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Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes


Talks Underway

7/7/2012 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise
and Katie Holmes have called a temporary truce while their lawyers try to negotiate a full divorce settlement ... TMZ has learned.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell us ... there are NO immediate plans for either side to go to court. There will be no court hearing Monday, Tuesday or in the foreseeable future, unless the negotiations fall apart.

Sources tell us the lawyers are negotiating child custody, visitation, child support and a property settlement.

We're also told the whole settlement could be ratified in New York if all goes well.  In other words, there may not be a move by Tom's camp to transfer the case to California, where judges are more likely to award joint custody.

One source described the emotional state of the negotiations as "calm."

Katie was spotted this morning in NYC, heading into her lawyer's office.


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Fuck Celebrities    

The "church" has given cruise his marching orders.

802 days ago


Now every one can see Katie showed her true colors. She was after Tom's money after all. "Property settlement". Why would she get property when she signed a iron clad prenup? By using Suri as a tool for her benefit. All the men out there who always loose custody of their kids because of false accusations know how this goes.

802 days ago


Seems kind of anti climatic, even though it's only the beginng and talks could break I was kind of looking forward to an all out battle. A nasty divorce for Tomkat and entertanment for the rest of us. This gives those two the oppornunity for the best performanes of their careers, better than any of their movies.

802 days ago


I would not trust him and certainly not C0$.
Keep your options open Katie, make it all public so they will not screw with you and Suri.

801 days ago


Satanology will give you Peace, Love and Happy Mess

801 days ago


Smoothie is "New Account" from yesterday...these kids are hilarious and so transparent. Obviously Scientologists don't think we in America are very bright....keep up the spin and we shall rinse it away with the Truth. We are smart enough not to pay the $10K charge for EACH AUDITING SESSION. Oh yeah it is ALL about spirituality.

801 days ago

joe gillis    

ever since the world found out the truth that the Cult Of $atanologies US$4000 e-meters actually cost 50 cents each to import from China, thanks to the story on sec checks for 6 year olds coming out, dave miscarriage has promised tommy ot8 an extended stay at the fort harrison hotel, hence "settlement talks underway"

801 days ago


I love the pictures with this article. TMZ is sooooo funny!

801 days ago



What did Tom Cruise do to you that involved your life and your ability to work and play and be happy and be self-expressed and live whatever life you wish to live? How did Tom Cruise negatively impact you justifying talking poorly about him on the internet?

Please fill me in.... I don't understand this culture.

801 days ago


radar reporting Twerps long time atty has been dissing Katie to the press.

Boy that crap is gonna blow up in the twerps face - he better put gags on his team there is no putting Katie in the Satanology Hole

801 days ago


Everybody thinks tom is settling because of scientology or other unproven theories. and that Katie will destroy tom with her information. Katie signed a Iron Clad Prenup which had non disclosure clause in it so katie will keep her mouth shut Tom and Katie are setteling for Suri sake so she does not have to be in the middle of one of the worst divorce ever they are doing it to protect Suri.

801 days ago


Tom keeps all details of his divorces quite. Nicole Kidman started to go public claiming she had evidence that she had had a miscarriage and then all of the sudden, nothing. The next news was she was marrying keith Urban. This divorce is going to be the same. Tom has never aired his dirtly laundry in the media so don't expect it now.

801 days ago


He's scared to death of Katie doing a tell all about him and Scientology.

801 days ago


I don't see why people think TC is caving. He's not. He's trying to map out a plan. If Katie is smart, she'll have it in their contract that TC can't expose Suri to any part of scientology until the child is 21 and old enough to make their own decisions.

On the other end of that, it is getting a little hot in the kitchen for CoS because seriously, where is Shelly Miscavige? How can somebody disappear that long without a peep and not be ok? something is VERY wrong with that picture.

The church itself should be investigated. Too many people come up missing within that thing.

801 days ago


The cult of scientology is evil.

801 days ago
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