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Randy, Jermaine Jackson

Plot to Get MJ's $$$ ... Allegedly

7/20/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy and Jermaine Jackson are trying to get at Michael Jackson's money, by hatching a sinister plot involving Katherine Jackson ... so claim sources connected with the Michael Jackson Estate.

Randy, Jermaine, Janet, Tito and Rebbie Jackson all signed a letter, demanding that the Executors of the MJ Estate step down, claiming the executors are failing so badly, the stress caused Katherine to suffer a stroke.

Sources connected with the Estate are now lashing back, telling TMZ they believe Randy and Jermaine (they are not including the others) are strapped for cash and know when Katherine dies there is no way they can get their hands on a penny of MJ's fortune -- that's because all of the money goes to charity and in trust for Michael's 3 kids.

Our sources believe ... Randy and Jermaine are trying to make it appear that Katherine is infirm and may need a conservatorship. And the sources further believe Randy and Jermaine will try and get themselves appointed as her conservators, which would give them access to more than $70,000 a month.

We know Katherine's people have denied she had a stroke. As for the Estate failing miserably, it seems like bad timing, because new court docs just revealed the Estate has grossed nearly half a billion dollars, wiping out MJ's massive debt.

Calls to Randy and Jermaine have not been returned.


Jermaine Jackson has released a statement, through a rep, saying, "I note that this 'story' comes from 'sources close to the Estate'. It, therefore, does not surprise me that such a wildly false claim is being invented, presumably to deflect attention away from this family's very real concerns about the Estate."

The statement continues, "This claim is as far-fetched as it is untrue, but such are the anti-Jackson falsehoods we have come to expect from 'sources close to the Estate.'"

"I will reiterate that this family's first and foremost concern is our mother's health, welfare and well-being. Nothing else."


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And everyone thought MJ was the weird one. smh. Let me tell you he was the sane one in that family.

Now we know why he stayed away from his family.

804 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

They've been plotting since MJ went solo.

804 days ago


It's a shame that Janet was in on it too. Doesn't she have her own damn money? These people should be put in jail.

804 days ago


This is DISGUSTING - those executors turned MJ's ENTIRE estate around, from being millions in the red to being worth hundreds of millions - NO ONE can deny that! These greedy money hungry biches are probably the reason Michael was in debt to begin with and they just cant stand it they aren't getting handouts.
They need to made a provision that if they oppose what is going on currently, they will NEVER GET ANOTHER CENT FOR LIFE.

804 days ago


Even in death these phony no talent hacks are still trying to rape and mooch of michael's success. this is why michael wanted nothing to do with them. this is why michael had trust issues. he knew his own family would step on the bones of his corpse for money. the whole family is f**ked.

804 days ago



804 days ago


The Jacksons are all nuts. Michael was very strange but he knew enough to get the heck away from the leeches that called themselves his family. The only one he cared about was his mother and, to a lesser extent, LaToya (who did NOT sign that ridiculous letter). The Jacksons should get jobs and stop living off of Michael's fame and their glory days which were about 45 years ago!

804 days ago


All bets are on that Jermaine has been taking money from the cash cow for years.

804 days ago





804 days ago


This is exactly why Jackson stayed away from his family. Jackson didn't leave a penny to his family. He knew this would happen. He made damn sure they couldn't touch a dime.

There was no love lost between Jackson and his family.

804 days ago


Maybe she had a stroke BECAUSE they bug her so much about that crap.

804 days ago


Most of Randy's biotching and complaining has nothing to do with the executors yet Randy is putting all the blame on them for the so-called emotional turmoil the Jackson family is going through. This letter should go down in history as the most unintelligent, ridiculous, laughable, waste of paper ever. Randy has made only 1 accusation which he feels the executor’s have committed fraud which is the date/place MJ signed his Will. If Randy pursues legal action with Baker & Hostetler and B & H accept this frivilous case, it’s obvious B & H will accept it only to milk the Jackson’s financially fully aware they will lose the lawsuit. Since KJ hasn’t signed Randy’s letter, that means that all the legal expenses will be paid by Tito, Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie.

A wake up call to Janet: If Baker & Hostetler take on this case and Tito, Randy, Jermaine and Rebbie default on paying their legal invoices (which are going to get extremely expensive), Janet will be the person the attorneys come after for payment in full.

If Randy, Tito, Jermaine, Janet & Rebbie pursue a lawsuit against the executors, they will be taking money away from MJ3 and their own mother. Talk about an oxymoron from a bunch of moron’s who, by signing Randy’s letter, have revealed again they have complete lack of knowledge regarding criminal, civil and probate law. How embarrassing !!!!!!

804 days ago

Joan K    

They are turning out just like their loser Dad, can't stand any of these guys.

804 days ago


Typical s*** bags. Michaels daughter Paris even called her uncles out on twitter and told them what they were doing was disgusting and it is. I mean seriously how low of a person can you be to steal money from you deceased brothers estate. How about get a job and make your own money instead of being a lazy fast ass desperate for fame and attention. Lazy heartless people make me sick. These douche bags have always tried to cash in on Micheal's fame. I just hope the people in charge of Michae estate are able to do something and hopefully get a judge involved so these gross pigs cant get a penny. They dont deserve any of this money. It just shows how desperate they are for money though that they have to basically try to steal it by making up lies and trying to make up a false story.

804 days ago
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