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Tom Cruise

Lands on His Feet

7/9/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0709_tom_cruise_plane_landing_splash_article_2It got bumpy for a while ... but Tom Cruise has finally returned to Earth.

Moments after Tom and Katie announced they reached a settlement in their divorce ... Cruise touched down in Mammoth, CA looking ... more single than usual.

Tom is reportedly in Mammoth to film scenes for his upcoming movie, "Oblivion."

As we previously reported, Tom and Katie hammered out their settlement in record time ... with both sides insisting they're excited to move on with their lives.


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Tommy Boy will be rolling out a girlfriend/wife# 4 in aobut 3 months tops!

800 days ago


Most of what I read on these posts no longer compels me to comment. I am glad they are both happy.

800 days ago


What she had must have been pretty good.

800 days ago


i still think suri is chris kliens baby.katie had something on tom cruise.he fought harder for primary custody of his adopted kids than he did for suri.just don't see him giving in so easily and quickly, unless katie had something on him.

800 days ago


They came to a quick agreement because Suri is Chris Klein's daughter....I always thought it odd that Katie was engaged to Chris Klein, broke it off and within a week or two was with Cruise. See pics below...don't you think it's possible?? Since Holmes & Klein broke up, Klein has had two DUI related incidents; one, the month they split...did she tell him she was expecting and jumped ship over to the Cruise camp? Was he drinking cuz he knew he was loosing a child to the good ship Scientology? I imagine the divorce proceedings went something like this; Katie: Tom, Give me what I want and leave us alone and I won't tell the world that you're not the baby daddy' Just throwing it out there....anyone have better/more accurate info re: Klein / Holms split and was she pregnant when she met Cruise?

800 days ago


How do you internet suckers feel, now knowing, that you actually know SFA about these two people's lives, their choices, their thoughts, their concerns and that all your imaginings are just your own personal brain farts you like the smell of?

still feel like victorious self-important freedom fights part of your important freedom march on line? LOL

Too funny, you are a bunch of gossiping nobs, nothing more then that

800 days ago


Have never been a fan as something about him creeps me out . His scientology cult where he is considered a god may be a big factor in his creepiness!! Glad katie came out ahead in this one and now she and Suri can have a more normal life without Tom controlling them!!

800 days ago


@SMOOTHIE set up a TMZ account 43 minutes ago. SMOOTHIE is a scientologist or a scientology rent boy.

800 days ago


They already had a non disclosure agreement.

She got everything because she could get around the non disclosure agreement by giving evidence in court.

Tom lost hard and has given her whatever she asked for.

Sucked in Tom you lose. Katie won. Katie got exactly what she wanted keeping suri away form the evil cult of scientology.

Remember Tom had a prenup that gave katie nothing. Why would Tom give Katie anything if he didn't have to. Katie forced tom to do what she wanted because Tom and scientology are scared of exposure through the courts.

800 days ago

Dee Dee    

He looks good here. I'm rooting for you..and I am glad he got rid of Katie, she always had that weird twisted smile and goofy annoying voice. You won't be lonely for long!

800 days ago


Chruch of Scatology here - turd deplaning, over and out...

800 days ago

Dee Dee    

His non fans here are making up junk about what they agreed upon..Since it was all non disclosed how would you know what he agreed to or not. He is actually admirable for not dragging him, her and their business in court. Please most deadbeat dads don't even want to be with their kids after divorce..he's a man he can actually go out and meet a new babe and have another child..He's just that rich.

800 days ago


The great thing about fame and fortune is the odd things that bubble up from what could have been normal people.

Not everyone is afflicted by the narcissistic tendencies, but wow the Twerp got it bad.

800 days ago


All for one one for all TOM CRUISE FAN FOR LIFE

800 days ago


If the Church of Scientology is controlling TC, (and anyone here , according to you, who does not jump on the bashing bandwagon BS, so therefor they must be a plant/shill/rent boy/etc. according to the reigning geniuses) ....and the Church of Scientology is NOT controlling you, then who is controlling you?

800 days ago
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