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Tom and Katie Divorce

The Suri Clause

7/9/2012 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0709_tom_suri_katie_articleTMZ has learned, the divorce settlement between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is extremely complicated, outlining things both Tom and Katie can and cannot do with Suri.

Here's what we know.

-- Katie will have what amounts to primary physical custody, but Tom has significant custodial time with his daughter.

-- A report claiming that Suri must be in the presence of Katie's bodyguard and nanny when she is around Tom is "absolutely, 100% false."

-- The custodial provisions of the agreement are extremely detailed, and religion is one of the topics.  We're told there are restrictions on what Tom and Katie can discuss with Suri on the subject of religion, including Scientology, however, those restrictions are eased the older Suri gets.

In short, we're told the agreement is extremely detailed and outlines a course of conduct for years to come.


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In other words Tom's a great dad, got his wishes regarding Suri...and there's nothing the meddling squawking hen Tom-haters can do about it ;)

839 days ago


To Mar1ey

That is true but, he isn't stupid he already has alot of money. There have been many other famous people that have lost millions. If Tom puts out a good movie people are still going to go see them. Look at how his reputation took as nose dive a few years ago and now he is back on top.We all have secrets including Katie.

839 days ago


To Lou WHAT???

839 days ago


@SMOOTHIE set up a TMZ account 43 minutes ago. SMOOTHIE is a scientologist or a scientology rent boy.

839 days ago


the commenters in this bird cage have nearly turned me towards Scientology even though i have no interest in it and never have.

if i had to be with one group, the squawking parrots or the Scientologists, I would choose the latter no question.

839 days ago


Was the word "squawking" something your leader told Scientologists trolling the site to use today?

839 days ago


Hey Lou
your right about men using birth control also but look at what Katie is facing now being tied to Tom for the rest of her life. And it is ONLY the womans choice whether or not to abort a pregnancy.

839 days ago

South Beach    

Good. What an intelligent decision. As we know, with a long drawn out battle, the only ones' who win are the lawyers.

839 days ago


Sounds like maybe they have had this hashed out for awhile!

839 days ago


I heard that Katie's father had been planning this for the last year. They saw a change in Katie that they didn't like. They thought this whole thing through and had someone on the inside giving them info about the Cult and Tom. They have so much dirt on them that it isn't funny. Spin spin spin all they like, it will only leave them dizzy. For everyone knows a whole lot more about the great and powerful Xenu hiding behind the curtain. Just like the Wizard of Oz, all smoke and mirrors. Show them for what they truelly are and run with their tails between their legs.

839 days ago

No comment    

It doesn't matter what the fine print says on their contract. It speaks volumes that Katie moved herself and Suri to NY to keep contact limited with Cruise.

839 days ago


Who really gives a ****? I don't.

839 days ago


Sounds like the church (and I use the term loosely) gave Tom the orders to settle and settle quickly and quietly to keep their goings on out of the media.

839 days ago


According to my source, the report about the bodyguard/nanny IS true, but it's that they have to go with Suri when Tom has her, they don't necessarily have to be around her the entire time. They are to be her bodyguard & nanny when she is with Tom.

839 days ago


what is up with this mapother dude?

839 days ago
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