Meat Loaf's Video Message 'I DID NOT PASS OUT'

8/3/2011 10:30 AM PDT

Meat Loaf's Video Message -- 'I Did NOT Pass Out'

Meat Loaf
has recorded a brand new video message to let everyone know his health is FINE -- insisting he DID NOT pass out at a balloon festival in NJ this weekend ... despite photos showing the singer sprawled out on the grass while hooked up to an oxygen tank.

In the clip, Mr. Loaf admits his asthma was "bothering me a little bit" ... and points out "the heat index was at 106" ... but insists he only took a "little bit of oxygen" to alleviate his breathing problems so he could attend a meet and greet later that day.

Meat adds, "The brilliant thing is Pedialyte ... Pedialyte will get you through anything."

FYI -- Pedialyte is an "oral rehydration solution" for kids ... often consumed by children suffering from bouts of diarrhea and vomiting.

As TMZ previously reported, Meat had fainted on-stage at a concert just a few days before the balloon festival ... and blamed the incident on his asthma.

Meat has another 3 shows scheduled for this weekend ... hopefully, he's stocked up on the Pedialyte.