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Terrell Owens

Arrives to Court --

Don't Lock Me Up!!!

7/19/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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9:25 AM PT --
According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Owens has also been ordered to pay Smith's attorney's fees and expenses -- a $12,000 obligation.

The judge has ordered T.O. to make 6 easy monthly payments of $2,000 ... but if he's late, the full remaining balance will be due immediately and Owens could face additional punishment.

9:10 AM PT -- Randy Kessler,
an attorney for TO's baby mama, Melanie Smith, tells us, "While it is unfortunate that it required court action to get the child support payments resumed, we are glad the amounts have been paid and our client remains hopeful that further court involvement will not be needed and more importantly, that a better, more consistent relationship for her daughter and her daughter's father can develop."

7:45 AM PT --
Court documents show T.O. has finally paid the $20k he owes the mother of his 7-year-old daughter.


Terrell Owens
has just arrived to the courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia ... hoping to convince a judge NOT to throw his unemployed ass in jail after missing $20k in child support payments to one of his baby mamas.

Just the fact he arrived ... on time ... is a big step for T.O. ... considering he blew off his last scheduled court appearance and the judge threatened to send his ass to the slammer if he no-showed today.

Earlier this week, T.O. switched lawyers ... and his new attorney released a statement saying, "Mr. Owens is making the necessary arrangements to pay child support due to Ms. Smith in the Georgia case."

The statement continued, "He regrets that he is no longer able to pay child support based upon his previous NFL income. He hopes to be signed to an NFL team in the future. Mr. Owens has always made his child support payments his top priority."


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No Avatar


Lock up all the deadbeats...10 per cell... The tax payers cant keep supporting the people who breed like rabbits with no plans on supporting them.

829 days ago


LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! Then we won't have to hear about him.

829 days ago

Todd Durant    

Funny how he has money to pay for his attorney but notta to Sha Ney Ney

829 days ago


Support your kids, you effing egomaniac.

829 days ago


He's a poster child for d bag professional athletes.

829 days ago

Jay W.     

Missing C. S. payments... no surprise here.

829 days ago


well if his income is making it hard for him then make a payment that he can afford and keep doing and its good tho that he didn't bail out on the court date

829 days ago


To avoid this all you have to do is use a condom. Not saying the mother of this child is. But if you know their are gold diggers out there who are just itching to get pregnant. Why setyourself up for disaster. So your options are use a 5.00 condom today. Or get used to paying 20,000 a month in child support

829 days ago

Pudding Tang    

NFL career T.O.ast

829 days ago


So he had the money all along and just didn't want to pay it? Loser!

829 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Scared to do a little jail time T.O.?

829 days ago


I'm so tired of these women getting preggo by someone because they have money and men carelessly getting them preggo. If you receive thousands in cs a month then you should have some saved up for when the water runs dry. Its child support, not I'm unemployed but I'm wearing top dollar Hollywood name brand. As a black woman I'm tired of hearing about it.

829 days ago


I mean, why does she get 20k because she had a baby by him? I get paying child support, but come on. Support your own kids. I've been down the child support lane and just ended up doing it myself.

829 days ago


awwwwwwwwww the problems of rich people
I knocked her up but I don't want to pay for it you pay for it ...awwwwwwwwwww poor baby man!!!!!!!!

829 days ago

No comment    

He can pay up with the threat of jail. When will men learn to never trust a woman she is on birth control. Wear a condom! Rich men, you are an 18 year meal ticket. This happens at every socioeconomic level. A child gets to live in the comfort they should be afford by the parent with the most money.

Everyone ask George Clooney how he has gotten by his entire life without knocking up a gold-digger. Vasectomy! Drop a load of a the sperm bank first, and a lot of vasectomies have been reversed.

829 days ago
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