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Tom Cruise

Katie is Using Suri as a Weapon

7/5/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have cut off all contact with each other, and her people are making it difficult for Tom to have contact with his daughter ... sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Although Tom now has "absolutely no contact with Katie," his people are negotiating/bickering with Katie's people over when and how Tom can talk to Suri. We're told Tom does speak with his daughter by phone at least once a day, but sources connected with Tom say it hasn't been easy. 

We're told when Tom's on the phone with Suri, there is one place he has not gone ... he has NOT discussed the breakup of his marriage with his daughter.

As for when Tom will attempt to see Suri ... sources say it's not going to happen for awhile. We're told Tom was in L.A. for the 4th but he's leaving before the weekend to shoot his new movie in the Rockies.

Our sources say things are "really bitter now" between Tom and Katie. He feels betrayed by her and thinks she is using Suri as a weapon.

And you don't need sources to know one thing -- if he's blocked from seeing Suri, his lawyers will make a beeline for court.


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Barbara are supposed to be neutral ...on Tom's payroll now??

839 days ago

Nicole C.    

Tom Cruise has hutzpah. Besides, Katie is protecting Suri.

839 days ago


High ranking Cult leaders that are control freaks do not like it when a controlled wife breaks away to save their child.

839 days ago


Good for Katie, clearly Tom can't stand a little thing like "karma." Hey Tom, remember someone named Nicole Kidman? Hows it feel to be on that side of the fence you scientology freakazoid? Whether this is about scientology or not, kudus to Katie for blindsiding a known blindsider....hahaha

839 days ago


I would not believe a thing coming from TC or his people. IMHO, this is a dangerous time for Katie and Suri. It seem like she has been planning her "escape" for quite some time and I hope she and her daughter are very well protected.

839 days ago


Have anyone noticed that all of the things that COS speaks out against are the things that they facilitate? Homosexuality and Psychiatry (mind control) comes to mind. They claim they can "cure" homosexuality...John Travolta, Tom Cruise...enough said.

839 days ago


I often wonder why we never see John Travolta's daughter, is she being held as a slave on that dam ship of scientologist...Its very rare that we ever see her...I hope Katie continues to fight for Suri and she better win, or the judge who awards Suri to Tom and the scientogists, will surely cause a uprising from the public that is following this story.

839 days ago


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839 days ago


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839 days ago


... and so much anger was displayed from such a supposedly eternally happy, nice, always smiling and at peace man.
This sums it all up right here. His Scientology cult doesn't work. Tom is not at peace, he is not eternally happy (especially not now) and like you said before his nose crinkles but he's not smiling.

839 days ago


Finally Cruise and Travolta can come out as a couple!
Team Katie here!

839 days ago


I dont think Tom or his cult will do anything to Suri now..nor will Tom take off with her..for a couple of ,,he would have no career left and he is too well known and two ..he would be of no use to scientology without his vast go Katie and get her from the cult.

839 days ago


Katie did the best thing for her daughter. Just look at Suri in pre-divorce pictures. She always looked grumpy(scared maybe). I used to think that paps were the ones making her uncomfortable. When we see pictures of her now she has the look of a happy and secure child. To me that is very telling!!

839 days ago


Tom deserves what he is getting. He brainwashed his kids to hate Nicole.
Maybe suri will feel the same about him. Katie doesn't have to brainwash Suri all she has to do is present the facts.
I relish in Tom's misery...

839 days ago


Tom's religion is creepy and strange without a doubt, but hey what about the catholics are they really any better. No one is going to tell me that poor Katie didn't know what she was getting into. And is Tom really that devasted and in complete surprise or is this hi way of trying to get some sympathy.Because right now Katie seems pretty spiteful and mean to me. I wish I could buy a 3 million dollar apartment so I could leave a bad relationship. Money does not buy happiness but it sure can make life a heck of alot easier.

839 days ago
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