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Katie Holmes

Tom Treated Me

Like a Robot

7/6/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise controlled Katie Holmes like a puppetmaster ... making every major and even minor decision in her personal and professional life ... and in the end, she felt like she couldn't breathe without his permission ... this according to sources close to the actress.

Movie studio-connected sources tell us Tom executed an "Art Kill" way back when Katie was doing "Thank You for Smoking" in 2005 ... when the 2 first started dating.

Sources tell us Tom instructed producers to "kill" any promotional photos which showed Katie and Aaron Eckhart engaged in kissing or "anything else compromising."

We're told Tom also imposed his will during "Batman Begins" ... prohibiting Katie from flying with the rest of the cast. Instead, Katie would only travel on Tom's private jet. One source tells us Morgan Freeman was "disgusted" by the situation. On the other side, however, one source scoffed and said, "Wow, Tom offered her his private jet. How terrible for Katie."

Ultimately, our Katie sources say she grew sick and tired of playing Pinocchio to Tom's Geppetto ... and decided it was time to cut the strings.

Morgan Freeman tells us, claims he was "disgusted" by Tom and Katie's situation are "BS."



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Malika Cadogan    

Tom Cruise has mental issues and he seems controlling.

840 days ago


Really, you can't believe much of this celebrity stuff you read. Anyone who is truly close to either Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes wouldn't be talking. Anyone talking is likely speculating.

840 days ago


A few years back there was a big story in the local paper about the Scientology Compound in Hemet, CA. There was a man who had lived there since he was a child, brought in by his mother, and he tried to escape and was pursued and brought back,He tells of harsh punishments, working for free-aka slavery-, being isolated from the outside world and not being able to escape. When he did escape he went to the authorities and the place was under investigation. I don't know what happened..There seems to be something very creepy and dangerous about Scientology-like the Jim Jones the Georgetown...

840 days ago


A few years back there was a big stink going on at the Scientology compound in Hemet, CA. There were several articles in the local paper about people being held against their will, people working for them for free- aka slave workers, being severely punished. When a person tried to escape, he would be followed and brought back to the compound. The place is huge, isolated and creepy. It was under investigation by the authorities in Riverside. The article talked about people claiming to be able to move objects with their mind- but they didn't, and all sorts of strange things. It is like a prison, once you get in, it is hard to get out.I don't know what happened to the investigation. The man who filed the complaint had been living in the compound since he was a child brought in by his Scientology mom and he wanted out. He had to go to the police...

840 days ago


Once upon a time, Katie was an an insecure love struck nobody of an actress who fell in love with her teenage crush. When I heard that she blindsided Tom with a divorce, I suddenly saw her as a women who seriously cannot be underestimated. Bravo Katie for having the balls to walk out on Tom. I wish nothing but the best for her and Suri. I am also of the opinion that Katie will not be intimidated by the CoS and will spill some of their secrets in court.

840 days ago


Katie was a nobody before she married Tom cruise ... He made her who she is. Now she's behaving like a cheap coward by filing for divorce while he was in Iceland, and right before his birthday. She's vindictive and playing the media like puppets by appearing with her daughter wrapped around her and clinging to her. She needs to return her daughter to her father. He's a good dad - and she needs to wear some undergarments in her next outing for tea.

840 days ago


So far neither of them have commented, so it's all speculation as to what really came down. I suspect the contract was up and she had a choice? I don't buy the blindsided story...he's a big fat media liar. Their marriage was fishy from the start. Who gets engaged & pregnant to a high end actor in 2-3 months?$$$$ I'm waiting for the tell-all book - facts on both!!!

840 days ago


I agree. She knew all this before she got involved with him. I don't feel sorry for her at all.

840 days ago


tommy boy isn't going to push too hard. . .she knows way too many secrets. . . about him personally, scientology and the interesting birth of suri

840 days ago


Hat tip to firefly (Whedonesque!) for printing this article. Here it is again, in case anyone missed it.

President Scientology Inc’s Son Dies – Cover Up
Posted on July 5, 2012 by martyrathbun09 | 269 Comments

Alexander Jentzsch, the son of Class XII independent Scientologist Karen De La Carriere and the President of the Church of Scientology International Heber Jentzsch, died three days ago. Alexander died of a ‘high fever’ in the San Fernando Valley home of the corporate Scientologist parents of Alexander’s wife.

None of those corporate Scientologists had the courage to violate Scientology Inc head David Miscavige’s stern disconnection dictates to inform Karen, Alexander’s aggrieved mother.

Karen only learned of the tragedy through Independent Scientologists’ lines of communication into the cult culture of corporate Scientology. Alexander had worked as an OSA (Office of Special Affairs, the dirty tricks and propaganda wing of Scientology Inc.) informant against his mother. Nonetheless, and needless to say, Karen is devastated by the news. Karen is at this moment attempting to overcome the LA County Coroner’s initial decision not to allow her to view her son’s body.

According to the Coroner Alexander’s body has been lying in the morgue for three days with no visitation or viewing by any family members. Tony Ortega at the Village Voice is providing ongoing coverage.

Mosey and I have communicated our condolences to Karen.

We are posting immediately so that as much collective, clean intention as possible can be mustered to assist her in her ongoing quest to determine the cause and cir***stances of her only son’s death.

Apparently, the depths of Scientology Inc’s disregard for the sanctity of human life and family knows no bounds. I think we need to make up for this depravity. Thank you for joining us in that effort.

840 days ago


I took the liberty of reprinting the article because it is an extremely important - and timely - article.

Karen has interviews on YouTube which everyone should hear. Terrible things are happening RIGHT NOW to people trying to leave Scientology.

Again, as so many others have mentioned, if you want graphic visual testimony to the dangerous, evil nature of this cult (and many others like it), Google the autopsy photos of LISA McPHERSON.

The ones online aren't even the worst ones. They are very graphic.

This beautiful girl was villainized by claiming she had a "psychotic episode," thereby landing her in a mental facility where, it is obvious from the photos, she was heavily drugged, tortured EXTENSIVELY, and denied food and water, for several weeks, until she finally died.

The "church" claimed she was nuts, and that she died suddenly and unexpectedly of unknown causes. Just LOOK at the photos. They are appalling, and they do not lie.

And my spider sense says something seriously does not pass the smell test with Travolta's kid, Jett. The ambulance driver threatened to go public with what he saw, and their story was bizarre, vague and conflicting itself.

The "church" has a terrifying, eugenics-oriented view of anyone with a mental or physical illness.

The story about how that kid died stinks just like so many other explanations of some kind "feigned negligence/ignorance" except it's by design.

Their whole credo is you have to be "cleared" (electronically "lobotomized" during the audit sessions), and any illness or defect that befalls you is because you are "toxic" or "bad," and you brought it on yourself. If they can't "fix" you, you're toast.

The critical thing the world needs to wake up to is that cults, in general, are SERIOUSLY on the rise in our society today. Their charters, mission statements, organizational and brainwashing techniques and secrecy are, across the board, nearly identical.

The message here is:


Kudos to all you wise, sane, intelligent NON-Kool-Aid drinkers here. You rock! Yay, White Hats!!!

840 days ago


BTW, whoever printed the SCARY Mission Statement of CoS print it again?

The one about CoS zombies being committed to deceiving, destroying, etc., anyone who opposes CoS...... was "killing" in there too?

It's seriously scary, and everyone should read it.

840 days ago



840 days ago


Germany has banned Scientology. There was a reason they did that.. I think that is all that needs to be said. When and entire country bans a cult, you know it has to be bad news.

840 days ago


If you don't believe Tom is a control freak, watch his viral Scientology video or his appearance with Lauer. He "knows." He has "all the answers." Even the average Scientologist believes himself to be superior to all "wogs." Scientologists are expected to behave like robots and execute prescribed statements to "handle" all situations. They train to erase their "reactive minds." They get someone to agree with something, and then that becomes the truth. Their main "KSW" belief is to lie to protect Scientology. They train themselves to lie, and Hubbard, in fact was a pathological liar. Hubbard created the concept of "acceptable truth," meaning a lie to forward Scientology. Scientologists believe they control the planet, and that everyone is waiting to be controlled by them.

840 days ago
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