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Kris Humphries


That Baby's Mine

7/7/2012 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kris Humphries finally got the news from ex-GF Myla Sinnaj -- the news TMZ broke -- that's she says she's 3 months pregnant and claims he's the dad -- but sources close to Kris tell us ... he's not convinced he's the daddy.

According to our sources, Kris didn't express his doubts to Myla ... but we're told he'll take a paternity test for proof positive.

As TMZ first reported, Myla is sure Kris is the baby daddy but wants to raise the baby on her own.  But that could change, because we know Kris is making sounds he may get back together with her.

Our photogs spotted Myla yesterday, looking only mildly baby bumpy so far.


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If THAT'S 3 months, she's got a rough road ahead of her. She looks a good 7 months!

840 days ago


Had 2 kids myself, one recently, and NO way is she 3 months preggo. I stuck out early and fast and I'm telling ya she's more like 6 months. He better get a paternity test. Also, dudes...ever hear of condoms? Getting a girl pregnant is harder to do than getting an STD, c'mon!

840 days ago

Uh oh i am screwed    

She looks a heck of a lot further along than 3 months!

840 days ago


t4ey must be sisiters cause t4ey're all fat and fugly. .. plus t4at girl 4as a big ol' snatc4...

840 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

I'd want proof too and better proof than Obama's provided for his 'birff certifcate' ... DNA xx3

840 days ago

There's a problem here    

Ummm Kris? I'm thinking there is about a 98% probability that it is your child. You don't think she was that insatiable because of your prowess do you? Nah, even you aren't that dumb. It's probably your spawn and now she owns you for the next 18 years.

840 days ago


I never looked like that at three months pregnant, and I have four children...the last two are only a year and a bit apart. She is pushing her tummy out to try and garner sympathy. I'm surprised that TMZ or any other "news" agency hasn't brought up the fact that on her own twitter account she has been drinking (in which she admits to it herself) in the last few weeks. She's not pregnant, and Kris sue her Kim K wannabe asspirations when all is said and done. Even if you did the nasty with her.... who cares? hhow many people go out after a break up and just get it on with people? In my opinion.. it really doesn't hurt anyone. Kim is using Kanye for what ever she needs him for now... he will so be discarded.

840 days ago


You know, I had such sympathy for him marrying into the K family, until I heard him speak. I still can't believe Kim fell for him. Regardless, he's an idiot, and proved by hooking up with this skank. For his sake, I hope the DNA test proves he's not the father. He's needs to keep it in his pants for a year or two or there will be an endless skank train awaiting...

840 days ago


This dumbass must be carrying quintuplets if she is really pregnant as she's claiming to be. Most women this big are 3 months away from giving birth, not 3 months along.

840 days ago


All of the key words in these posts are "sources", "we hear", "not from Kris himself". That's really all that matters. You guys are probably getting this stuff from Myla herself and always have been. Who the F is checking for this chick in a 5 Guys in JERSEY, oh yeah.....TMZ. Unless you have her phone tapped or a GPS on her car, it's pretty convenient that you know where she's going to be having lunch with her fake baby bump. This girl wants people to believe that "bump" is real, she needs to take down the pics she has of herself on Twitter IN A BIKINI last week that shows NO hint of the gut she has going on now. I can't wait until it comes out that a) she's not prego and b) she lied to make Kris look bad. I am not a Kris fan per sey, but I'm even less of a fan of fame whoring chicks like her that think they deserve press and publicity because of who they spread their legs for.

840 days ago


Mildly baby bumpy? For 3 months? She's incredibly baby bumpy for 3 months. My daughter is almost 4 months along and you can't really tell she's pregnant. Poor thing if this is what 3 months looks like for her she's going to be the size of a house in 6 months.

840 days ago


eww. shes like a mixture of snooki and kim k. *barf*

840 days ago


Hey, paid off by Pimp Momma Mushroom Headed POS - Are your PARENTS PROUD OF YOU???????

840 days ago

Sea Urchin    

"As TMZ first reported, Myla is sure Kris is the baby daddy but wants to raise the baby on her own."----Bwahahahaha

Please, she will demand money the second that baby comes out. It would be great if that baby was black.

840 days ago


I call bull on this one. Her twit pix from Monday tell a different story.


840 days ago
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