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Suri Cruise

Triggered Divorce Settlement

7/10/2012 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise went from zero to nuclear war in an instant when she filed divorce papers, but it was little Suri who became the peacemaker ... sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Our sources say ... a week ago Thursday, after Katie filed, the hostility between the two was palpable and Suri became a weapon. Katie wanted to strip Tom of all decision-making power in Suri's life, and Tom responded by unleashing the biggest legal guns around to fight her.

We're told what turned everything around was a series of conversations that Suri would be irreparably damaged by parental warfare. It registered big time with both Tom and Katie, and it allowed their lawyers to strike a deal in what could be record time for this type of divorce.

Fact is ... it generally takes celebs in these high-profile divorces a lot longer to realize how bitterness affects small kids, so credit to both.



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And if you believe this... I have some nice swamp land for ya.... The cultists have too much too hide and TomBot got his orders from the higher aliens.

838 days ago


It would be nice if this was really only Tom trying to do the best for poor little Suri, but in reality the reason for this quiet settlment is more likely that Scientology didn't give Katie much choice.

838 days ago


Who knows what the reality is for TC and KH and family , all that has been endlessly commented on is TMZ's fabricated montages and stories which people mistakenly and lazily take for the real thing or at least partially the real thing. When in fact the two are not related.

People here have no clue who these people are or what is going on over there- they just use these triggers as a platform to self importantly rant their bigoted rants from and gossip from.

838 days ago


Little harvey don't make Toronto jokes about blonde on plane. All first class live in Toronto. Not Ho HO homosexual L.A

838 days ago


I wonder what dirt Katie has on Tom and Scientology that is so terrible it can never be revealed? Evidence of some scientology murders? Pictures of Tom and Davie Miscavige getting down and dirty?

838 days ago


Here is how that conversation went to defuse Tom. (Katie did not need defusing):
Katie and her guns:
Tom either let me have Suri with huge amounts of visits and vacations or I will tell that you are gay, and show the pictures. I will also show how you really feel about most women.
Tom and his guns:
OK you win. No gag order either. (unlike Nicole's)

Team Katie and she has CLASS!!

838 days ago

BB not bb    

As long as there is a provision that Tom cna't take Suri for auditing or security clearance or the Brainwashing Boat, maybe it is okay. I would make sure that if Tom took Suri to any questionable Sceintology events, he would be denied unsupervised vistitation immediately.

I know from the cult of Islam that fathers take their kids to Islamic countries and then never bring them back to their mothers from the vacation that was only supposed to be a couple of weeks. Tom could take Suri out by himself and stick her on the boat to no man's land international terrotory and Katie would never see her again.

They are probably laying the psychology guilt trip on Katie to make sure Tom has his visitation. I don't think that stuff would work on robots like Tom. He is too far deep into the program. Most of these Sceintology actors lose all of their freshness and emotional depth. They come off as very flat and one dimensional on screen. They have to basically obey their masters and that is their sole purpose in life.

I think they have a real lack of empathy for others that makes them poor actors or just angry or nutty. They end up losing part of their soul. They deny what they are really up to, just like the cult of Islam. The people at the top have alot to hide from the fools at the bottom.

I don't believe Tom is Suri's father to begin with. He is just a male figure in her life. Her real father vanished right when Katie got pregnant. Tom has been known to be impotent for many years, or else he just abstains from women even when he is married.

838 days ago


Katie had too much dirt on Tom's personal life and on Scietology's crimmuinal behavior so she got what was best for Suri. Otherwise controlling Tom would have taken Suri as he did Connor and Isabella.

838 days ago


very bid news this month

838 days ago


TMZ is so blinded by the scientology angle that you missed the real story. Suri is NOT his biological child. Artificial insemination of Suri is what he wanted to keep quiet. America's Fav Narcisist couldn't let it be known he is STILL shooting BLANKS!

838 days ago


Here is how the conversation really went down:
Katie (with her legal guns): Tom I will tell how you really are gay and give the proof. I will also talk about how your manipulative with everyone.
Tom(with his guns): OK you will I wont even try a gag order. You beat with the pictures you have. Can I have Suri for thanksgiving?

838 days ago


IT IS POSSIBLE SCIENTOLOGY can be thrown off their tracks by boycotting everything, Tom Cruise!

838 days ago


I think the reports that came out earlier about Tom not knowing were exegerated, They have been having trouble for over 6 months so this was in the making. Unless you are a parent you won't understand, having your child go through a divorce is so hard and then to be a celebrity makes it so much harder, so I do believe that they decided to do what was best for her. Anyone can tell that Tom loves that girl, I think she looks more like him than Katie, I think the support payments must be HUGE..Tom has a few movies coming up and Katie is doing what other non-celebs do, make clothes, Being a designer I get mad when they put their name on it and calling themselves a designer, its not easy, that's why they have design schools...

838 days ago

Joan K    

Tommie will do anything to protect his cult so I bet he has been in contact with these weirdos all week asking them what he should do and this is what they came up with for the time being.

838 days ago


she'll soon be whoring, just like her momma.

838 days ago
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