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Meat Loaf Impersonator

Take Your Stupid Site ...

I'm Not Fat Anymore!

7/11/2012 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Meat Loaf can finally snatch control of his website from a Meat Loaf impersonator who says he's lost too much weight to continue copying the big man -- but it's gonna cost him.

As TMZ first reported, OG Meat Loaf is suing Meat Loaf 2.0 -- Dean Torkington -- claiming he's cybersquatting on and misleading Loaf fans. 

Torkington tells TMZ the real Meat offered him $2,000 for the site, but he wants something closer to $10,000. Torkington says he's only willing to part with the site because he's dropped about 168 lbs. ... hardly "Bat Out of Hell" shape. 

Torkington says he wants the cash to promote his new gig -- Bruce Springsteen and Steven Tyler impressions.

Meat Loaf's reps haven't commented yet.


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Otherwise known as "his lawyers were about to kick my @$$ so I am making lame excuses as if I were doing it anyway"

834 days ago

Fat Mike    

Well done, Dean. You'll live a lot longer dropping all that weight. 'Love My Fans' idea is a ripper ↑↑↑. Too funny!

834 days ago

dean torkington    

Hardly the story i expected TMZ! Heres the deal, I now have a show called Legends Of Rock its a 2 hour show covering Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, U2, Bruce Springsteen, and MEAT LOAF!!! In the 2 hour show i do 4 Meat Loaf songs so although i have reinvented myself I will still cover these songs. I can also do a full show but i dont dress as him [THANK GOD!!] And its a tribute to the man with the real talent Jim Steinman!!!

834 days ago


Hmm, I just don't care. Come on TMZ how about some real news.

834 days ago


The Meatloaf is stale..

834 days ago



834 days ago


This all evolved because of one man who 'Once upon a time' released an excellent album - not being satisfied with what he has.

The 'little guy' made an album on a shoe string and didn't have the backing of a big sponsor. He's tried to make a living tributing the guy he admired and respected.

Now who is more deserving of the domain?

Just because one can afford to throw money at lawyers doesn't make it correct! I'm sure if he screams loud enough and threatens legal action long enough the weaker will fall!

I would say most people have a conscience...

I Pray Mr. Aday fails in his conquest. By God's law he will. God willing!

Mr. Aday is losing my respect.

834 days ago


From the Classic Rock Magazine Archives May 2009
It says ...that Mr. Meat Loaf struggles without Jim Steinman. So can you imagine how Meat Loaf tribute fares.
You co produced The Bat Strikes Back, it's an album (on a shoe string budget) they say is conceived in the spirit of the on-off Steinman-Loaf axis" and give you full credit

wow!!! Good luck 'little' man

Take note America 'you can loose '160... pounds' and still smile!!

834 days ago


Dean, did you parents never tell you to stand upto bullies?!

834 days ago


His fat suit blooper in Fight Club.

834 days ago


Story made me hungry. Dunno why.

834 days ago

Southern Belle    

I understand that impersonating someone is a form of flattery or you got lucky because you look like someone so you are trying to milk it, but come on. How about standing up on your own two feet and being YOURSELF and stop trying to ride the coat tails of someone elses accomplishments.

The website bickering is unbelievably stupid. First of all why would you even want a website with the name of someone you definitely are not. Oh of course.

834 days ago

dean torkington    

For the record i am not doing Steve Tyler and Bruce Springsteen impressions!!! I have a show called Legend Of Rock, in this show I perform songs by Meat Loaf [5 songs] Aerosmith, Bon Jovi , U2, Queen etc I dont impersonate any of them , this is Dean Torkington doing a Multi Rock show in my own right!

I want to point out that the break away from the meat loaf tag is the best thing i have ever done and my new show is going down a storm! and I should have done it years ago! To be honest 17 years tributing one artist was getting to become rather repetitive.

Idecided to do this show because I have had nothing but grief off Meat Loaf all my career! He dragged me backstage at one of his shows because he had seen my tour bus in the vip parking area and was angry that i had the BAT 1 Album cover painted on it, he has had 6 of my videos removed off youtube, he tried to block my original album The Bat Strikes Back, he was unhappy it got a better review in classic rock magazine than Bat 3. Virgin Radio set up a live interview with myself and Meat where i got the chance to sing live to him down a phone line , i had done one line when he interrupted me and sarcastically said wheres your vibrato ! in a drawer with your socks!!!! He then attempted to give me a lesson in how it should be done lol [badly!!!] And now we have the lawsuit, i think he is pissed off that i sing better! Check out my videos at i lost all respect for this guy and im glad to finally break the chains, i have lived in his shadow far to long! the guy is a complete joke these days a case of going to long in the ring! collapsed on stage 4 times in 6 years! walked off stage in newcastle saying he was finished, that was about 4 yrs ago! newcastle fans still havnt forgiven him for that! What else? sues his best friend jim steinman for 50 milllion bacause he wanted to call a non streinman album bat 3! jimmy objected and boosh a law suit! 2 years ago he fired his manager tour manager, all the team. 2 band members left under a cloud! This could not have come at a better time, and i have taken lots of bookings since this news broke! thank you marvin!!

834 days ago


Dean, Stop replying to these people they are probably all on board the gravy train..
This site is from what I gleaned a soap site and you are best to ignore it all.

Hold onto the domaim use it to signpost guests to another website. I know you had no intention to sell the domain..after this I would accept 10c from them!

Walk away and hold onto what you have...self respect!

834 days ago

Lynn Taylor    

Torkington should surrender the whole site and pay damages to Meat! He is a criminal, a theif! He has broken the copy right laws and more! As for the dropping kilo's......well the guy can't sing for s#@t anyway! Get off your ass Torkington, and get a real job. Let the professional tribute acts, who sound really good have the lime light. In my honest opinion, you have done your dash in this industry. Oh and I'm sure if your "so called fans" knew that you physically abused your wife, then they wouldn't go to see you anyway! No one can tolerate a wife basher!

834 days ago
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