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Justin Bieber


7/7/2012 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
has a real problem with speeding -- because TMZ has learned ... the singer's dangerous joyride Friday wasn't the first time he shattered L.A.'s speed limit in a fancy car.

Just last year, law enforcement sources tell us, Bieber was cited for going 90 in a Range Rover -- not exactly the safest car for breakneck speeds.

We're told the ticket was paid -- but clearly, Bieber didn't learn his lesson ... because as we reported, he allegedly topped 100mph Friday in his chromed out Fisker Karma, weaving in and out of traffic.

Justin's list of driving infractions doesn't end with speeding either -- he was pulled over in October for cutting off a CHP officer ... driving his Batmobile-themed Cadillac.

Less than two months later, Bieber was pulled over AGAIN for making an unsafe left turn in the same Batmobile-themed car.

Oh yeah, and there was also that time he love-tapped a Honda in a Ferrari.

So we gotta ask ...


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Scott Levy    

Yes, revoke his driving privileges! That smug little prick is another Nick Hogan in the making. He will end up hurting or killing someone if he's not forced to stop that wreckless speeding. I wish he would face some good old fashioned police brutality.

801 days ago


Another horrible role model. It's all funny to him and thinks he's big sh*t. So sad. When he kills or injures a pedestrian, another motorist, passenger or himself maybe people will stop idolizing this poser. Teeny bopper that turned into a spoiled brat. What a great guy role model for all these little girls who like him... this is how he shows them guys should act. real cool. Such a shame the way this guy acts nowadays. It's disgraceful.

801 days ago


I've listen to this kid talk, and he is definitely not that smart. I wouldn't be surprised if he killed himself in a car accident. Speeding is the main reason teenagers die in car accidents.

801 days ago


Phuckem Bieb! You rock dude!

801 days ago


Hes acting like the child he is they should take them from him and make him learn something before he harms someone and then its not all smile for him

801 days ago


All of you haters are a bunch of idiots tbh. Go hate someone else cause that kid has an endless talent and he'll be around a loooooong time ;) go get BELIEVE bitches!

801 days ago


When I was his age, I made him look like Little BoPeep behind the wheel. Leave the little dude alone.

801 days ago


With the right car and the right Driver, driving over 100MPH really *isn't* that big of a deal. However, if people are calling 9-1-1 on him, my guess is he can't handle driving that fast.

801 days ago


They should revoke it. You're really going to let him drive until he kills himself or others? I don't give a **** if he's Justin Bieber. Learn to be safe around others who you might kill. If you wanna speed so badly, I'm sure you can race on tracks that will allow you to speed.

I've seen SO many death accidents here because of speeding/drunks– even put together.

801 days ago


Justin could become the next James Dean if he's not careful. Boys brains aren't mature at this age, and they do stooopid stuff, not understanding the real danger they are in.

801 days ago


Anyone else think he looks like Jim Carey? Nice mouth of horsey teeth ya got there!

801 days ago


He has become a total BRAT. He is not mature enough to handle "toys" that can kill other people!
Absolutely take his license, until he grows up and
thinks what he may do to an innocent person!

801 days ago


Send his azz back to Canada he is a guest. Kick his criminal azz out. Assualt. Speeding. This brats bad newz. And hes scrawny. Selena WTF?

801 days ago


Seems like you guys have some pretty cushy Traffic laws.

Over here in Australia if he had been speeding that fast they would have Impounded his car for 30 days (1st offense), then 2nd would have been 3-6 months impound and 3rd they sell your car.

Pretty ridiculous that some little douche can speed around and drive dangerously and put other peoples lives in danger yet get away with nothing more than a traffic fine.

800 days ago


He's such a little girl

800 days ago
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