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Michael Jackson Family

Cops Called After Fight Erupts

7/23/2012 5:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

L.A. County Sheriff's Deputies went to the Jackson family home in Calabasas and took a battery report ... after family members reported a disturbance.

Steve Whitmore tells TMZ ... Lost Hills deputies from the Sheriff's Dept. showed up this afternoon at the compound and someone inside accused someone else present of a physical assault. 

Deputies took a report but no arrests were made.

Whitmore tell TMZ ... Lost Hills Sheriff's deputies have been on the Jackson case since April, when a business associate of the Jackson family alleged that Katherine Jackson was being emotionally and financially mistreated by family members.

At the time, deputies interviewed Katherine who denied she was being mistreated, but we're told the Sheriffs are still on the case and are interviewing other family members to determine if there is possible financial abuse.


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Greed is a curious thing.

784 days ago


Like i said before put all the Jacksons in a room and let them fight it out. winner gets the $$$$$$

784 days ago


Personally I don't think Michael Jackson was a child molester though I am very well aware that a person can "NEVER" really know what another is capable of doing in private or what evil dwells in the heart of mankind. Do I think he made poor decisions/choices repeatedly even after the very first accuser settled out of court with him? Do I think Michael Jackson was lacking much needed social skills with other adult males and adult females? YES I double do!! But Michael Jackson literally lived in LaLa Land, he had a false sense of security and his reality was distorted of what he could and could not do with other peoples children. He was THEE most famous pop star in the world and also a prisoner of his own fame, which is why he created Never,Never Land in the first place. ( That poor man was lonelier than a broke trick in a Strip Club looking for a private dance) and even with millions of idol worshiping and adoring fans he still felt very much alone, because he thought every adult in his life always wanted something from him. Michael was probably right in his assumptions and from his personal experiences through the years of being a celebrity about adults motives; that's why he believed that children were innocent, that they were honest, carefree, non judgmental, loving and that they didn't care if he was this Bigger than life celebrity with a Kings Riches.... Well he was right in many respects, but he made one very Critical error in judgement when he didn't stop to think that "EVERY" child that came to his home to play with him,hang out and spend nights was attached to some conniving,plotting,scheming and manipulating greedy ADULT! That was his downfall in the end and with that last public sideshow child molestation trial I think they finally broke him and is spirit to the point he couldn't heal. When Michael was alive it was all good for him to create this family he wanted with children and no mother with no bloodline ties to his gene pool, but now that he's dead & gone these children are suddenly set for LIFE PLUS THEIR FUTURE OFFSPRING IS SET now the family is giving them 3 the side eye treatment, because for his blood related relatives and their children the financial struggles are about to begin. So oh Hecky yeah, I would say it's about to go dowwwwnnn!

784 days ago


They're putting the 'Ass' in Classy.

784 days ago


They put the whacko in Jacko !

784 days ago


What a classy bunch. Can't imagine why Michael kept his distance for so long.

784 days ago

Hot Farts    

While these MJs kids were completely sheltered during his life, just take a look at how unsheltered they have become...a taste is to check who Paris follows on twitter. I have a 14 year old teen in LA and these kids are rotten. My kid has managed to stay out of trouble but I guarantee that someone in their 80s trying to keep track of them is not any kind of good idea.

Did he not mention Diana Ross as well in his Will? At least she could come up with a decent guardian if she is not willing to raise any more kids (she has 100 right?)

Everyone know's Jermaine and Randy are up to no good, but the one that creeps me out the most is that Janet...wolf in sheeps clothing and just a creepy creeper

784 days ago


This family is up to no good.

784 days ago


I am worried about the MJ3. It's obvious child services needs to step in, but where exactly would these kids go? They stand to inherit millions, until they are adults and can handle themselves, they can't be entrusted to another family. What a sad situation. It's not a surprise Michael Jackson tried to protect them from all of this. How disrespectful to see a picture of Katherine smiling and playing Uno while her granddaughter is worried sick. This woman needs to get it together and contact her grandkids to let them know what is going on.

784 days ago


See how much she signed over to them on her little trip for rest. And then arrest the whole lot of them that took away the custodial guardian from these children and hid her in AZ. An APS needs to see what this lady has signed in the last week. And hire a body guard for her now. Smart kids I can just see jermain slithery tongue shooting all over the place while he tried to kidnap the children. Arrest him for attempted kidnapping get rid of these leaches once and for all. The reality has hit finally that their free ride is over and from the looks of it, the kids can't stand them.

784 days ago

wow ew    

True colors are coming out. What a shame.

784 days ago


They are gonna make that poor woman hv a heart attack! Money Hungry. I HOPE he left ALL his money to his mom and the kids!!!!!! Everybody else......GET A JOB or go on tour!

784 days ago


I think the Rabid Jacksons could really try to hurt MJ's 3 kids

784 days ago


Once again, the Jacksons' can't seem to stay out of the news. It's reassuring to know they're still relevant somebody.

784 days ago


Do they live next door to the Kartrashians? I'm starting to think Calabasas is full of weirdos. The Jacksons are no better than trash, still trying to live off Michael's money. Take the kids away, Katherine is too old and the others only want to use them.

784 days ago
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