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Kris Humphries Ex-GF

I Want Him Back!

7/8/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
' freshly pregnant ex-girlfriend has lost her lawyer, dropped her lawsuit and is about to sign a confidentiality agreement with Kris -- the guy who tried to get her prosecuted ... because she wants to be back with him in the worst way ... TMZ has learned.

Our sources tell us Myla Sinanaj, who now says she is 3-months pregnant with Kris' kid, has decided not to go forward with a lawsuit she planned on filing against Kris with the help of her high-powered lawyer, Joe Tacopina. We're told Tacopina has already drafted the suit, claiming Kris defamed Myla by alleging she tried to extort him. We're told Myla has decided NOT to sue Kris.
To the contrary, as we reported, Myla has been in constant contact with Kris over the last few weeks, and he has been pressing her to sign a confidentiality agreement. And get this ... she's willing to sign and he hasn't offered her a dime. We're told she plans to sign in a matter of days.

Myla is telling friends she thinks there's a "good chance" she and Kris will get back together. Either that, or he's using her ... dangling a carrot so she'll shut up for good. 

BTW, when we first broke the story last month that Kris was Myla's boyfriend, he changed all of his numbers so she couldn't contact him ... that is UNTIL she hired attorney Tacopina. Then he got back in touch real quickly. Now they're in touch all the time.

Love ... it's a blind thing.

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And the Kartrashians are laughing their huge asses off. I'm thinking Humphries likes fame whore brunettes and he's just getting what he's asking for.

802 days ago

Gloria Unread    

This is also a great foundation for a relationship. -
Twenty years from now, they'll be relaxing in a hammock, drinking lemonade, and reminisce about their life together.
"Hey Kris, remember that time you sicked the FBI on me after I threatened to ruin your life, and we almost sued each other? But then we found out I was pregnant, so we got back together. "
"Ahh, good times! It's funny.. I guess you really did ruin my life after all, right Kim?"
"... I'm Myla."
"Who the f*** cares?!?"

802 days ago

BB not bb    

This girl is being led on due to her emotional state what with being pregnant, being dumped and slandered, and thinking that she had a good boyfriend. He is going to manipulate the situation to shut her up. She had better not sign anything or his new found affection for her is going to diappear fast. He is all about ruining Kim and getting her money, Myla is just an accessory.

If he wants to get back with her, let him publicly apologize for the lies he spread and take his nondisclosure agreement and toss it. If he really cared about her and not about his image, that is what he would do. She is falling into his trap. Look at the hell that Kim is going through to get out of his grip. He is dangerous.

She needs to play hard to get, not be fawning all over this giant baby who never grew up. He won't be of any use to her and her child if he is only thinking of himself, as usual.

Tacopina did a good thing writing up that lawsuit. She shouldn't throw that all away just because Kris decided to try to kiss up to her now to save himself more legal trouble.

Don't be a fool for love Myla. If he hurt you once, he will do it again. Protect yourself and your baby.

802 days ago


That girl is way more than 3 months pregnant!!!!!!! end of story!

802 days ago

two cents    

Sure. If you want a guy only because you trapped him. I'm sure that will work out. What's the worst that could happen? lol KRIS!! Get a DNA test ASAP!!!

802 days ago


No doubt,with parents like these two, his kid is gonna be the next Steven Hawkins.

He's stupid for getting pregnant (if its his); she is stupid for thinking he will actually get back with her. Honey- he's just going to get you to sign something or will just get back with you until his divorce is final. Getting pregnant isn't the insurance policy it use to be.

802 days ago


why TMZ is keeping posting about this girl and her bf?
WE DON'T CARE,, no one actually cares
enough with this crap

802 days ago


If you have a **** buddy and its only that you use a rubber so you cant get them pregnant this guy is such an idiot. This whore knew what she was doing she knows having a baby with a basketball player will get her lots of money and she will not have to work for at least till that child is 18. He doesn't help himself and to be honest am losing the sympathy I had for him you'd of thought he learned his lesson from marrying that slut, plastic face Kimmy Kim but obviously not.

802 days ago


I agree. I see him changing oil at Jiffy Lube in five years.

802 days ago


Kris wouldn't know whether to crap or go blind if he had to face Tacopina.

802 days ago


They're in contact all the time because she said she's preggers, not because of the braindead Joe Taco. Sorry TMZ but LMAO at giving that dumbazz a grain of credit for anything especially law- hahahaha!

802 days ago


She's obviously being duped by Kris to get her to sign an agreement and then he will drop her like a big, fat rock.

802 days ago

Latch Johnson    

Been in constant contact the last few weeks? This story has only been around the last few weeks.

802 days ago


Oooo Kris!
This girl throws you under the bus, then does a 360.... Just imagine what it would be like after a short time together with her.
Make sure the baby is actually yours first.
If not she has lost her 15 minutes of fame.
If it is your baby Kris let her raise it alone, pay her a lump child support and walk. She has the option of abortion.
But you are doing the right thing by getting her to sign while she thinks she can loop you in :)
This poor child will be just another born into a dysfuntional relationship, like so many others. This is not Love for the child!!
What a Sad situation for a mother to put an inocent child into. This mother obivously is useing her unborn child as bait, for a free ride on Kris's pay cheque.

802 days ago

Joan K    

First of all I cannot stand Tacopina, he is a dirtbag and was probably hired by the Trashains for this broad, I wouldn't put it past Pimp Mama. Second, she all of a sudden is going to drop the suit, that is because the whole story is made up. What the Trashains won't do to try and make a bad name for Kris.

802 days ago
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