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Lindsay Lohan

Another Day ... Another


7/25/2012 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Call Guinness ... Lindsay Lohan was just involved in her 5,412th car accident -- but luckily, this one didn't require tow trucks or ambulances.

Here's the blow-by-blow: accident-prone Lindsay chose to get behind the wheel of her black Porsche Panamera after a shopping trip in Bev Hills this afternoon.

A short while later, while cruising down Sunset Boulevard, Lindsay tapped the back of a silver Mustang ... that wasn't moving.

A woman in the Mustang says, "We were sitting at a light and somebody hit us."

The woman says a male passenger in Lindsay's car apologized and left his phone number ... before telling her they had to keep going because paparazzi were following them.

The Mustang's damage appears to be extremely minor and cosmetic. It's unknown if Lindsay's car suffered any bumps or dings.

Considering her track record, any LiLo accident you can walk away from ...


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Trader Joe's Fan    


784 days ago


Bumping Is racing son.

784 days ago


that bitch hit them so hard it made their license plate blurry

784 days ago


The Panamera is the ugliest Porsche in the model lineup. Its fat and bloated just like Lohan. So in Lindsays world, if she hits other cars she has the right to say she has to leave due to the paps tailing her. Waste of space this junkie is. She looked lame in that hat and has no business shopping at Channel in BevHills in her financial condition.

784 days ago


Posters keep saying she won't change until she kills someone?? Are you out of your minds? Why do you think even that would change her? There hasn't been consequences for most of her actions/crimes whatever you want to call it. Doesn't matter the intensity of the crime in her case. Someone else to blame and her passenger will give his phone number and deal with it.

784 days ago

Michael C, Teniente    

You know, this is just a stupid bitch and nothing more.

mike t.

784 days ago


If Lohan didn't call the paps, they wouldn't follow her.

784 days ago


Lindsay Lohan has gone Full Retard!!

784 days ago

help this young woman    

Hey NICOLE.... will you forgive Linds when she DUI's past a preschool and flattens a sexy little toddler? A real cute one with what used to be that little "let's play nurses" look in her eyes? You know the kind.

784 days ago


who thinks that scratch in that mustang bumper will be cheap to fix?
not so much..
since its a rental car and it was perfect before..
plastic is hard to fix..
$1200 or more

784 days ago


Here you go TMZ ...a freebee care of Lindsay Lohan .......and her need for the spotlight.....
Bumps the car in front of her making sure the papz get the shot....then invites the bumpee's to the CM to get "away from the Paps" that are surpirise following her ....and their she does the lets just settle this between us we don''t need to get the insurance invoilves and pays the bumpees enough movie to buy a new mustang...and VoLa !!! they get a lot more money then the insurance would play them and she gets her name and face back on the gossips sites that have been ignoring her forthe past couple of weekss....Its a win /win all round.....
Other wise why go out dressed up looking like Greta Garbor in deguise so everybody would stare just to see who the fool is dressed like the summer time......
Looks like another day she didn't have to work .....quess all the naked sex scenes have tbeen filmed.....

784 days ago


Cant believe no one noticed this yesterday.
Look at Gavin, hes got slippers on, sweatpants, Tshirt and TWO jackets. Isnt it like in the 80's n 90's in LA ??
Who wears two jackets in summer time?? Oh wait drug addicts, never mind.
Did Gavin get her cause she was to wasted?
The black guy is like FU b!tch and Gavin likes high as a kite, just check out those eyes.

784 days ago


LA is busy...what if a dude so happened to walk between those cars?..
but her fans dont see that reasoning

784 days ago


WHAT is her problem?!?!?! What kind of stupid laws do you have down there??? she'd be OFF the road in Canada.

784 days ago


Is there a point where someone is involved in so many crashes that they get banned from driving? if not there should be.

Bruce Willis doesn't trash that many cars even when hes hanging out the window shooting baddies.

784 days ago
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