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Katherine Jackson & MJ's Kids

Show Up for 'Unity' Tour

Despite Family Brawl

7/28/2012 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0728_kathering_jackson_tmz_videoDespite a public family showdown, Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's three kids all showed up at the Jackson Brothers' "Unity Tour" ... even though one of the members, Jermaine Jackson, is actively trying to overthrow the MJ estate.

TMZ obtained footage of Katherine arriving at the concert in Saratoga, CA last night (to a small round of applause from the crowd) where Marlon, Tito, Jackie and Jermaine are continuing their tour, despite the current family rift.

Katherine wasn't there alone ... Prince, Paris and Blanket tagged along with their grams -- who just last week was reported missing after spending a week in Arizona with other members of the Jackson clan.

During the concert, Jermaine -- who is on opposite sides of the feud than his band mate brothers -- played a whole set by himself ... singing several songs as a solo act.

We're told MJ's kids, who were watching from the crowd, didn't appear to be having that much fun.



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When all is said and done, family does stick together.

819 days ago


Wow............. SMH

819 days ago


This is nothing more than damage control on the part of the Parasites.

They should be booed right off the stage.

819 days ago


I thought the Judge said the kids could not leave California without his permission.
Kathereine is trying to smooth it all out so she can funnel their guardianship/cash to the grifters

819 days ago


they cant not break their contract to perform . Wonder if the kids were made to go or wanted to. Not the first time they were used for PR.

i dont have much hope the courts are going to deal with the issues of last week. it will probably all be forgotten and the kids will suffer emotional abuse for the next few years.

819 days ago


This was a free concert? only reason I say that is you say there was a crowd. Granny forced the kids to go I bet

819 days ago

Wow ...    

Amazing, the children had to drive their 'ailing' mother home. But in seconds they can fly the very MJ3 and Gma to a concert? PR stunt. It isn't working. How dare they, furthermore, I do not believe the Judge will look to kindly at this latest act. My goodness. Get it together KJ!

819 days ago


Unity. They're like the Ewings with freaks instead of oil.

819 days ago


finally! was their pr rep in a coma?

819 days ago


What a long drop back to REALITY after being a STAR for ****TING every single thought that crossed their brains...GRANDMAS BACK and the bull**** will be ending concerning those grown acting kids...AND AGAIN...THANK You Gladys Knight...THANK YOU PANEL and THANK YOU AUDIENCE..I thought the world had gone INSANE reading the ignorant posts here about how the children should run everything...or ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER. HATERS PROCEED

819 days ago


Unity Tour????
Oh man,You just can't make up stuff like this

819 days ago


Like I've said all along, it was a publicity stunt to drum up ticket sales for the tour.

819 days ago


One word : Family.

819 days ago

northern gypsy    

no kidding...the kids didn't look like they were having fun !!! what in the world did K.J. say to P.P.B. to convince them to show up ??? sorry...K.J. is stuck between her adult children...or...M.J. children and it's for that reason she should step aside...imo...she really can't give the guidance that P.P.B. deserve...

819 days ago


From the bits and the pieces I think i'm starting to see the big picture. I might be wrong but that's what I think:

1.Trent- living with KJ and MJ3- is on the "estate" side, Jerm, Randy, Rebbie, Janet- is against the estate.
2. Trent has influence on Katherine and possibly the kids not to go against the estate, the rest of Jacksons get fru that Katherine doesn't want to go against the estate and attribute it to Trent's and her advisers' influence.
3.They get Katherine away to influence her opinion on the fight against the estate-knowing in return that Katherine will influence the kids if needed. Only Katherine has the legal right to oppose the will or the estate.They try to brainwash Katherine that Trent is "no good".
4. Trent files missing persons. Kids post twits.
5. The Jacksons then storm into the house in an attempt to take the kids away as well, so they will stop publicizing their little plan. Kids refuse.
6.Trent has a physical fight with Randy and Jermaine, police are called. The whole thing goes more public than expected.
7. Meanwhile Katherine is cut off from everyone so they can brainwash her against the estate,Trent, and her own advisers.
8. Katherine fires Trent.
9. Jacksons give Katherine a notebook to read as a statement, no questions are allowed obviously, Jerm and Janet get nervous when Katherine stirs off the notebook and point her right back to it.
10. Jacksons make up a story about Trent being abusive to Katherine ( elderly and monetary abuse) to justify their actions of taking Katherine away.

I also think that Katherine WANTED TJ to get the guardianship so her kids will leave her alone and stop asking her for money etc;.....TJ said she asked him to do so....but obviously she wouldn't tell that to Randy or Jerm or Janet and on the phone she told TJ not to..because her children were listening... i think Katherine can breathe a little now that she has a shared guardianship.

All that..because Trent, Katherine and the kids have no problems with the estate or the will and don't want to join their little scheme to fire the estate....

819 days ago
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