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Katherine Jackson

At Arizona Spa

7/23/2012 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0722-Katherine-Jackson_getty_2Katherine Jackson is at a fancy spa in Tucson, Arizona, but the big question now ... why did leave Michael Jackson's 3 kids?

Sources tell us ... Michael Jackson's siblings took Katherine from the family compound in Encino, CA to the Arizona spa, because they feel "the house is utter chaos" and Katherine is exhausted.

Here's the mystery ... Paris and presumably the other 2 kids were never told Katherine was leaving and it's been a week since they've seen her. So why would Michael's brothers and sisters yank Katherine from the home when she is the only parental link to the 3 kids who are still coping with their father's death?

Sources familiar with the situation tell us ... there's a "concerted effort" to get Katherine on board to challenge Michael Jackson's will and get the Executors removed.  In addition to Randy and Jermaine, Rebbie and Janet are also on board, although it's unclear exactly how much Jackie supports the move.

Michael's siblings think they have a lot to gain if the will is invalidated.  But here's the problem -- if the will is invalidated, the prior will becomes effective and under that document they still end up with goose eggs.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. is still treating the report that Katherine went missing as an open investigation and they are doing a follow-up to make sure she's ok.


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Richard III, princes in the tower...'nuff said.

769 days ago




769 days ago


If Michael's siblings put as much effort in finding jobs as they have trying to rob Michael's children blind they could be making their own money.

769 days ago


IMO, Katherine did NOT abandon MJ3. This was a concerted effert by the bros and possibly others to make Katherine look as if she is unfit.

769 days ago


Paris Jackson Only Went to Uncles’ Show Last Night Hoping to See Grandmother–Still Missing


Paris Jackson went to the Greek Theater last night in L.A. not to support her uncles–but to see her grandmother. She and her adult cousins–who are watching Paris, Prince, and Michael–were told grandmother Katherine Jackson would be at the show. She was not. As far as anyone knows, KAtherine Jackson is still in Phoenix with her daughter Rebbie and cousins. She has not had any communication with her custodial grandchildren. My sources say her cell phone and laptop have been removed.

“The children are very worried,” says a source– and rightly so. Mrs. Jackson went to Phoenix with the intention of seeing her four sons appear in three shows–in Phoenix and Las Vegas. She never appeared at any of them and has not been heard from since. And now the brothers have played in Los Angeles, and still Mrs. Jackson is missing. She is not “fine” by any means if she’s being prevented from contacting her grandchildren and her attorneys. As of this afternoon, no one has heard from her. This is a serious situation.

For one thing, she is the legal guardian of three minor children. Second, she is the heir to a large estate–her son Michael’s. The feeling is that she won’t re-surface until she agrees to the demands that five of her children laid out in a letter to Michael Jackson’s executors last week. This is unbelievable. Certainly Rebbie Jackson Brown can be made to produce her mother in a court if pressed by the guardian ad litem for the children. More to come…

PS Paris Jackson has been pulled off of Twitter. There have been no new messages since yesterday.

And TMZ is wrong–Katherine was not taken to Phoenix to a spa…

769 days ago


Randy and Jermaine have been freeloading off Michael's estate for years through their Mother. Too bad the estate attorneys cannot sue them and cut them off forever. The remainder of the siblings have stood quietly by and let this happen - shame on them.

769 days ago


You know why she left, cause she is tired of these rat bastard so called grand kids. She realized that they are not Michaels kids and wants nothing to do with them. THe whole family is sitting down trying to figure out how they could give them back to Debbie Rowe and Arnie Klein.

She got her other REAL grandkids to worry about.

769 days ago


What the hell is wrong with these people?? Go out and get an effing job like everyone else. With the exception of Janet, the rest of them don't have much talent. I hope JJ is not in on this too. Let those kids have what their dad wanted them to have. They have already lost the only parent they ever had, not to mention that they will be scrutinized for the rest of their lives.

769 days ago


She did not abandon those kids, according to Paris' tweets she KNEW where her grandmother was because she called her numerous times. I think the person reporting her manipulated Paris for his own gain/benefit. ANYONE with children know you need some down time, some time to relieve stress because kids will drive you CRAZY.

It sort of defeats the purpose bringing the kids with you to the spa, Katherine is not young and she has a LOT on her shoulders, she really had no chance to grieve for the lost of MJ. Immediately after his death she was fighting for his kids, the estate not to mention the trial so yes she needed some away time. She is no longer as young to keep of with small kids not to mention how the times have changed since she raised her own kids.

No offense but Paris needs to stay in a childs place, it was NOT her right to say anything about her health on twitter. When her cousin came to the house the only thing needed was to call Rebbie or Janet or Katherine again and all of this would've been avoided.

768 days ago


Cops Called to Katherine Jackson’s Home, Stop Michael Jackson’s Children Being Removed By Janet, Jermaine and Randy Jackson (EXCLUSIVE)


Los Angeles police were called to the Calabasas, Calif., mansion of Jackson family matriarch Katherine earlier Monday to stop Michael Jackson’s three children from being removed from the house, Celebuzz has exclusively learned.

It’s understood at least three siblings of the late pop star Michael Jackson — Janet, Jermaine, Randy — arrived at the mansion 82-year-old Katherine shares with the late pop star’s children, Prince Michael, 15, Paris, 14, and ten-year-old Prince Michael 2.

“Janet, Jermaine and Randy turned up with what appeared to be a television crew in tow,” a source at the home told Celebuzz.

It’s understood Katherine’s personal security prevented the trio of uncle and aunts from taking the children and immediately called police. It is not known if police were involved in preventing Janet, Jermaine and Randy.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed the development when contacted by Celebuzz.

“We were called out to her home at 1.10pm,” the Watch Commander at the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station confirmed to Celebuzz.

“Police are currently still trying to determine what happened at the home, so at this point, we do not have any further information.”

As Celebuzz previously reported, the legal guardian for the three Jackson children was reported missing to police late on Saturday — as a family feud escalated over his multi-billion dollar will.

A shaken Paris appealed on Twitter: “My grandmother is missing. I haven’t spoken with her in a week. I want her home now. If anybody sees my grandmother, please call the authorities.”

A photo emerged Monday of Katherine at a resort in Arizona playing cards.

“She is safe and with family members,” L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Don Walker read from a statement Monday morning, L.A. Now reported.

But the cir***stances of her departure from Los Angeles remain mysterious.

“Last weekend Katherine Jackson was getting ready to leave for a much anticipated road trip in the RV her son Michael bought for her to watch her sons perform,” Katherine’s attorney Sandra Ribera told Celebuzz.

“Prior to her departure, a doctor was brought to her home and represented that he had been sent from the office of her longtime physician. Based on this representation, Mrs. Jackson agreed to meet with the doctor who subsequently ordered her to fly rather than drive to her sons concerts.

“Mrs. Jackson followed what she believed to be her doctor’s instructions. Katherine Jackson’s longtime physician recently confirmed that his office did not send a doctor to Mrs. Jackson’s home last weekend before she left on her trip,” Ribera added.

“It has further been discovered that the doctor that Katherine Jackson last saw has been publicly reprimanded by the California Medical Board for fraudulent activities and has ties to Dr. Conrad Murray.”

The “disappearance” comes after five of Jackson’s brothers and sisters — Rebbie, Janet, Jermaine, Tito and Randy — wrote to executors of the singer’s estate, claiming the signature of his will is “fake, flawed and fraudulent.”

They called for them to step down in the letter leaked to Celebuzz, as we exclusively reported.

Written by Celebuzz

768 days ago


OH HELL NO!!!! I KNEW they were after her money. I kind of feel bad for her. I don't think she has a clue. If MJ didn't feel they should be included in his will, then that should be the final word. MJ worked hard for his money, and if he wanted HIS money to go to HIS mother and HIS children (bio or not), then that's how it should be. How dare them do this!!! It's just not right!!! They weren't trying to remove the executors when they were wiping out all that major debt, so why try to do it now? If they succeed, they will spend every dime and leave his kids with nothing. The fact that they are separating their mother from MJ's kids says it all!!!

768 days ago


Jermaine needs to get his kids outta that house~ that's the chaos...and his ex-wife........

768 days ago


hang on - the grandkids are just that - kids - they have no right to control or even participate in decisions regarding Mrs Jackson. Her own children, regardless of possible motivation, do in fact have every right to offer to send her to a spa or help her in whatever way they see fit. It's not like they sent her to a mental ward, they sent her to a spa for a week. C'mon....

768 days ago


Say what you want about Katherine, but she doesn't look like all them old white women all wrinkled up at 30 and she 82. Go Figure

768 days ago


She is the gudian of the MJ kid's why is they are not told were she is!!!!!

768 days ago
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