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Mel Gibson

I Don't Hate Fruits

... I Juggle Them!

7/18/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
proved he's more than just an angry dude who yells at people a lot -- he's also an avid FRUIT JUGGLER, and TMZ has the fruity footage.

The impromptu circus act went down outside of a bar in Austin, Texas last Thursday ... Mel showed off (for a pretty lady of course) his awesome juggling skills ... and we gotta admit, he's not too shabby.  

Mel lays down two separate acts for the ladies, first he juggles 3 oranges ... then he gets serious and switches it up by only using one hand (but has fewer oranges).

Amazing. (Ya know, if you find juggling fruit impressive).


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794 days ago


Right, let see TMZ...
A bunch of 20 somethings and one gay Jew.
NONE of the staff have had his CAREER.
But, the minute he flicks up, whether in 2006, or in 2009 its all one big **** fest.
BTW, why is your BLACK GIRL COMMENTING ON BLACK ATHLETES as if she knows everything? She can't comment on Whites, or Jews whY?
Seriously guys, I'm tired of Mel being the DRUNK (he's been sober since 2006).
He threw a temper tantrum while drunker than a skunk in 2006 but that's the way it will always be?
His gold digging Russian grifter, baby mama claims a whole bunch of crap, sells TMZ a "EDITED" phone call which you run with even knowing that in CALI, where YOU LIVE AND WORK, it's against the LAW but it's just too damn juicy you post it until law enforcement says "TAKE IT DOWN" but hat's five days after you've posted so taking it down is no problem so you trashed the man's rep, all you kid.
Joe Ezsterdouche claims all the BAD TEMPER FALLING OFF THE EDGE OF THE WORLD SCREAMING FIt that he read from the EX-Russian Gold Digger and you know sheeples will believe.
A year later, his STEP-MOTHER, no let me rephrase that, HIS FATHER"S WIFE, wants to petition the court to take her husband off his meds to basically advance his death. Mel makes a play on that, goes to court and overrides her.
A few months later she calls TMZ, I've taken a restraining order out on Mel because....all those years married to his father and NOT ONCE was there an incident but once Mel's in the BAD LIGHT, she claims the same **** that Ex-Gold digger and Ezsterdouche claimed. Get off

794 days ago

Fat Mike    

You need to get someone to run this website who isn't obsessed with being a downtrodden Jewish or Gay man. Seriously, it's getting very old.
Hand over the reins to Max.

794 days ago


BTW, from a site that has a good amount of GAY MEN and they were called all kind of names and one of them "FRUITS", how the HELL does this site get away with this with the advocacy programs screaming? Oh, that's right, Harvey is gay so he can thrown this crap out...

794 days ago


Mel's awesome. I bet he f*cked ever girl at the bar that night. Good for him.

794 days ago

BB in CA    

Enough of your negative BS about Mel. And don't be afraid to tell your audience when someone you're showcasing is a disgusting fur hag – like Katie Holmes, Britney Spears, Brooke Shields, Sharon Stone, Beyonce, Eva Longoria…

794 days ago


Religionist psycho.

794 days ago


TMZ...enough please...leave Mel alone...pricks.

794 days ago


I see Giblitz is wearing his 'Berta' outfit again.
The woman he was trying to impress with his
drunk juggling looks just like Ox flock! LOLZ.

794 days ago

little aussie reader    

My eye/hand co-ordination is fairly ordinary so I find juggling anything impressive.... I saw a guy juggle 5 chain-saws once....awesome!

794 days ago


WHO wants to EAT... ORANGES?!!!

794 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


You Go Mel!


794 days ago

Bill Andrews    

Anger problems or not, the one thing Mel got right in life, most people and countries will turn to communist acts, If the prize there after is big enough... The creepy truth !

794 days ago


Who the hell writes these headlines?? The homosexual slur--NICE. Harvey needs to do some staff house cleaning.

794 days ago


Hitler also juggled......

794 days ago
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