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La Toya to Family

Stop Fighting In Public!

7/27/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya Jackson is a conscientious objector ... REFUSING to take part in the Jackson media war ... because she believes all of the PUBLIC feuding is damaging the family name.

La Toya -- who's not exactly shy when it comes to publicity -- has been noticeably absent from the media blitz surrounding Michael Jackson's kids and the MJ Estate.

We're told La Toya feels VERY STRONGLY that the most effective way to solve the family problems are NOT to attack each other in public ... but rather hash things out quietly ... and respectfully ... in private.

So whose side is she on? Sources say she's definitely NOT aligned with Janet, Randy, Jermaine and Rebbie ... and wasn't thrilled to see them camera-whoring all over TV this week.

Bottom line -- we're told La Toya wants what's best for Michael's kids ... and feels the quicker the family can stop making a public spectacle of themselves ... the better off the kids will be.


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Latoya's Headband    

And our next TMZ story.........Bubbles says that" La Toya is just as crazy as the rest of them"!

785 days ago

RABID...Pray It Doesn't Happen To You.    


Well,do you foolish...RABIDS...still all l.o.v.e. the Jacksons?still think their music is great,or do you now see the truth about this crazy family,and the craziest Jackson of all,wacko Jacko?

The Jacksons,what a sad joke.

785 days ago

RABID...Pray It Doesn't Happen To You.    

Well,do you foolish...RABIDS...still all l.o.v.e. the Jacksons?still think their music is great,or do you now see the truth about this crazy family,and the craziest Jackson of all,wacko Jacko?

The Jacksons,what a joke.

785 days ago

mj fan forever    

She should tell those delinquents to stop trying to steal from Michael's Estate, they have NO right on Michael's money and his children!!! They even dared to ask for money to the Estate to pay their child support!!! Deadbeats!!! And should tell her mother to stop being manipulated by her disgraceful children money-grubbers for the love of money!!! That's what more important and more serious and more than anything else!!!

784 days ago


Janet, Randy, and Jermaine have done permanent damage to what is left of the Jackson's brand. Sadly, they will not have the respect of the Osmonds brothers, that are still performing at their age.

You failed to help your mother 2009 and 2010 she receive a settlement from the estate and dropped her lawsuit. Why you have an interview with the resemblances of Barbara Walters interviewing Mike Tyson and Robin Givens, behooved me. You know what happen to Robin after that interview? Robin Givens became the world's most hated woman, and you Jackson have achieved that status.

March 18, 2010

Michael Jackson Estate's record deal raises questions
The Probate Lawyer Blog featured this article about the Michael Jackson Estate several weeks ago, posing the question of whether it is ethical for estate executors to seek a 10% fee for certain business deals they reach for such a high-profile estate. It's especially problematic when you factor in that one of the executors was Michael Jackson's attorney.

Well, this attorney, John Branca, and his co-executor, John McClain (a music executive), just hit the mother-load. It was widely reported yesterday that they brokered a deal worth up to $250 million dollars (that's right -- one quarter of a billion dollars!). What was the deal for? Sony announced a seven-year distribution agreement for unreleased music recorded by the late King of Pop (as well as related video footage).

Yes that means that Branca and McClain earned $12.5 million each for one deal.

Why do we question this? For several reasons, actually. First, it's the job of executors to bring in as much money as possible for an estate that has earning potential like this estate has. They shouldn't need a 10% incentive to do the job they're required by law to do.

Second, Branca, reportedly, is the attorney who prepared the will and trust that named him as the co-executor and co-trustee (although he subsequently said in an interview that another attorney in his office prepared them, not him). Because of these do***ents that his law firm created, he just made $12.5 million -- in addition to the other fees he's already earned (and will continue to earn).
Would it be ethical for an attorney, or his law firm, to create a will for a client to sign that leaves $12.5 million to that attorney as a direct beneficiary? In most cases, no, it wouldn't. So why is this attorney allowed to earn that much as an executor fee?

Finally, there's the issue which we discuss in our book, "Trial & Heirs: Famous Fortune Fights!", that Michael Jackson's Trust wasn't funded properly. If it had been, then his estate would have been kept out of court and handled in private. It's also entirely possible that his trust do***ent (which hasn't been released to the public) may have specified what compensation the trustees would have received.

IF that's the case (just speculating here), then Branca and McClain wouldn't necessarily have been able to receive this percentage fee. But, because Jackson's Trust wasn't properly funded, thereby requiring it to pass through the probate court process, it opened the door to allow this type of fee to be approved by the judge (again, if the trust do***ent addressed their compensation, which isn't unusual). And the judge did approve the executors' 10% fee in this case.

A properly-used estate plan would have bypassed court entirely. Jackson's estate plan didn't do that. The attorney whose law firm prepared that estate plan now just earned tens of millions of dollars because of that estate plan.

And it's all legal. But is it ethical?

Some feel it is. After all, Branca is a respected entertainment lawyer and McClain is an experienced music executive. They have the expertise to broker deals like this. And clearly, judging by the amount of money they've brought into the estate, they're good at what they do. And Michael Jackson's heirs are benefiting from their expertise.

If it's standard to compensate entertainment industry experts with this type of fee, why shouldn't Branca and McClain earn what may be considered fair compensation in that line of business?

There is some merit to this position. After all, Michael's mother, Katherine Jackson, spent months battling McClain and Branca in court over this estate (until she hired a new attorney, at which time she changed her position). Yet she didn't object to their 10% fee. If a primary beneficiary of Michael's estate didn't object to this generous fee, why should anyone else?

Posted by: Andrew W. Mayoras & Danielle B. Mayoras, co-authors of Trial & Heirs:

784 days ago


Finally, the voice of reason.

784 days ago


She's right, and she has been one of the sane ones in all of this. But as far as tarnishing the family name--I think the damage has been done. Randy, Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie have destroyed it beyone repair.

784 days ago


Well, considering how much of a scene she was known for, back in the day (against her will; look it up if you don't know), I honestly respect her decision not to let herself be part of this public controversy.
Hopefully, her involvement in family business, one way or the other, is being handled behind the scenes.

784 days ago


Wow what a b*tch! She sure didn't have a problem doing all the press proclaiming Michael a child abuser. Completely and utterly unforgivable, LaToya. thank goodness those kids are not buying what you're selling.

784 days ago


someone needs to get a DNA test for these kids. we all know that they are not biologically mj's kids. i've never seen a mixed baby with no black features, forget the fact they skin tone doesnt resemble a black white combination, they have only white features. period. i think the family is fed up with these kids knowing that they're not mj's real kids. DNA tests

784 days ago


He should takle custody

784 days ago


Does t her nose and michaels look the same?

784 days ago


I don't suppose it matters legally in the least that MJ's children are not his biological issue, especially those born to his wife during a marriage, but it might matter to the Jacksons.

As for not playing this out in public, it's probably a good thing that it HAS. What dirty deeds could have been accomplished outside of public scrutiny?

784 days ago

BB not bb    

This has to be public because there is criminal activity involved and when that happends, people normally make it public by calling the police. Since no police were called here, the only defense these children have is to call out on Twitter for help like some kidnapped victims in a Muslim dictatorship overseas.

They might as well be in Saudi Arabia with all of the rights they have, meaning they don't even have the right to know where their guardian is for ten days or to speak with her, and then randomly people come up to them and try to force them into cars and make them leave their home.

It is like dealing with fanatics and fascists. These kids are entitled to what their father left them and the home they are living in and the relationship with their grandmother. Other spiteful elements seem bent on not letting this happen.

If they want the fighting and feuding stopped, they need to control the offending parties. Making it private won't make it go away. The family is not serving the needs of these children. That is why they had to make it public.

784 days ago

News Flash     

Here comes Latoya to tell it all.She should talk lol.

784 days ago
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