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Suri Cruise

Triggered Divorce Settlement

7/10/2012 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise went from zero to nuclear war in an instant when she filed divorce papers, but it was little Suri who became the peacemaker ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Our sources say ... a week ago Thursday, after Katie filed, the hostility between the two was palpable and Suri became a weapon. Katie wanted to strip Tom of all decision-making power in Suri's life, and Tom responded by unleashing the biggest legal guns around to fight her.

We're told what turned everything around was a series of conversations that Suri would be irreparably damaged by parental warfare. It registered big time with both Tom and Katie, and it allowed their lawyers to strike a deal in what could be record time for this type of divorce.

Fact is ... it generally takes celebs in these high-profile divorces a lot longer to realize how bitterness affects small kids, so credit to both.



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A sexual relationship between Cruise and Miscavige? That's what Rathbun seems to be implying later in the NY Daily News article.

798 days ago


Wonder if the meddlers are mad that all their squawking didn't make any difference in the outcome of Tom, Katie and Suri's divorce and custody outcomes?
'Cause, you know, control issues, power trips 'n such ;D

798 days ago


"...It appears Cruise made my prediction come to fruition..." here's the rest...

"I will impart one more piece of advice: No matter what else happens, wake up and terminate the abusive, manipulative relationship you have been carrying on with David Miscavige through your three unsuccessful marriages.

"I think that if you look at it objectively, you will find that your problem with marriage has been your unhealthy and unnatural relationship with cult leader Miscavige.


Tom Cruise embraces David Miscavige, the Scientology Church's President of the Ruling Council, during the official opening of a new Scientology church in central Madrid in 2004.]

"Many people who have done the bidding of Miscavige over the past three decades, including myself, have blown the whistle on his unlawful and violent behavior during the past three years.

"Let me assure you that the public at large will forgive you at once the moment you make a clean break.

"It might be a bitter pill to swallow, but as the founder of your religion once noted, quinine tastes terrible, but if you have malaria, you sure don’t think twice about drinking it.

"Leave the Kool-Aid, take the quinine."

Read more:

798 days ago


WHO WON....who's lawyers flew where?

798 days ago


WHO WON....who's lawyers flew where?

798 days ago


Numnuts better just pick someone from within the cult. I mean it would just make so much more sense.

798 days ago


why does he need to be married any way? oh right cause of the gay rumors. LOL. no one is buying it anymore Tommy! Cant wait to see who his next beard will be. he is such a joke now. just come out and be honest.

798 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

Who cares really?

798 days ago


Comb much? Could someone brush this little girl's hair?

798 days ago


They already had a non disclosure agreement.

She got everything because she could get around the non disclosure agreement by giving evidence in court.

Tom lost hard and has given her whatever she asked for.

Tom you lose. cult of Sxientologytoy lose. Katie won. Katie got exactly what she wanted keeping suri away form the evil cult of scientology.

Remember Tom had a prenup that gave katie nothing. Why would Tom give Katie anything if he didn't have to. Katie forced tom to do what she wanted because Tom and scientology are scared of exposure through the courts.

798 days ago


Katie - Thank you for your courage to save yourself and Suri.

Tom - Something is NOT working. Why all the recent defections? Wake up . . . .

I wonder how the other $cientologist's feel about TC being able to have "visitation rights" with his family, when the others are excommunicated and cut off from their's when they leave the cult? Double standard much ?

I hope the media shines a huge spotlight on what is going on inside this cult now. The IRS too . . .


798 days ago


Oh yeah, Katie has registered with her local Catholic Church, saying $cientology had nothing to do with her leaving him and saving her child is a lie.

798 days ago

Just Sayn    

scientologists are supposed to dissociate with exes who escape from scientology. so how come tommy the die hard xenu believer gets a pass on this one? if tommy boy was a true scientologist, then he would have no contact with either katie or suri. guess xenu told Tom he would bend the rules.

798 days ago


All Katie Holmes wanted was to get herself and her daughter away from Tom Cruises control and the Scientology cult. They go hand in hand. As long as Scientology and Cruise keeps Scientology away from Suri, Then yes, Katie Holmes so called 'got what she wanted'.

Katie Holmes just didn't wake up one morning and say yeah, I'm leaving and taking our daughter with me. NO. She did what she had to do to protect her daughter from Cruise and Scientology.

Holmes has plenty of her own money. So this BS of Cruise pulling the iron clad pre-nup with Cruise, Holmes won't get a dime garbarge is just that garbarge. She doesn't care. Katie and Suri is safe in NYC.

Notice how Cruise who always knew where they are made no attempt or even tried to see his daughter. C'mon all of his money, private jet...He couldn't make time or take the effort to see his daughter? BS.

Tom Cruise signed. He is in LA, his lawyers fly to NY (how come Cruise didn't go with them?) if he is so concerned about his daughter? Not.

Cruise and Scientology are on spin and damage control still not working.

798 days ago


The TMZ spin on this is laughable and something you must have got directly from one of Toms Scientologist reps. All along, Katie has Suri's best interest at heart. Everyone knows the real reason the settlement happened so fast and it had little to do with Tom's concern for Suri. You will never hear a word about why they settled so quickly from either of them, nor will you hear about the terms of their divorce. Toms side will not utter one bad think about Katie and she will remain silent in regards to him. What this is really about is not making Tom look bad, because he has quite a few movies coming out and is a big box office draw. If he looks like the monster he reportedly is, people won't go see his movies, which means no money for him or for Scientology.

798 days ago
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