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'The Dark Knight Rises'

WB Axing Gun

Imagery from Trailer

7/20/2012 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The studio behind "The Dark Knight Rises" is removing all images and references to guns from all "Batman" movie trailers ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... the honchos at Warner Bros. gave the order just a few hours after the shooting in Colorado this morning.

We're told the studio is hoping to replace the current made for TV trailers with the gun-free version as soon as possible.

We've called Warner Bros. for comment -- so far, no word back.


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Because that will delete the killings? Idiots.

788 days ago



788 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Ugh, all because of some scrawny little dipsh*t. May the world close in on this pathetic, weak, little boy for taking some of the fun out of our entertainment.

788 days ago

john johnson    

dam shame this had to happen. but this situation as well as all others involving a gun are situations that can be eliminated if theres a repel of the second amendment. the NRA is the most powerful special interest group in the country. if you breaks their backs, if you hold their feet to the fire, then owning guns and possesing them becomes impossible. all the public school shootings, all the "stand your ground" situations, all the late night clubbing/house party flareups will have a lot of survivors without guns being presently available. i'm angry at this kunclehead but i'm also tired of the families that say something has to be done when the solution was ALWAYS in their face!

788 days ago

Crimson Fart    

Oh come on! If someone is mentally ok and you give that guy a gun the fella would not shoot anything,especially a human. You may take the water guns away from the market they are a threat also.

788 days ago


Make movies about cute lil furry amimals. or make everyone watch Barney the purple Dinosaur. lol

788 days ago


Stupid reaction, if true.

788 days ago


seems a bit knee jerk to me....honestly. its like the south park episode where all the guns in saving private ryan were replaced by walkie-talkies. there are guns in the *movie* he's a sick eff-you-sea-kay but that didn't happen because of a movie trailer.

788 days ago


Stop the hipocrisy!! if everybody could have a gun, nobody would have died

788 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Does Hollywood absolve itself from the Colorado Tragedy? When in FACT thats what they do best is "HIGH-LIGHT" Violence and SEX in every thing they produce- Its been going on for years-- They then try to move backwards and say that they are sorry--LOL-LOL???? The only thing they CARE about is "SHEKELS" Thats the only thing that matters to those who own and RUN HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!

788 days ago


oh yeah- that'll do it. take guns from the trailer. it's not like no one knows the guns will be in the movie or anything.
simply no point in removing them just be honest about the damn movie you are selling.

788 days ago

M. Jackson    

Talk about shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted.

788 days ago


After the recent shooting in Colorado do you think current gun laws need to be changed? Vote at

788 days ago


Nope, I don't even feel bad for laughing.

788 days ago


Not giving the nutcase all this media coverage would probably go a lot farther to stop the violence than removing gun's from the trailer. Our President cancelled two campaign stop's today. TV all but suspended regular programming giving this crazy ass just what he wanted.

788 days ago
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