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Justin Bieber

L.A. Councilman Says

Arrest His Ass!

7/6/2012 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
just got cited for speeding on the freeway, and the witness who called 911 -- who happens to be an L.A. City Councilman -- tells TMZ, Bieber should have been cuffed, locked up, and stripped of his driving privileges.

L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine -- who ironically was an LAPD motor officer for 18 years -- was on the 101 Freeway when he saw Justin in his chrome Fisker Karma roaring down the freeway at speeds that Zine says exceeded 100 mph.

Zine tells us ... Bieber was trying to shake a team of paparazzi (NOT TMZ) that was on his tail. 

Zine says, "Bieber was driving like a maniac. He was weaving in and out of traffic. There was hardly any space between cars as he weaved from lane to lane."

Zine says, "If I was on patrol, I would have arrested him for reckless driving. I was going 60 and he drove by me like he was in a rocket ship. He was a maniac." Zine called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago to explain exactly why he thinks Bieber belongs behind bars.

070612_zine_tmzlive_v2_launchZine also says the paparazzi were incredibly irresponsible, driving on the shoulder of the freeway and causing an extreme hazard. After he was pulled over, at least 4 paps were swarming Bieb's car.

070612_bieber_ticket_v2_launchBieber's manager, Scooter Braun, tells TMZ, Zine "is just a councilman looking for a headline."  Braun says Justin was cited for going 80 mph and he was being chased by the paparazzi. Braun adds a short time after getting ticketed, the paparazzi resumed their pursuit and Justin called 911.

Law enforcement sources tell us, after Bieber called 911, police caught up to his car and pulled him over again ... along with the paparazzi following him. We're told the cops warned the paparazzi to behave themselves, and everyone was sent on their way.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the CHP is investigating the paparazzi for creating a hazardous situation.


No Avatar


So you want us to believe that you didint have your people following him but when this all went down you just happened to have your own paps right there on scene? Sure we believe you. NOT.

846 days ago


He should be arrested, if it was anyone else they would be in jail right now. And if he didn't want to be seen why the **** is he driving a chrome car?

846 days ago


About a month ago, Justin Beiber punched a paparazzi in the face and now he's driving like a maniac 100+ mph trying to elude the paps. Justin you acting like a crazy foo! What's wrong with you, man? 18 year old stupidity or what? I bet even his girlfriend Selena Gomez would like to yell at him. This is the kind of stupid stuff that Lindsay Lohan would do a few years ago.

I can understand Beiber having lots of problems with the paps but it ain't worth getting into a serious car accident over. A few million teenage girls would freak out and go into convulsions if Beiber died in a car accident. Of course, he could also kill a bunch of other people on the road. Maybe Justin should hire a security guard who is a professional driver. This security guard could have a big, powerful truck and try to block the vehicles that the paps are in and call the cops for him if necessary. By the way, nice car Justin ... a tricked out chrome painted Fisker Karma ... one of those electric cars like the Chevy Volt. I like the brand new Tesla Model S electic car too. Justin ought to check out one of those. Don't be driving it like a maniac though! These electric cars can be VERY fast ... like 0-60... mph in under 5 seconds.

846 days ago


How many times do pretty girls get away with just warnings? Yes, he was asking for attention. Yes, he should have known better. But come on. You all speed on the freeway, and some of you have had accidents because of it. People are acting like he's the spawn of Satan for a minor accident and speeding.

Not interested in what COULD have happened. It didn't. If he were speeding a a school zone, cuff him. But 80 on the freeway? Not a big deal.

846 days ago


Him and the stalkerazzi are both at fault. Even if he wasnt being stalked by these people he would still be driving like a reckless idiot because he IS a freckless idiot. Of course I highly doubt any 18 year old actually drives responsibly, especially in a car like that.

846 days ago


Amazed by the vote giving Justin just 23% of responsibility. Who else's foot do they think was on the gas? Oh well. These are probably the same idiots who buy Chris Brown records. NOTE TO JUSTIN: GROW UP.

846 days ago


That little puink is to blame. He should've pulled in to the nearest police station... called 911.... or just let em have their pics. He's such a little bitch

846 days ago


It would be fun to be so young and dumb again. At least for a day, anyway.

846 days ago


OK, how would your picture? He should have called 911 before it got out of hand, but come on. Hasn't anyone learned a lesson yet? Princess Diana? And, then to just shoot pics away as the police were there. Enough is enough.

846 days ago


Justin - If you had caused an accident and someone had died, you know you would have felt really really horrible!! Better to just let them follow you and pay attention to the road ahead.

846 days ago


Little jerk. Driving 100 MPH on L.A. roads is dangerous.

846 days ago


It's Biebers fault, The stupid ass should not drive around in a car that draws so much attention. The cops would not let that car on the streets here in TX because the reflection would distract other drivers, My friend had to repaint his truck for that very reason it would not pass inspection.

846 days ago


Most grown men couldnt handle his money and popularity..If he doesnt get his sh** together and grow up fast he's going to be led by the peach fuss on his chin by every manager, rap producer, exotic car salesmen, realtor, you name it! By him speeding and endangering others that goes to show he is not ready for the stardom!

846 days ago


As a proud Canadian, I am embarrased that this talentless child comes from my country. This kid is nothing more than a spoiled brat. He should have his license pulled for such irresponsible driving or be limited to a less powerful vehicle.

846 days ago


Hey if Lindsay can drive legally, why are you on Bieber's ass.

846 days ago
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