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Usher's Stepson

Family Can't Afford to Keep

Him Alive Much Longer

7/15/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0710_tameka_foster_usher_raymond_article_2Usher's ex-wife -- Tameka Raymond -- will be forced to take her 11-year-old son off life-support as early as next month, TMZ has learned, all because his insurance coverage is about to expire.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Tameka has not lost hope that her son, Kyle Glover, can make a drastic recovery ... despite doctors declaring him brain dead last week following a jet ski accident. We're told she is telling friends ... she still believes in miracles. 

According to our sources, Tameka can only keep Kyle on life-support as long as her insurance company agrees to pay ... otherwise she doesn't have the funds to cover the enormous hospital bills. 

We're told the insurance company hasn't set a specific deadline, but they've made it clear ... they're only willing to shell out coverage for a couple months ... tops.

Our sources say that Usher -- who helped raise Kyle for several years -- has been incredibly supportive in this difficult time... but has NOT offered to pay for any medical bills. We're told Tameka does not see him as a viable financial option.

As TMZ first reported, Kyle was struck in the head by a jet ski while inner tubing on Lake Lanier -- doctors declared him brain dead days later.


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As an actual physician, I can say that first, an insurance company CAN NOT stop paying the bill because the patient is brain dead. They can call the hospital every single day to check on progress but they can't just up and say DONE!. They can request that the child be moved to a less expensive facility and the the medical team has to defend why this is inappropriate and so on. So as usual TMZ, check your facts. Second, a person DOES NOT recover from brain death. There no longer is function in the brain, not just that it's stunned or injured. That's the definition of brain death so all you people saying you know people that recovered, either you don't know what you're talking about or the doctors involved didn't. Third, Tamika should have hope for a miracle (even if it won't happen). This is her CHILD. She had him for 11 years and now he's gone, he'll never be able to interact with her again. Even as someone in the medical field who encounters this type of situation far too often, I don't know what I'd do. My prayers are totally with her.

798 days ago


Usher already pays her child support for his two by her, she must get it from the other ex too, she has 4 or 6 kids, I think SHE has enough money, but the poor boy needs to go be at peace, donate organs, I know I am glad my boyfriends eyes live on in someone else.

798 days ago


Horrific time for this family, but this boy has been gone simce he was declared brain dead days ago.. His spirit is up in heaven. The machine is breathing for him. My family had to say good-bye to my brother, so i know the horrible pain, but it's sad because you need to let him go, it's about him, not you keeping him hooked up to a machine.

798 days ago


This is definetly a mothers worst nightmare and I am so sorry she has to make this decision for her son. However, when someone has been declared with brain death it is irreversible and there is no longer quality of life for the patient.. Let me explain for the people who might not quite understand what exactly is done to determine the diagnosis of brain death. Brain death implies the permanent absence of cerebral and brainstem functions. The physician determines that there is no motor response and the eyes do not open when a painful stimulus is applied to the supraorbital nerve or nail bed. A clinical assessment of brain-stem reflexes is undertaken. The cranial nerves are tested. Then the apnea test is performed. Finally an EEG is done for 30 minutes to see if there is brain function but the EEG duration could change from facility to facility. Hope this helps in how its diagnosed but this is exactly why I would never work the NICU or PICU it breaks my heart to see the sick and dying babies.

797 days ago


He is not Usher's responsibility; his mother discarded Usher already. His "care" (if that's what life support is called) is not even Usher's MORAL obligation, because he has died and the moral thing to do is to let him rest in peace.

797 days ago



797 days ago

Nicki G    

This is a very sad & tragic situation and my prayers go out to the entire family but Usher does not have any financial obligation to contribute in this situation. They are divorced and have 2 of their own biological children which he is financially responsible for. TMZ it is very sad that you would even try to put public pressure on Usher concerning something like this. Why don't you try showing a bit of compassion for what this family is going through instead of trying to sensationalize every word that some supposed family member is telling you for a few dollars.

797 days ago


My condolences to Ryan and Tameka.

797 days ago


It is very tragic and sad (unthinkable,even) to lose a child. It is also unfortunate that Kyle's mother was unable to see the lifesaving possibilities. It is unfortunate that Kyle was life support long enough to make his organs unusable for life saving transplants. Tameka had the opportunity to safe other children, saving other parnets from facing the grief she is. God forbid something happens to my children, but if it did I would want to see my child's life save others.

797 days ago

She's baaaack    

TMZ you're so inflammatory on this story. Not that Usher has a say in the decision-making of this child's biological family but consider this: Perhaps he's not going to contribute to the ongoing suffering of the body of what was once that poor young child. I guess the mother is happy to sit by his side watching all the medical procedures and care necessary to keep his brain dead body functioning rather than give him peace. What kind of a mother would be so selfish?

797 days ago


Where the hell was Tameka? Oh, she was out of town. Who was watching Kyle? Oh, obviously no one well because this accident happened.
I'm so sad for little Kyle :( His mother spent all this time fighting Usher over their two boys in court instead of spending time with the ones she had custody of. Tameka is a whack job, but no one deserves to loose a child, especially to a freak accident like this one.

797 days ago


First off let me say I have been praying for the family and I have also had to deal with the decision of taking a family member off of life support. It is one of the hardest things to do but at some point it has to be done. But I also have a issue with some of you bashing Usher for not stepping up to the plate and paying the bill, it is not he responsibility he Kyle has a biological father who is also well to do financially so the pressure should not be on Usher to pay.

797 days ago


Dear God Bless that family, Tamika I am so sorry you are going thru this. I am praying for your son.
Keep having faith, don't lose hope Tamika.

for the people who are commenting on TMZ.

I truly doubt she is reading these comments but someone in her family is and some of you are saying that prayer wont help her, Faith is what we all have, something turned wrong is people who don't have faith and sadly they lost it, faith in God and the belief in him helps us in more ways then one, what would she do without faith and how can she get thru this with out it.

so much negativity on this site and darkness in peoples hearts. The lack of faith shows in people who can say such things with out a pang of guilt, ever wonder how its so easy for someone to say such things?, Faith gives you the ability not to be cruel and hurtful. why would you want to be that way? God needs to be brought back into our lives because I am seeing so much hate now.

797 days ago


Why would Usher step up and pay while there is still insurance covering Kyle? If by the expiration of insurance coverage, Kyle has not shown any signs of life, then Tameka must make the decision to take her son off life support. Not Usher. Just because insurance runs out, does not mean life support ends. That is when the big bills start coming to Tameka. That is when Usher might need to step in. Where are her family? Where are Kyle's biological family? What are their thoughts re: life support? No amount of human intervention will change the outcome if it is Kyle's time to go. Death is an indisputable fact of life. My thoughts and prayers go out to Tameka to make the right decision when the time comes, which is not for another few months. By then, she will know. She's not ready to take him off support and right now, she doesn't have to. So why pressure either Tameka or Usher about a non-issue?

797 days ago


Just last week, TMZ's so called source was complaining because readers where sending their condolences out to Usher and Tameka. At the time the source said it was disrespectful to Kyle's biological father. But now that the insurance is running out, they try to publicly put pressure on Usher to pay. This source needs to pick a side of the fence and stand on it instead of jumping from side to side for convenience sake. Ryan should pay and Usher should send his condolences and try to help his boys deal with the emotional toll of possibly loosing their big brother.

797 days ago
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