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Usher's Ex-Wife

His Sympathy for

My Dead Son is 'Bogus'

8/2/2012 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher didn't care about his ex-wife's dead son ... blew off his funeral ... and is only PRETENDING to be affected by the tragedy to court sympathy from the media and his fans ... this according to the singer's ex-wife.

Tameka Raymond's lawyer has filed new documents in the couple's bitter child custody war ... slamming Usher ... who asked the court to delay the next hearing in light of the death of Tameka's son, Kile, who was killed in a jet ski accident.

In his request, Usher claims he's worried the hearing would cause "unnecessary stress and strain" for both himself, Tameka and their two minor children "in the immediate wake of this tragedy."

Usher also claims Tameka would get an unfair advantage in the hearing because the court would not want to rule against a woman who is still grieving the death of her son.  Usher fears he could lose custody of the children and believes it would be unfair to him. 

But in docs of her own ... Tameka's lawyer claims Usher is full of crap ... insisting U's claims of suffering "stress and strain" are "BOGUS."

In fact, she claims Usher didn't care about her son at all in his final days -- even though Usher regarded him as a son back when they were married.

"[Usher] visited Kile in the hospital only once" during his 15 days on life support ... Tameka claims.

She also claims she had begged Usher to tweet a message about her son, "Please pray for Kile" ... but he refused. Instead, Tameka claims, Usher's next tweet was a photo of his own breakfast with the caption, "Breakfast of Champions."

In her docs, Tameka claims Usher's attempt to postpone the hearing is "simply a transparent sham" ... and asks the judge to DENY Usher's request and require him to appear at the next scheduled hearing, set for August 13.

She also claims resolving the custody battle is the only way for her to heal and move forward with her life.


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I believe her too, he is just making news , he is a illuminati member too, so i dont believe in him¡¡¡¡ lier¡¡¡

780 days ago

Miss Jae    

I want everyone to go on youtube and look at some of the custody case online. Tameka is a piece of work!!! First and foremost, Usher was not Kiles father so why are you reaching out ot him for financial help anyway. Ryan Glover (Kiles bio father) makes boo coos of money so why was he not pitching in! Second of all this heffa don't even want Usher to help with his OWN children so how dare she try and make Usher step up to the plate when it came to Kile. Furthermore, Usher was the one who chartered her a private jet the day of the accident so she could get her behind back to ATL quick fast and in a hurry instead of waiting on a flight out at the airport. I don't blame Usher for not being at the hospital because again IT WAS NOT HIS CHILD and with everything going on he probably would have felt awkward being there with her family and Ryan's family. Especially after they have all taken Tameka's side with this anyway. Tameka needs to get somewhere and sit down with her evil butt! I had to bury my child and me and the father were not together and were at odds like Usher and Tameka but when my son died the last thing we were thinking about was being at each other's throats. At some point you have to GROW THE HECK UP!! Our sons death actually brought us closer as in made us stop the immature fussing and fighting. We aren't the best of friends now but we have a greater respect and appreciation for each other and if one is in need we are there for each other. I said all of that to say this, I'm #TEAMUSHER

780 days ago

Big D    

That's Gold Digger speak for : "I want more money"

780 days ago


Why is his sympathy "bogus"? Because it wasn't/isn't flat, green and paper? Usher flew her to her child's bedside, he visited at the hospital and he attended the funeral (he obviously left early to keep the focus on the family).

780 days ago


What a horrible, nasty woman. No wonder Usher is divorcing her ass. He did a lot for her like flying her down to see her son on his private jet so she wouldn’t have to wait. And I don’t know if I could stand to see my niece or nephews on life support so I can’t judge him for not being there every day. He probably didn’t go to the funeral because this witch would have made a scene screaming at him. Lady, he really didn’t have to do anything for your bitch ass and all this crap is doing is making you look like a truly horrible person. I hope the judge doesn’t grant her full custody - her surviving kids deserve better than her.

780 days ago

The prophtess    

This first thing that needs to be done is Prayer, Then she needs to really understand that NO ONE will ever love your child like you do as a Mother, Then she must see that Usher dose Love her son but not the same as his own. True Love is unconditional. Pay attention of the things you do to create your pass because it just might come back to haunt you. God Bless This Family with Understanding, Comfort & Peace

780 days ago


She truly is a disgusting person.
You would think that such a tragedy would make someone nicer but no. She comes out with guns blazing to the same man that tried to help her when it all happened.
She's all about the money and I truly hope the courts see that and grant Usher custody.

780 days ago


Who the hell tweets their breakfast?

780 days ago


What a bitter, spiteful and ugly old hag.

780 days ago


IF THIS IS TRUE (TMZ) She is a bitter witch! If this is true who cuts up like that after loosing there baby? I hope she isn't that petty and low to argue after her child has passed. TMZ I pray you are lying AGAIN!

780 days ago


Really????? You just buried your child - can you hold off on the divorce and how much dough you envision yourself getting for more than a few weeks????

780 days ago


I'm sorry...but didn't Ursher pay for a private jet to fly her to her son's hospital bed when he found out about this tragedy? And wasn't it reported by all the of MSM how he stayed by her side after arriving at the hospital for the first 24-hours? Bur now she wants to blast him in the media and say he doesn't care? Seems to me the faker here was not Ursher!

780 days ago


Usher should have listened to his mom. She was right about this woman.

780 days ago

mike hunt    

I'm sorry but Ushers X wife Tameka Raymond is a piece of garbage. Bottom line evil money hungry self centered. WOW is all I have to say. WOWWWWWW . Karma will continue to haunt this horrible woman.

780 days ago

Throwback kid    

I don't know Usher, and I have never met any of these people but I felt very bad to see a young kid lose his life while out playing in the water. I can't imagine Usher not being upset about this?

780 days ago
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