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Katherine Jackson Case

Judge Orders Investigator To Interview Children

7/27/2012 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Katherine Jackson case needs help deciding to whom he should award permanent guardianship of MJ's children -- so he's ordered an independent investigator to interview the kids ... and report back asap.

According to court documents, obtained by TMZ, Judge Mitchell Beckloff has ordered a probate court investigator named Cary Ornelas to "prepare an investigation report addressing the status of the minor children and their currently suspended guardian, Katherine Jackson."

According to the court order, Ornelas has been authorized to interview the Jackson children at their school ... without notice.

Once completed, Ornelas' report will be submitted to the judge ... for his eyes only.

Michael Jackson's nephew TJ Jackson is currently the kids' temporary guardian, and he has already filed documents asking to make the guardianship permanent.

For her part -- Katherine says she has reached an agreement with TJ under which they will SPLIT guardianship of the kids.



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Gladys Night-trash, trash, and more trash, approves of physical and psychological child abuse.

784 days ago


Why aren't these at the Olympics something besides dealing with trash!!!

784 days ago


The Jacksons (brothers/sisters of Michael) are sharks circling in dirty water wanting to make MJ's kids their pray. You go Prince, loved your tweet...tell it like it is, tell the world the truth. Don't let them get you. Those manipulative relatives are trying to use grandma to do their dirty work. Poor blanket, I hope someone is giving him the attention and love he needs.

784 days ago


jail janet for assault on a minor

784 days ago


I have no idea whats really going on in this family and whatever it may be its their business. I can see why all the other siblings would have a motive for the money, but not Janet. She's always had her own money. She just got done not too long ago with her world tour & it did pretty awesome. Not to mention she's now engaged to a man who's a billionaire! Janet isnt like that. I dont believe her motivation is money. I believe she does just truly want whats best for the kids. If what they were saying was true about MJ being in all that debt back when he first passed there might not even be any money left for the kids because the people he owes are going to start coming after his estate. Before Micheal died he was taking care of the entire Jackson family EXCEPT for Janet. & she still has her money because she did the smart thing & kept her money away from the rest of them. No disrespect to Ms. Katherine but her kids Im sure know her better than anybody. She's 82 yrs. old and probably half way senile by now. She's in no position to be raising 3 more children.

784 days ago

Lies or Truth    

I believe all will work out well for these kids! They have been through a great deal, but they still have so much to be grateful for and an incredible start in life. No one can replace the loss of their father, regardless of biology. They were truly loved and wanted. I hope this ends this chapter, it seems the media wants to keep this story alive, it does benefit the Estate Managers. Hopefully, these kids will get their money when they grow up. Black artists always get ripped off with the utmost lack of respect by money managers. I hope Paris' embraces her childhood as her father would have liked and don't allow fame to go to her head, remember she is a teenager with a powerful base/double-edge sword. She's promoting herself to become a super star, so there will be more self-promotion! The executors have a dear friend in TMZ for sure!

784 days ago


Missing Information, READ

784 days ago


Is it just me or does little Blanket look like a mini Columbian cocaine kingpin? "Wut yew say to me main?"

784 days ago



784 days ago


MJ never gave any penny to his siblings according to his will..only his mother and father receive a sort of amount like a financial support. but the rest of his wealth is given to his kids.. ! MJ gets more even richer after his death.

784 days ago

Susan Jacobson    

I mea no disrespect here, but didn't Debbie give up her parental rights, interesting how she can still collect alimony after a person is suppose to be dead, makes me wonder if MJ hoaxed his death??!! And now she has say again? WTH?
copy /paste article:

Debbie Rowe, mother of Michael Jackson's eldest kids concerned about their guardianship

Debbie Rowe has been following developments in the family's public battle over beloved matriarch Katherine Jackson and is hoping to get more information on a proposal to add Michael's nephew TJ Jackson, 34, as a permanent co-guardian ahead of a court hearing next week, a well-placed source told the Daily News Friday.


Saturday, July 28, 2012, 12:21 AM.













. .

Aaron Lambert/Pool

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson's ex-wife and mother of his two eldest kids, has concerns about a plan to permanently change their guardianship.

The biological mother of Michael Jackson's two eldest kids has concerns about a plan to permanently change their guardianship - and she wants assurances from the Gloved One's mom.

Debbie Rowe has been following developments in the family's public battle over beloved matriarch Katherine Jackson and is hoping to get more information on a proposal to add Michael's nephew TJ Jackson, 34, as a permanent co-guardian ahead of a court hearing next week, a well-placed source told the Daily News Friday.

"Debbie would like Katherine to consult her before making any changes to the agreement they worked out together after Michael died," the source said. "This would set up a whole different dynamic. She needs to see more details."

Rowe raced back to southern California from a horse show last weekend when she heard family members reported Katherine missing, the source said.

Though she handed Michael full custody of son Prince Michael, now 15, and daughter Paris, now 14, when they divorced in 1999, and didn't intervene after his death, Rowe has seen the kids on more than one occasion in the last three years, the source said.

Lester Cohen/WireImage

Blanket, Paris and Prince Michael Jackson with their grandmother Katherine Jackson in January..

The visitation was part of an agreement she struck with Katherine directly - a pact that also called for limited interaction with patriarch Joe Jackson, the source said.

Rowe, 53, was concerned about Joe's influence because Michael had accused his dad of physical abuse, sources previously told The News.

"As long as Katherine is still actively involved (with the kids), there shouldn't be a problem. But they never agreed to let TJ be a decision maker. (Rowe) knows TJ from when he was little. She knows he's close to the kids. But she might ask for more custodial responsibility if he's making decisions she doesn't agree with," the Rowe source said Friday.

TJ has been helping Katherine care for the kids at their Calabasas home and was granted temporary guardianship Wednesday amid a familial fracas pitting Michael's three kids against his siblings Janet, Jermaine, Randy and Rebbie.

Prince and Paris voiced allegations on Twitter that they were blocked from speaking with Katherine during a surprise 9-day trip to an Arizona spa organized by the aunts and uncles.


Michael Jackson and wife Debbie Rowe in a picture taken on their wedding day, November 14, 1996. Paris Michael Katherine Jackson was born in 1998

Read more:

784 days ago


Jackson Accuses His Brother Of Stealing From Him

From 2007:
Singer MICHAEL JACKSON has accused his brother RANDY and advisors of attempting to steal money from him during his child molestation trial. The Thriller hitmaker claims he was pressured to approve a multi-million dollar (pound) financing deal by an associate close to his older brother Randy during the trial in 2005. Jackson insists his fortune was saved by the advice of long-time friend Reverend Jesse Jackson and supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle, reports the New York Daily News, He says, "(The entertainment industry is) full of sharks, charlatans and imposters. Because there's a lot of money involved, there's a bunch of schmucks in there. "It's the entertainment world, full of thieves and crooks. That's not new. Everybody knows that."

784 days ago


I don't think that Katherine Jackson, should ever get custody of those kids again. I use to think so highly of this woman. What on earth, was she thinking? Michael trusted this woman with his children, and she ups and leaves, without telling these poor kids where she was, and didn't even bother to call them, to let them know that she was alright. I would like to know who was supervising these kids in her absence? I'm suprise

children protective services is not involved in this case. Mrs Jackson completely abandoned these children while she was off on her mini vacation. Why only Janet, Jermaine, Randy, and Rebbie knew where she was, while the rest of her family, was absolutely frantic with worry? Then, that so called press conference was riduculous, saying that it was stupid for people to say that she was being held against her will, and that she had suffered a stroke, what was the family suppose to think, these people couldn't imagine, that she would just up and leave on her own free will, leaving behind the grandchildren, she claims she loves so much. I don't blame her grandchildren for being angry and hurt. That was a very cruel thing to do.

784 days ago


According to the court order, Ornelas has been authorized to interview the Jackson children at their school ... without notice.

Where exactly in their classroom,during recess or at the principal's office?

When did katherine agree to split guardianship with tj? Didn't each of them ask for the guardianship of Michael's children separately in court?

783 days ago

miles 24    

That's her son she deserve money duh

783 days ago
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