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Eddie Griffin Drink Fight

He Air-Humped My Face

... Woman Claims

7/23/2012 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who chucked a drink at Eddie Griffin at a recent comedy show, Tells TMZ it was an ACT OF SELF DEFENSE  ... claiming she "felt sexually assaulted" by the comedian after he pumped his crotch into her face.

Fiona Walshe -- who is a lesbian -- tells TMZ ... she and her partner Leslie were having a good time at Tommy T's Comedy Club in Pleasanton, CA last week, until Griffin singled them out due to their sexual orientation.

Fiona claims Griffin pointed to her and said, "You're a LESBIAN. All you need is a good man ... I'll volunteer my services. You won't be needing any strap-on's or vibrators with me."

She says it got worse from there, "He started to pump his hips into my face. I felt sexually assaulted and I wanted him to stop -- then I threw the drink at him to defend myself."

Fiona claims Eddie went off after that ... "He jumped off the stage and onto my table. He started grabbing everything and throwing it at me" ... including a salt and pepper shaker, she says. 

She continues, "Before I could get away from him he poured a water bottle on my head and threw it at me."

Fiona isn't taking the incident lightly -- her lawyer tells TMZ, "We're seeking an apology from Eddie Griffin and compensation for the public humiliation and emotional distress. There will be a lawsuit if he doesn't make amends."

A rep for Eddie had no comment.

In case you forgot how the fight ended up ... you can re-live it (below).



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Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

Sounds like a typical douche.

825 days ago


Eddie Griffin is dog sh@t!

825 days ago


Ghetto sh*t with a microphone. Good luck in court moron.

825 days ago


that is horrible no one should have to go threw that and their orientation does not matter and he needs to be fired from any comedy act he tries to go to and he should have to pay on top of his apology

825 days ago


If this chick is going after him for his money she is hitting up the wrong guy, he ain't got none.

825 days ago

brown dynamite    

When you go to a comedy club you should expect to get some jokes thrown at you every now and then. But if Griffen really was in this woman's face with his junk then yeah I can understand her reaction. I would have done the same if he was doing that to my girl or family member.

825 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Air Humping? Is that sport or entertainment?

825 days ago


f you don't want take a chance an be part of the show, then don't go to the show. Everybody knows you're fair game when you sit in an audience.

825 days ago


Griffin is a douche, but come on.... you go to a comedy show, there's gonna be a chance you're gonna be singled out and be the butt of a joke or more.
I would've cheered this woman on if she had just thrown the drink at him b/c he just isn't funny, but now... pfft.

825 days ago

jared phillips    

It was a joke made by a comedian, if you're too sensitive to take a joke, stay in your house and don't assault the comedian, simple.

825 days ago


Good, I hope she gets an apology AND a settlement.

825 days ago


I'm not sayin' what Eddie did was right or not...but now that I see Fiona's face up close...I'd like to air-pump it myself! Sorry, Leslie...I got nuthin' for ya'!

825 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Hahaha no one is going to buy this bullsh*t story right? Self defense you push him away or punch his balls. Not look for a drink and throw it like a typical drama queen.

825 days ago


air-humping = safe sex

825 days ago


i cant imagine any feminists wanting to see him in the first place. i think most lesbians are feminists.
i hate him myself.

825 days ago
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