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Kris Humphries Ex-GF

I Want Him Back!

7/8/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
' freshly pregnant ex-girlfriend has lost her lawyer, dropped her lawsuit and is about to sign a confidentiality agreement with Kris -- the guy who tried to get her prosecuted ... because she wants to be back with him in the worst way ... TMZ has learned.

Our sources tell us Myla Sinanaj, who now says she is 3-months pregnant with Kris' kid, has decided not to go forward with a lawsuit she planned on filing against Kris with the help of her high-powered lawyer, Joe Tacopina. We're told Tacopina has already drafted the suit, claiming Kris defamed Myla by alleging she tried to extort him. We're told Myla has decided NOT to sue Kris.
To the contrary, as we reported, Myla has been in constant contact with Kris over the last few weeks, and he has been pressing her to sign a confidentiality agreement. And get this ... she's willing to sign and he hasn't offered her a dime. We're told she plans to sign in a matter of days.

Myla is telling friends she thinks there's a "good chance" she and Kris will get back together. Either that, or he's using her ... dangling a carrot so she'll shut up for good. 

BTW, when we first broke the story last month that Kris was Myla's boyfriend, he changed all of his numbers so she couldn't contact him ... that is UNTIL she hired attorney Tacopina. Then he got back in touch real quickly. Now they're in touch all the time.

Love ... it's a blind thing.

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835 days ago


This chick was Kris' rebound. Why are people acting like he did something wrong? Kim used and abused him, took all of the wedding presents, then started banging kanye. So what if he rebounded? Anyone with two eyes can see that Kim used him as a pawn in her game of fame. Him banging a chick for a few months doesn't change that. He DESERVES to win this Case regardless of who he dates. Kim deserves to pay for what she has done to people and for all the times she has Manipulated the public. Don't you people see? Kris is the one who can maybe bring this bitch down a peg or two like ALL of us want, yet people are turning against him while yet again, Kim gets off Scott free. You go Kris. You get that bitch.

835 days ago


how are you making the news chris, you ain't black?? WTF?? finely a whit guy in the tmz news. (again) yea been a while tis proves TMZ ain't racist.

835 days ago


Oh and a 100 bucks the Kardashian clan is paying this woman to leak these stories and make up lies.

835 days ago


This disgusting looser actually thinks Kris is going to get in a relationship, stay with her and be a family? Dumb girl is more disillusioned than I thought. Everyone knows he only cared about ***** and hers was the first free one available

835 days ago

South Beach    

No Myla, he's not using you, he's loves you. All the signs are there.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...What a pathetic delusional world she lives in.

835 days ago


Ugh I know i should feel sorry for her delusional ass but she comes off as such a bitch that I just can't do it. Kris needs to start playing with himself before he catches something from one of these tricks.

835 days ago


Wow! Kris is the last living Neanderthal.

835 days ago


She has to get pregnant FAST, to keep up with her lies of being pregnant

835 days ago


Can you get any further up Kim's ass TMZ.

835 days ago


So.... is this your not so subtle way of retracting a LIE that you told TMZ??? LOL I bet people still believe everything you print.

835 days ago


WOW . . why is this guy still in the news? Which begs the question why are the Kardashian's in the news? However . . who the HELL IS THIS GIRL? Dying for 15 minutes of fame. And . . Kris did you ever hear of a CONDOM? IDIOTS. Now the child will suffer for your ignorance. Charming. GO AWAY!

835 days ago


IF the baby is his, I don't understand why he would take a chance getting her pregnant. Condoms can break. Kris, you are stuck w/her in your life or wallet until the baby is 18. IF she is going to have your baby, make peace now and have her sign a contract to no seek MORE child support...while she likes you. This is coming from a woman who married the wrong man and I'm paying child support to him. Make peace with her now and try to make the best of the situation because the damage is done.

835 days ago


I didn't think there was anyway anyone could be dumber than that man. The man found her, and she is buying his lies instead of taking him to the bank. He will not get back with her. Once she signs, he's gone, baby, gone. All new phones, new numbers, he will move and no forwarding address... oh... but wait... he plays in the NBA. Okay I sit corrected. He found his equal... they are both dumber than a sack of hammers.

835 days ago


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835 days ago
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