much all of you people know about what REALLY went on in the Cruise home, how he treats his wife and children, how controlling he was, how he made the other kids choose him, how sad poor katie was all the time - You must have been (literally) a fly on the wall...PATHETIC.

WHAT A CROCK...All these tidbits revealed by a source "close to" Katie or Tom...Media crap and hype.

840 days ago


If I could tell Ms. Holmes anything it would be these few things. First DO NOT try to turn Suri against her father. Ms. Holmes is the one who made the decision to marry Tom Cruise and to have a child with him. However one may feel about Cruise and his choice of religion he really does seem to love his daughter. Ms. Holmes should not do anything that would hurt that relationship. As long as the child is not being harmed in any way he should have access to her. Second, don't turn this into a bitter fight. It won't do anything but sell gossip papers and cause more harm than good. Its really none of anybody' business what really happened and there is no sense in exposing private matters. Third, think of Suri's welfare no matter what. She needs BOTH of her parents. Both Holmes and Cruise need to have the same respect for each other that they had when they were together. Unless there is abuse there is no reason to let things plunge into chaos. I hope they can work things out for the sake of this little girl.

840 days ago

curious george    

...I also think Janet needs to get a life...she is WAYYYY to invested in this story...stalker.....

840 days ago


Trying to protect your child from a monster and their crazy cult religion is completely different than using them as a weapon. It's been clear since the day Suri was born that Katie's #1 priority is her child. She's not using her as a weapon at all. Tom and his people, on the other hand, are attempting to use Suri to make Katie seem like a bad person. It really is disgusting.

840 days ago


TMZ, SO, YOU ARE ON TOM CRUISE'S PAYROLL AREN'T YOU? YOU GUYS ARE SO SHAMEFUL AND OBVIOUS. Here is this woman trying to protect her daughter, and you are vilifying her for it. Sorry, Katie, you don't have enough money for TMZ and its cronies to care about you or your kid. I hope Katie does teach Tom a lesson;I am sure Nicole K will appreciate it after what Tom Cruise did to her with the other two children.

840 days ago


well really. who is surprised that tom's angry and bitter. doesn't he always play the victim when it comes to his freakin' scientology and the weirdness of tom

840 days ago


Isn't that kinda what he did with Nicole Kidman? What goes around, comes around! Of course at least Katie has a legit excuse... she has to protect Suri from Xenu!

840 days ago


Isn't that kinda what he did with Nicole Kidman? What goes around, comes around! Of course at least Katie has a legit excuse... she has to protect Suri from Xenu!

840 days ago


Let's see...let the crazy "we're all space aliens" cult take over her daughter's life, or fight for her freedom. Sorry, Tom - you lose.

840 days ago


The Tom Cruise PR Machine kicking in. Well, we're not buying it. Run Katie, Run!

840 days ago


What goes around comes around. Didn't Tom make it mighty difficult for Nicole to see her own children with him??? Didn't her kids stop speaking with her because she wasn't a Scientologist? Doesn't Scientology want believers to distance themselves from non-believers. If Katie is a non-believer than I would get out too and not wait for Suri to become indoctrinated.

840 days ago


hey Tom-
welcome to just the tiniest taste of how Nicole must have felt when you and Scientology effectively alienated her from Connor and Isabelle!
now multiply that feeling and frustration you have by -oh I don't know- a million- and you'll see what you did to her
Katie is only being pro-active since you've already shown her how you treat an ex-wife when there is a child/children involved

840 days ago


Now you will see Tom's real ******* personality come out. The reason he is so ensconced in Scientology is mental illness. So now his FREAK is gonna fly! I hope Katie has a really good lawyer ready for this. I hope they ask for a psychological forensics. He will be revealed for the narcissistic controlling and manipulative Pyschopath he is. Only Katie knows the real crap Tom is hiding and why she had to plan her escape like this. I hope they threaten to reveal all his secrets so he gets a little taste of what Scientology does to everyone else. (and Nicole can't contain her laughter right now).

840 days ago


I am not a scientology fan, I have made numerous comments since he marreid Katie holmes

In this case, I am on no ones side by the kid most likely

Mother and daughter both look like they have mental problems

Katie holmes knew what she marreid into and was happy to put thier believe adn other personal stuff in the media 24/7

Cutting of parental rights without proof of fact that the child in danger will get her in trouble in court

in this case, You have to seperate your hatred for cruise from what coudl potentially be a very harmful situation for the child.

Whaterver tatics he uses previously with Nocle, it seems his children are doing well. We dont have any public problems noted with anyone of the two previous children

With the third child, the mother is different and the child is major spoilt..if cruise is a bad father how come the other two kids are not as rotten as suri

Katie holmes is a 27 yr old, who saw an opportunity and took it. Her turn around into Scientology adn relationship with cruise was not forced on her, unless she can prove otherwise.

She knew waht she got into and she does not deserve a break. She even brought a child into that disastrous marriage.

The courts will not judge Tom on his religion or personal behavior, Katie Holmes is towing a thin line and she better get to her senses

840 days ago
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