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The Game

My Homie ALSO Beat Up

40 Glocc ... On Tape

7/11/2012 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The Game
says he plans to release NEW footage showing rapper 40 Glocc getting beat up by a member of Game's crew during a violent encounter in the Hollywood Hills.

Game just called in to Power 99's Cosmic Kev ... and said one of his friends attacked 40 Glocc AFTER he punched the rapper during the initial encounter this past weekend.

Game says the 2nd attack happened after he had already left the scene ... fearing the cops were on the way.

Game also explains why he went after 40 in the first place -- saying he believes 40 started a Twitter account posing as Game's oldest child ... and had used the account to trash The Game.

Game admits he was looking to pick a fight with 40 on the day of the encounter ... and says the only reason he stopped his brutal assault on the guy is because he didn't want to kill him or put him in a coma ... "because then I'd get 25 to life."

"What I wanted to do was beat his ass like I wanted to ... without really putting him into a position where he was a vegetable or something."

40 Glocc maintains he was "jumped" by Game and Game's crew ... and claims he only tried to run away because some of his attackers were carrying guns. 40 has said he does not plan to pursue legal action against Game.

Game says he plans to release the new footage in the next couple of hours.


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99.9% of rappers/ hip-hop, "artists" are nothing more than violent, poorly educated, speech impeded nitwits who don't speak unless they're bragging about 1. their money, 2. their fancy car, 3. their massive "crib" 4. how tough they are, 5. drinking expensive booze, 6. how much women love them, and 7. how great they are.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! it's really gotten to be boring! rap about something else you damn nitwits!

they no doubt get more action than i do. at the same time, i like women who are intelligent and articulate.

799 days ago


these are grown men??????

799 days ago


If any of u know who 40gloc is . He is a bullying and a true ******* . Trying to hate on rappers who have more fame and can actually rap. So he needed the beat down from a while ago.

799 days ago


Please...the Game and 40 Glocc. What a load of crap. When are you going to stop reporting on these NOBODIES?

799 days ago

Lynda Jones-owings    

Stupid as grown ass men acting like bitches.............

799 days ago

Sam Karr    

uh huh ... and The Game is who? No idea who the other guy is as well. Seem like a couple of wannabes who will eventually go broke. Hey, Game, or whatever you call yourself, it's real easy to get in a few punches when you've got your entourage with you.

799 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

So, being "hardcore gangsta" is mostly behaving like spoiled bratty 13-year-old suburban girls plus unregistered firearms and smokeable substances? Glad that's been cleared up!

799 days ago


I was just responding to these idiots who are putting racist comments on the Internet and I thought it should be on the main wall. I have not been reading comments on websites like this for very long, but what I have found has shocked and appalled me. I just thought that we were so much further along than this. They say that black people have not evolved, and yet its the other way around. They r the ones that haven't evolved. They say "oh it's been 150 yrs since slavery". And so what? That is NOTHING in the scheme of things! Let alone the fact that they have been suppressed with no opportunities until the 1960...'s and 70's.
White people have had generations upon generations of opportunities and money, and still some of them struggle in the country that they claim to own.
Everyone pays for welfare for white, black, and every races it's not just blacks with welfare and baby mama issues!
They spew hate from behind their computers because they r insecure bitches. They will say so much about a black person that makes a mistake like anyone else, call them a thug, animal, barbaric, neanderthal, etc., but won't say anything about real criminals, serial killers, pedophiles (which r commited by mostly white men) like Sandusky who committed a much more sick crime.
Ask yourself, who r the real animals here?

799 days ago


Btw I am a white girl who has been blessed to come from a good family, but was shocked to find how different the world was as an adult. It was one thing when i traveled with my family as a kid, and another when i did as an adult. My view has changed completely.I have traveled extensively and have found that there r good and bad in every race. I am just tired of my race of people polluting the minds of weak minded white americans who may look up to them, and giving Americans a bad name around the world. We r looked upon as being very ignorant, stupid, close minded babies who complain about everything that is different. We need to respect this country that our forefathers fought for, and really show love and compassion toward our fellow americans and the rest of the world.
When our troops are fighting, there is no black and white. they all - yes including blacks, die for our causes, for our freedom, but we pick and choose who we show appreciation for. U label all blacks as thugs - u sound stupid and I doubt u love this country. Those of you that just only know your trivial world and sit behind your computer, please get out the house for fresh air and explore the world.
When I go to the carribean for summer vacation, the people are nice. They will welcome us with open arms, show us their culture, be friendly to us. Same goes with Africa when I volunteer there. Not saying there are not rotting apples, but they are in every race. why if anyone comes to our country, u shun them, laugh at them, judge them, make them feel isolated? Why shouldn't they feel welcome in our country too? If ur life is so great and better than the game and his fighting, why sit on tmz and spit venom of hate? U r just as stupid as him.
America is not just for you. By this time I'll hope we as people wouldve evolved. instead mainly white men with their insecurities and shortcomings plague our community with this notion that all blacks are bad. I for one voted against Obama because my father told me he didn't trust him because he was black. Now as I have matured that was one of dumbest things I've done and hate to admit.. Make ur own decisions, stop being followers, and stop believing everything the corrupt and censored media is feeding to you. Stop being insecure and grow up!
Lets turn the table for a sec -Sandusky is a convicted pedophile. Does that mean the whole white race is? Madoff is a thief. Does that mean all whites are.? See that don't make sense.. I just hate the generalizations and name calling.
What "the game" did was stupid, and I don't condone that behavior, but that's the game or whatever his name is. And he doesn't speak for the whole rap community let alone the whole black race.

799 days ago


And yes I do have time time on my hands, I'm on vacation.

799 days ago


I was just responding to this idiot, obama'saracist, who's putting racist comments on the Internet. And i thought this should be on the main wall. To him and all who "like" his comment, u speak about there being no evolution but u r the ones who have not evolved. SLAVERY MAY HAVE BEEN 150 yrs ago, WHICH IS NOTHiNG IN THE SCHEME OF THINGS, BUT THE BLACK RACE IN AMERICA HAS BEEN SUPPRESSED AND HAD NO OPPORTUNITIES UNTIL the1960...'s and 70's... U r still continuing it by all of the senseless name calling.
White people had generations upon generations of opportunities and money, and STILL some white people to this day are broke, and struggling to make it in the country they claim to own. And the ones who think they r doing it, just look back at all of the help u got from your family and see if u could really do it on your own starting from absolutely nothing, and then dealing with discrimination on top of that. All of u would not last a day in a black persons shoe. And yet still, as time goes on and society matures (unlike u) there r more and more young successful black people.
Also, the baby mama and welfare issue is universal and are issues for any race. Black people r also paying for white trash welfare, so it goes both ways. I'm a white woman so I have seen it in both white trash and "decent" well-off families that a day in their life can look like a Jerry springer episode, it's just not judged the same way.
I haven't been reading these comments for very long, but in the short time I have, I have been appalled at what I've found. People hiding behind their computers spitting hate and releasing all of their ignorant and racist views. They always call black people names whenever there is a story on them committing a crime, and yet whenever a white person does, often committing worse crimes (because we all know that the most crimes r mostly committed by white men, serial killer
You all obviously need to travel and learn something about the world because this is very pathetic. The only way this country can grow is if we all look at individual situations and stop putting each race in the same category.

798 days ago


he contridicts himself. first he says he runs from no one then he says he wasnt just running from game. WHICH IS IT HOMIE ? cause you make no sense

692 days ago
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